Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas!  I can’t believe that it’s already Christmas time again!  This year has passed by super fast!  And Christmas has snuck up on me!  Here in Argentina, they’re just barely starting to decorate their houses!  And by decorate I mean put up a tree.  But it’s all right because I have my little tree!:)
So Cristian didn’t make it to his baptisimal date.  He wasn’t ready.  We’ll keep working with him though.
We did have a baptism in Calafate though!  Her name is Emilia, and she was my investigator about a transfer ago, but she moved to the other side of Calafate and got baptized there! It was way cool!  The first baptism in Calafate in almost a year!  It’s been so long that nobody remembered how to fill the font!  And to make it worse, they had remodeled and taken out the faucet next to the font (we use a type of swimming pool as a font down here:)).  So we had to tape the hose to a faucet across the room because none of the faucets had connectors!  It took like 6 hours to fill!
But the fun part was afterward.  We tried originally to empty it with buckets but the plumbing is terrible and we started to flood the chapel. So I then commenced my greatest physics project ever and connected three hoses in such a way to create the maximum flow possible without tape (we had used it all to fill the font:)) and strung the hose out about 200 feet through the hallways of the church.  It started to drain at about 5:00 PM. We left it over night, and it still wasn’t done. But atleast we didn’t flood the chapel:)
Alright, for a funny story from this week.  We have this investigator named Natalia who we haven’t been able to meet with for like a month, but we’ve calle her several times and one of the times she told us that her husband had read the Book of Mormon that we had given her and that he loved it! So we were finally able to meet with them and what became of it, I never expected!  We didn’t talk very much about the Book of Mormon, really we didn’t talk very much at all:)  He proceeded to tell us about how Jesus was the first hippie because he walked around talking about peace and love, and then gave his interpretation of the Last Supper, and sacrifices in general:)  He told us that the last supper was really an asado (a barbeque) where they were eating lamb (they eat a lot of that here with asados), and that Jesus told the disciples to continue having asados in his name!  Gotta love some Argentines!  Now whenever I have asado I’ll be thinking about Jesus! Yeah!  And he told us that when Noah got off the ark, he didn’t offer a sacrifice, he had an asado and God liked how it smelled:)
I hope you all have a great week, and as Michael Buble (I think) “I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!”
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-12-20 Window Decorations
Window Decorations! I love Christmas Decorations! Thanks Mom for sending them!
Filling the Font! Love the amount of tape used!
2015-12-19 Baptism of Emilia
Elder Ixcot and I at Emilia’s baptism!
Emptying the Font! My greatest physics project ever!
2015-12-19 my giant hamburger
My Giant Hamburger!!

Reliving the Prodigal Son!


Dear Family and Friends!

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderfully splendid week!  I hope that it’s cold there, because if I’m cold during the summer here, you better be cold in the winter!  It started to snow a little bit in El Calafate this week!  That’s crazy!  The weather here in general is crazy!  It’s bipolar!
But here’s for the miracle of the week!
I think it was the beginning of the last transfer when we had an investigator named Cristian who, a week and half before his baptism decided that he didn’t want to learn any more and dropped us.  So that was really hard, and it’s been a pretty omnipresent memory here in Calafate for us.  So last Wednesday for some reason we started talking about him and we decided to call him during Weekly Planning the next day.  So we did and he picked up the phone super excited and said that he had been waiting for us to call, that he had repented and that he wanted to continue learning.  He said that since he dropped us that his life has been just not the same and it’s been super hard.  He would have called us but he lost our number. He then asked if we could meet in the chapel in that very moment, so we said “Yes!” and ran out the door to go find him!  I felt like I was reliving the parable of the Prodigal Son!  So we met him in the chapel and he was like, I never want to stop coming here again!  He then asked us if we had a contract for him to sign saying that he would continue faithful until he died, and we said no, but that there was something better that he could do, that is, get baptized!  And he said yes to this Saturday!  (He already has attended 3 times and received almost all the lessons!)!  We were on a spiritual high!  We put an appointment with him for Saturday and then parted super happy!
So then Saturday arrived, and we called him to try to get ahold of him and we couldn’t!  We went to the church and waited for him for forever and he never showed up!  We passed by the refuge (he was kicked out of his cousins house when he started listening to us the first time) where he’s staying like four times and could never find him!  So that night we called and called and called and could never get ahold of him.  Sunday morning we went be the refuge again and he wasn’t there.  I was super nervous.  I had done everything that I could think of, and couldn’t think of anything else to do.  So we went to the church praying that God would do his part and help Cristian arrive to the chapel.  The first hour passed, and he didn’t show up.  Second hour started, and he still wasn’t there.  Halfway through the second hour he still hadn’t showed up, and I had basically given up hope.  Then someone walked into the room, and I turned around and there he was!  I can’t even express how happy that I was!  We then gave him the white shirt and tie that we had prepared to give him and he looked so good sitting there in Sacrament Meeting!
He then told us what had happened.  On Thursday, the same day we called him, he had left his phone charging in the refuge and someone entered through the window and stole it!  Which is why we couldn’t get ahold of him!  I can’t help but see the hand of God in all of this!  If we would have called him even hours later than we actually did, we never would have found Cristian, maybe ever!  But God told us exactly when we needed to call him, and how Cristian has returned to the fold and is going to get baptized this week!
We had a miracle this week!  And a really big one!  I can barely believe it, and I experienced it!  I love this work!
I testify to all of you that God’s hand is in this work, and even if we don’t understand what is passing, he does.  I admit, when Cristian dropped us, I was frustrated, sad, and questioned why.  But now I understand that God had his hand there the whole time.  God knows what he’s doing, and quite often we don’t.  We just have to have faith, and keep on having faith until the end, because everything is in his hands!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-12-10 My little christmas tree
My little Christmas Tree all lit up!
Our branch Christmas Party!

We got permission to go see Calafate in the dark (okay semi dark) after the branch party. This was all the Christmas Decorations they had up!

I 2015-12-10 I love Chocolate

I love Chocolate!

Ingredients of Animo soda! (Energy Soda) Whale oil (from Puerto madryn), Glacier water (from Calafate), petroleum (from everwhere), Guanaco guts (also from everywhere), penguin blood (from Trelew and Tierra del fuego), Sea lion extract (caleta olivia), and lead (I don’t know) and DRIVE TO BAPTIZE!





18 Days till Christmas

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been a good week.  I can’t complain too much:)  It’s been hot, but only like 70° which is still really hot for me but in the northern part of my mission it’s probably getting close to 100°:) We’ve just been doing missionary work!  The gospel is rolling forth!
We found a couple of new investigators this week, which was really cool, and put fechas on both of them.  One is named Analia, and she really cool!  Years ago she befriended a member here in Calafate and he gave her a Book of Mormon and she went to church a couple of times but for some reason she didn’t continue.  We have no idea why, but she just didn’t.  Probably because she was working a ton, because she loved everything that we taught her!  She was like “Yes, yes, yes!” the whole time!  It was super cool!  And after we put the fecha on her, she asked us what we saw in her and we told her someone who is doing their best to follow Jesus Christ and someone who God has been preparing for years and years to receive this gospel!  And that gave her even more of a determination to continue forward!  However she wasn’t able to attend because she wasn’t feeling well on Saturday so she had to take her day off then instead of on Sunday.  But it’s all good, I know that she is going to get baptized soon!
My comp also found someone named Pedro, but I don’t know him because he found him on Friday during a tsunami.  But he says that he’s really cool!
The work is progressing down here in Calafate, slowly, but surely.  I would say that it’s like a huge boulder that takes a ton of energy to get it moving, but once it starts they’ll be no stopping it!  There are people here in Calafate ready to receive the gospel, and we’ve already found some of them and we are helping them to move forward.  Now we need to help them get onto the path and find the rest!
If you haven’t seen it yet, look up the new videos the Church put out for Christmas!  They’re really cool!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-12-2 Me and a cool sky
The sky was really cool this week!
2015-12-4 Zone Conference Front E Sosa, Carmona and Cortes Back E Derrick, Ferriera, Norton , me and Ixcot
Zone meeting with in front Elders Sosa, Carmona, and Cortes, and in back Elders Derrick, Ferriera, Norton, me, and Ixcot
2015-12-7 elder Escamilla finished his mission a coupleof weeks ago and sent it to me!
Hopefully you think it’s as funny as I thought it was!  Elder Escamilla (From Mexico) finished his mission a couple of weeks ago and sent it to me:)

What a Week!

Dear Family and Friends!
This week was a complete change from the week before.  The week before we found ourselves walking a ton and not accomplishing hardly anything.  This week we were running late quite a few times trying to get between lessons.  That made things a lot more enjoyable.:) Also, the week before, it was cold, and this week was not!  I was dying I was so hot!  I think it was about 70°:)
We saw a really cool miracle this week!  It really shows that God’s hand is in this work.  A week and a half ago during Weekly Planning we were updating the Area Book and my comp was going through the lists of Old Investigators and he found one that intrigued him that lived close to the pension, named María and Pancho.  So we went by their house a couple of times until we finally found someone there, and they told us that María and Pancho no longer lived there, and he didn’t know where they were living at that moment.  So we kind of just forgot about them for a day.  Then the next morning we were trying to decide where we wanted to contact and my comp was like, “I had a revelation in the bathroom this morning (because that’s where revelation seems to come from a lot:)) and there’s a street we haven’t contacted like 3 minutes from our pension”.  I was like “What? Where?” So he led me there and sure enough, there was a street that I had never noticed before in my life, although we passed by it atleast one or two times a week! So we started contacted and in one of the houses a 20 year old girl came out, named Ivana.  We started contacting her, and she said that her parents had listened to us before, years ago, and that she had attended the church, and she liked it.  So we asked her the names of her parents, and it was María and Pancho!  We found them the very next day!  Unfortunately, they work a ton, so we were only able to meet with Ivana, and we put a fecha, but she wasn’t able to attend this week.  But it was super cool!
That made the week worth it, just seeing that God has his hand here in Calafate, even if it’s hard to see, and that we’ve just got to keep on working with faith.  The things that need to happen here in Calafate will happen when God wants it to happen, we just need to work like it’s going to happen every day, no matter what. And that makes me feel really happy.
Oh yeah, for Thanksgiving we cooked a chicken (we didn’t have access to a turkey).  So I don’t know about at home because I never attempted to cook a chicken, but I’m sure they exist there too, there are bags with seasoning that you put the chicken in to cook it and it turns out really good and it’s super easy to do, or so everybody told us.  We bought the bag with the seasoning, but neglected to remember that everytime anyone uses the bag, they always part the chicken first. So we tried to put the whole chicken in the bag, and ripped.  So there went that, at we kinda of made a burnt chicken al horno.  But it still tasted good.  So we decided to try again, this time with meat that was cut up.  But we didn’t pay attention to how much meat we were supposed to put.  The seasoning was for 800 g of meat, but we didn’t have money, nor did we need 800 g of meat.  We only bought 400 g.  And put all the seasoning!  It turned out good but tasted too much like BBQ (yes that it possible I found out!).  But it’s all good!  Maybe someday we’ll be able to master the art of cooking with an oven bag!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-11-26 Chicken Dance
Making the Chicken Dance!
Our Thanksgiving Feast!
2015-11-27 Calafate

Happy Thankgiving!

Dear Family and Friends!
According to my distant memories from home, this Thursday should be Thanksgiving!  If not, the title for this week is going to be really embarrasing!
This week has been a lot of walking.  I don’t know what happened, but we couldn’t find anybody this week.  It didn’t matter if we passed in the hour that they’re always at home or had a scheduled appointment with them, we couldn’t find anyone.  So we did a lot of walking looking for people.  We walked so long that my legs are sore, which doesn’t happen very often with me, the last time my legs were sore from walking was when my family went to Disneyworld for two weeks nearly 3 years ago!  So to have sore legs was kind of a different experience!
But it wasn’t without fruits though!  We did have one investigator show up to church.  On Saturday night we called or sent a message to as many investigators as we had numbers for and one came.  His name is Jose Tito, and he’s more of a less active than an investigator because he attended church for nearly a year straight but couldn’t get baptized because he wasn’t married.  He stopped attending though because some members offended him and told him he couldn’t participate in things like Institute because he wasn’t a member, among other things.  However, his wife-not-wife passed away about a month ago and he’s taken it hard, and finally decided to come back to the church yesterday, and all the members welcomed him warmly!  So hopefully he has the desire to keep on coming and to bring his daughters.  He says he doesn’t want to bother them, but coming to church is what is going to help them the most right now!
Yesterday was interesting having to stay in the pension nearly all day.  The final elections were yesterday for the president and things can get crazy here sometimes so we were asked to stay indoors after 5:00PM.  So used the time to read the Bible.  I was sure that I was going to fall asleep doing so, reading for so long, but I was actually more awake than normal and read like 18 chapters of Acts and learned a lot!  I’ve read the New Testament before, for seminary, but I’ve learned a lot more in these last couple of months, and found that the Bible is a whole lot easier to understand in Spanish!
Have a fantastic week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-11-11 Look, I'm a pioneer
Look I’m a pioneer!
No one told me about my tie until I had already walked through Centro this morning like this!
My name gets spelled and said wrong bad down here, but I think this was the worst! (And it was written by a gringo!)

Christmas in Calafate!


Dear Family and Friends!

I’ve officially put up the Christmas decorations in my pension, I couldn’t wait anymore! I’ve been waiting for the transfer to see if I was going to be staying or going, but it turns out I’m staying for Christmas, so out came the decorations!
I don’t know what President thinks with transfers (all right, technically it’s revelation:)) but I guess I’m not meant to have a lot of comps on my mission!  I’m staying with Elder Ixcot for a third transfer, my second comp in a row that I’ll be with for three transfers! Since I got to the field 10 transfers ago, I’ve only had  5 comps!  And the only one that I was only with for one transfer was my first trainer, Elder Flores!  Normally it’s one transfer with one, two with the next, one transfer, etc.!  But it’s a whole lot more fun this way!  You really get to know your comps and how they teach and how they work and it makes life much easier!  Bring it on Calafate!  We’re going to baptize this transfer!  The curse of no baptisms in Calafate will end with us!
So this last week I really didn’t get to work a whole lot in my area because I had to do divisions with the other elders on Wednesday, and then on Friday we had to go to Rio Gallegos for District Conference (we’re not a stake yet) and didn’t get back until 1:00 AM this morning. But this week we’re going to be working hard core to baptize all of Calafate!
I hope that you all have a wonderfully fantastic week!  Find someone to share the gospel with it!  The blessings are worth it!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

I put my Christmas Decorations!! The nativity I bought in Rio Grande.

I’m so having a weather rock at my house. The Galciarium (A glacier museum it was way cool)

The Glacio Bar  is a bar completely made of ice!

I don’t know why but my comp and I thought this hallway was scary or something! Preparing to go into the Glacio Bar!

That is about 20 F! It wasn’t even that cold! The only part of me that was cold was my hands because my cup was made of ice! Don’t worry mom, I didn’t actually lick it!

Don’t worry that’s coke! (Yes Coke is the only thing they offer missionaries down here. I don’t like it, but I don’t want to offend people any more than I have to because I have to turn down their mate!)

“Warming up” by the fire. The fire does nothing in there!

What a week!


Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been fantastic!  We’ve seeing a lot of miracles here in Calafate!  I think that the biggest one was that we found 9 new investigators this week!  (here in the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia mission, that is an accomplishment! Normally our goal is 3, and we’re lucky if we reach that!)  We found new investigators every day (minus Friday when we had our zone meeting and then did a tsunami in the other area of Calafate, but during the tsunami, I helped them find a new investigator!)!  It was so cool!  We didn’t hardly even get to contact this week because we would just get into houses!  I don’t know what happened to the hearts of the people here in El Calafate, but they were definitely softened!
We also got some “training” from an assistant from the Salta mission!  We walked into church on Sunday and there was a missionary there, but only one.  We were really confused for a little bit, but then we realized that his parents had come to get him and then visit Argentina.  He said he was dying to do missionary work, so we said he could come with us if he wanted, so he did.  With him, we found 3 new investigators!  It was really cool, and I learned a couple of things from him.  What I liked most of all was the way that he would leave commitments.  When he was going to leave it, he leaned forward and looked the investigator directly into the eyes and spoke slowly so that they would understand, explaining the commitment, and then the blessings that would come from it, but in a way that I had never tried.  And it worked really well!  It was the most direct commitment I’ve ever seen, and I really liked it, so I’m going to try it out to see how it goes.
So today we went to the Glaciobar!  It’s a bar (that serves non alcholic drinks as well) that’s completely made of ice!  It was super cool, and about 20° inside!  They give you all sorts of winter gear, but I really wasn’t even cold after Rio Grande during the winter! The only part of me that got cold was my hand because the cup was made out of ice!  It was super cool! We were only allowed to be there 25 minutes though so nothing bad would happen to people who aren’t so accustomed to the cold!  It was super fun!  I’ll send picutures next week!
It was also really cool because the Elder’s mom and sister didn’t speak any spanish, so I got to go to Relief Society with them to translate!  It was super fun, but super hard!  I felt lost in a gap somewhere between English and Spanish! And I realized that my English is terrible.  I would forget how to say words and grammar and everything!  But it was a really fun adventure!
Oh, funny experience from a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to tell you guys!  I don’t know if you remember me telling stories of mixing up words like “pescado” and “pecado” in the MTC, but it happened again, but in a way that’s much worse! We were doing door contacts and a guy came to door so we started contacting him and he told us he wasn’t interested because he is Jewish.  But I didn’t here “jewish,” I heard something very different:) In Spanish “jewish” is “judio.” However, there is another word in Spanish, “jodido,” that sounds very similar.  For those of you that served in places other than Argentina and might be offended by that word, here in Argentina, everyone uses it as “messed up.” It’s not a bad word like in other places.  So I totally though he was telling me that he was messed up! I was like “Well we can help you with that!” Then I realized what he really said and was a little bit embarrased!
Have a fantastic week!  And share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

This is the boina (cowboy hat) that I bought that the Gauchos (Argentine cowboy) wear! If you can’t tell I am soaking wet!

The Zone Asado after our zone meeting. Well I guess technically it was not an asado because it was just chicken and chorizo, but it was still good!

A Windy Week!

Dear Family and Friends!
To be completely honest I had forgotten what Patagonia summer winds were like, but mother Nature kindly reminded me this week!  Holy cow!  I feel like I’m in a hurricane 100% of the time!
We learned an important lesson about God’s timing this week.  We have an investigator that is golden, but it’s super hard to find her, because she’s always leaving the city or studying to be a teacher.  We’ve been wanting to teach her the Plan of Salvation and temples and eternal family for a long time, but she never has the time, but we finally managed to teach it to her after two weeks.  And the lesson was golden!  She felt the atonement and found the joy of wanting an eternal family.  Then she told us that just this last week, she and her husband-not-husband had been talking about getting married and that she really wanted to!  They had already been discussing it, a week before we were able to teach them the lesson about it!  If we would have taught that lesson when we originally wanted to, it would not have the same effect!
This week, we have also been able to talk to people of several different Christian beliefs (Jehovah Witness, Catholic, and Evangelicals), and it’s been really interesting to see how each and every one of them have so many truths of the gospel, they’ve just changed them a little bit and have strayed from the truth.  But I think the most interesting part was the lack of hope that they all have for eternity.  I’m so thankful that I was born into this church, and that I have the hope to live with my family for forever, and with my Heavenly Father forever.  I get into a house, and I want to teach them so many different things!  I want to tell them that the priesthood has been restored through a modern day prophet!  I want to tell them that they can live with their families forever!  The problem is that if I say it all at the same time, absolutely nothing will make sense!  I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to be a part of this church!
One more thing!  I wanted to die during a contact this week!  We knocked a door and they were watching a movie inside so they didn’t come to the door.  We continued standing there waiting to see if they would open the door and all of the sudden a hear a scream from the movie, a scream that sounded very much like Pippin, yelling “GANDALF!”  Ahh, no!  It can’t be true!  They’re watching LOTR Return of the King!  NOOOO! So I knocked again to see if they would open, and they never did.  I don’t blame them!  I wouldn’t either!  I would keep on watching LOTR!
I hope you all have a fantastic week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-10-30 Just a selfie with a friendly dog 2015-10-30 Look how groos the was in Lago Argentina with the wind
Just a couple of pictures this week! A selfie with a very friendly dog. Then look at how nasty the water in Lago Argentina with all the wind.

Priesthood Blessings!

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been crazy!  We had hot weather where I wanted to just die and was sweating up a storm (I think it was about 70°:)) and it snowed!  So that was weird.  And then Tuesday afternoon we had to travel to Rio Gallegos for interviews with President Rogers on Wednesday, and then we got back to Calafate at 1:30 in the morning on Thursday.  But my comp had to stay behind to get himself legal so he came the next day at the same time!  So I was tired!  Then, the next night, the assistants called and told us that they were arriving that morning at the same hour!  Fortunately I avoided that bullet because the next day they had planned to do divisions with the other elders first so we didn’t have to go get them.:)
We had a really cool experience last Tuesday, one that doesn’t happen very often and one that you can definitely see God’s hand guiding.  On Tuesday in the morning before we went to Gallegos, we decided to go out contacting.  The part that wasn’t so fun about that is that it was snowing, quite a bit, which was really weird.  So we were contacting on one street and everybody was opening up and all of them inviting us to come back, but in the good way, not the “get off my porch” way.  So we were feeling pretty happy about that.  Then we knocked one door and a lady opened up and said “Chicos, come in, come in!”  I looked at my comp and he looked at me, kind of unsure of what to do, because it’s not very often that we’ve gotten into houses here in Calafate, and because we didn’t even have to say anything, she just invited us to come in.  So we went in, and started talking to her a little bit, and found out that she had no idea who we were or what we were doing, but because it was cold outside she had mercy and let us in.  She told us that she is agnostic (but then later that she believes in God a little bit, which was kind of weird).  So we kept on talking to her and she kept on making references to the fact that she was sick, so we pressed it gently and found out that she has fibromyalgia, to which my comp replied, “I had that too.”  She kind of looked at him funny and said “You had it? You don’t have it anymore?”  He replied in the affirmative and she asked how, and he started recounting his story of what had happened and that his dad had given him a blessing to be healed and that after that, he was healed.  She was like “Can you call your dad and ask him to give me blessing?”  So we then explained priesthood authority and that we had it.  She got really excited that and asked us to bless her.  So we talked a little bit about faith in God and Jesus Christ, and she said, “Yes, I believe that I can be healed.”  So we gave her a blessing and the Spirit was super, super strong, and when we finished she was choking on tears and ran to the bathroom so we wouldn’t see her cry.  When she came out, she came out thanking us.  So we talked a little bit longer and then had to leave.  Then, on Saturday, we passed by her house again and she let us in and asked us for another blessing, because she felt so good when we gave it to her.  We then explained that for a blessing of healing, you only give it once, and then you have to let your faith to work.  Then we started explaining who Jesus Christ was, because she didn’t know who he was, and how he had suffered for her, and that when we have faith in him, blessings come.  She then told us that she wanted to have more faith, so we left her with a pamphlet (we didn’t have time to explain the Book of Mormon because she had to leave really fast) and asked her to pray and ask for more faith.  We’ll see where that takes us.  But it’s been a really different and cool experience working with someone who has not known God nor their Savior.  She might have had her first spiritual experience of her life when we gave her blessing, and that was so cool.  She felt Him, and she felt Him strong.  The priesthood is real, and the power of it as well, we just have to help her increase her faith so the blessing can take full effect!
I hope that you all have a wonderfully fantastic week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-10-26 P-day Hike 2015-10-26 P-day hike! Don't worry, I didn't do anything dangerous to get that picture!
I loved the quote that came with these pictures “Don’t worry I didn’t do anything dangerous to get these pictures!”
2015-10-26 selfie 2015-10-26 My district minus one (he went to the glacier with assistants
2015-10-26 Pday hike 2015-10-26 Cool Rocks
2015-10-26 Nametag Calafate 2015-10-26 Nametag Calafate 3 2015-10-26 Nametag Calafate 2
2015-10-20 I thought these dogs were funny 2015-10-20 I thought these dogs were funny 2
These dogs made me laugh. Check out the snow! A late spring storm!

A Valuable Experience

Dear Family and Friends,
How’s life going?  Things are pretty good down here! Calafate is super beautiful, and now the the Patagonia winds are starting!
So I spent a lot of time writing my mission president today, and as I was doing so, I decided to share the experience that I shared with him with you guys.  It wasn’t the greatest, most spiritual experience of my mission, but it made me think a lot and helped me really learn a lot, and has given me the drive to be better and to work toward my eternal salvation.  I hope you can find strength from it too, and not to focus on the fact that I wasn’t able to get a baptism, but the lessons that we can learn from it.
Last Sunday, one of our investigators, Cristian had his third attendance finally and was super excited about baptism.  He was super sad that he had missed his original date, and all the members were talking to him about his baptism.  So when we met with him on Tuesday, we reput his baptisimal date for this coming Saturday, the 24th, to give us time to finish teaching him and get the interview scheduled.  And he was super excited and everything.  But he’s busy with work so we’re not able to talk to him every day, so we weren’t able to talk to him on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday we called him at night to set up an appointment on Friday morning and he told us that he no longer wanted to know anything and that he was Catholic and wanted to stay Catholic.   We talked to him for like an hour an a half that night trying to convince him otherwise, but to no avail.  But we did manage to convince him to meet with us one more time to “say goodbye,” really our final attempt to get him to change his mind.  We worked and worked with him for an hour an a half, trying everything from the gentle convincing that he needed to have the Holy Ghost with him to he was putting his eternal welfare at stake by denying the testimony that he had received, but none of it worked.  He was scared of what his family would say, because he hasn’t told them yet (they live in Formosa).  We told him to call them to see what they would think, but he was firm.  I pray that in the future he changes his mind and decides to fear God more than man.  Because he has a testimony, we were able to get that out of him.  He knows, and he knows that he knows, but isn’t willing to do anything about it.
I had no idea how to feel.  I know what steps he needs to take to reach eternal happiness, and he was so close. We tried and tried to get him to see how important this decision was that he was making, and that he needs what we have, but he refused to see it.
I do feel like I did learn what charity felt like though in that moment.  Looking back, my sorrow wasn’t in the fact that I wasn’t that I wasn’t going to get a baptism, but that the salvation of Cristian was in jeopardy.  I’m not saying that I always focus on the numbers, but in that moment especially, I felt earnestly for his salvation.  I saw what was missing in his life, and how much the gospel could happened.  I thought of the words of Christ to the Nephites, “how oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens, and ye would not.”
It’s interesting, thinking back now, how much I learned how much the gospel can change someone’s life not looking at how it changed someone’s life, but how it could have changed someone’s life.  The gospel of Christ is powerful, and to fully experience it’s power, we need to apply it in our lives.  And when we don’t do that, we lose out on so many blessings, as I’ve been able to see this week.  We need to do everything in our power to keep ourselves on the path and doing the things that will lead us to our Heavenly Father.  When we are doing that, we don’t need to worry that we aren’t receiving the blessings that we as members of this Church and faithful followers of Jesus Christ are entitled to receive, because we know that obedience to the laws of God brings blessings, that that God will not withold any blessing that we are worthy to receive.
The work of God continues.  The purpose of a missionary is to invite people to come unto Christ, not to make them do it.  I learned a lot about this week.  Everyone says not to share the bad experiences, but I don’t see this as a bad experience.  I see it as a powerful learning experience.  And I hope that maybe those of you that are reading will try with all that they can to continue firmly on the path leading to exaltation and fully participate in the blessings that their Heavenly Father has in store for them!
¡Les quiero muchisimo!
Elder Trenton Behunin