I can’t think of a Good title

Dear Family and Friends,
I’m loving Trelew!  It’s nice and cool, there’s not as much wind, the streets are mostly made of cement, and they are trees!  It’s so beautiful!
Things are going pretty well here.  We’ve got a lot of potential from what I can see, we just need to unlock it.  We’ve got several investigators who are just missing a little bit, and several less actives that if they come back to church their children will be able to be baptized.  We just need to find the way that the gospel can touch their lives and help them make the sacred covenants that they so dearly need.  And then, we’re out looking for other people to teach too, and we’re going to find them!  They’re out there, we just need to go get them:)
For instance, we found one, or more like she kind of found us this week:)  Her name is Florencia, and she’s the 19-year-old daughter of an inactive family that we’ve been working with.  We’ve mostly been focusing on her parents, but out of the blue we received a text from her dad telling us that she had taken his Book of Mormon and was reading it in her spare time, and that she had expressed her desire to serve a mission!  And she’s not even a member!  So we’ll be working with her to help her to be act upon those feelings that she’s been feeling before they drift away into nothingness!
We also had Stake Conference this week, and I’d like to share the story that a young man shared with us that really impressed me.  He said that about a month ago, one of his friends had her 15th birthday party (for girls in Latin America, your 15th birthday is the most important and everybody celebrates it like crazy).  So he went to her party and everything was going well until about 3 AM, when they started pullng out the alcohol and the whole mood of the party changed.  He said that he felt really uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do.  He had his hands in his pockets, and felt a piece of paper inside.  When he pulled it out, he realized that it was a piece of paper that he had received in a Family Home Evening, and as he read it, he felt that he should leave, and so he did.  As he was walking home, he said he felt nervous and very lonely, so he decided that he would quote the Scripture Mastery Scriptures from Seminary.  And when he finished, he started singing his favorite hymn (Abide with Me, I believe) and said that as he did so, he could feel the testimony that God really is there in every circumstance for us.  We just have to have the faith that he is ready and willing to answer our prayers and reward our sacrifices.  We all need to be like that Young Man, applying every day what we learn and living the gospel in every aspect of our lives!
This church is true, and God’s hand is in this work, the work of salvation!  And we are all a part of it, be it the work of the temple, or the work of missionaries, we need to do it, and we need to do it all!  There are souls to be saved, and we have the only way to save them!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

Greetings from Trelew!

Dear Family and Friends!
Well, this morning I got on a bus and now I’m writing from Trelew, which is about 5 hours north of Comodoro!  My area is Union II, and my new comp Elder Trost (he’s from my same group which is really wierd!)  Him being my comp officially ends two streak.  The first is that since my very first comp, I’ve been with every other comp for atleast 2 transfers (emphasis on atleast) until Elder Costa.  The other streak is the latin comp streak.  I haven’t had a gringo comp in more than 15 months!  Since January of last year!  So it’ll be fun to speak English again!
But now I’m in my last area, which is super weird.  Like really weird.  But I’m going to fight to the finish!  Don’t worry!

I did have one experience that really reminded me why I am here on the mission.  We were sitting in a bus one day returning to our area talking and a lady sitting behind us starts talking to us out of the blue.  She talked a while, and then she told us that she was a member, but that she had been inactive for 30 years because her mom made her stop going because she thought that the mormons were brainwashing her daughter (she was 21 at that point).  So naturally, we invited her to come back to church, but she declined.  But we kept on talking to her and it came up that she had always wanted to serve a mission, and that she was planning to do so but her parents didn’t let her, and that that has been a lifelong regret for her.  So we told her that if she came back to church and got everything in order that she could still serve a mission and at that point she nearly started to cry, and she was like “I want to, I want to!”  Then we asked her if she still had her Book of Mormon and she said no, that her mom had thrown away all of her church books and seminary stuff and everything.  So we gave her a new one and again she started to cry and she said that she would read it every day, and that she knew that God had placed her on that bus with us, and it was a special sign for her because that day was also her birthday.  It was really cool.  When she got off the bus, we just looked at each other and smiled.  It was one of the most beautiful feelings in the world!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY YESTERDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER!!!!!! It was also so fantastic talking to my mom yesterday for Mothers Day (and the rest of the family too:))!  Next time I see them, it’ll be face to face!
Now I’m going to kick butt here in Trelew!  It’s a new city, with new things to see, new doors to touch, new people to talk to, and new investigators to baptize!
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody this week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
Our lamb asado!! So good!
My Easter package finally arrived! I don’t know where it got hung up!
Just Hanging out with my “Peeps” and my corner got really really messy!!
Our service project this week – putting a new roof on this house. I forget to take a before picture of it but here is the after!

I thought this sign was funny! It says “we don’t inherit the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.  Garbage has a place”  and then everyone throws their garbage right there!

The Gonzalez Family and  The Andrade Family

Una Semana en Sus Pasos

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a pretty good week, I’m not going to lie:)  We had a mission activity called “Semana en Sus pasos” or “Week in His shoes” where we were supposed to be the most obedient we could, asked to sacrifice something even more, and start and end the week with a fast.  And it helped! Miracles happened and we finally have investigators again!:)
The first I wasn’t there to experience:(  But it’s all good!  His name is Jonathon, and my comp found him when we were on divisions!  And he put the baptisimal date and everything with him!  I’m so proud of him!  (But I didn’t get to see my son’s first baptisimal date:().  He said that he had no idea what to do, but decided to do what we had practiced and it all turned out!  My son is a stud!
The second I was there for:)  And it was pretty great:)  So on the first day of Elder Costa’s mission 5 weeks ago, we contacted a lady named Gabriela who said that we could come back to teach her, but we were never able to find her.  So on Friday we were contacting in the street and we contacted her again!  And she asked us go by her house again!  So that very day we went to her house and found her and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve ever been in.  She accepted everything so well and she felt the spirit of the Restoration super strong!  It was fantastic!  And then we invited her to baptism and she said yes!  And then we talked about attending church and the whole lesson she had told us how much she didn’t want to attend a church, but she said yes to that as well!  Then she told us thast last week an evangelical pastor friend had invited her to her church and she had said “No, because God is looking for me somewhere else”  And then she said “I know that God put you two in my path again for a reason!  He’s looking for me in your church!”  And then in the closing prayer she asked God to help her come to church and to make it to her baptismal date (unfortunatley something happened and she couldn’t come yesterday, but next week there’s still hope!).  It was so fantastic!  Finding people like these is the reason that we do missionary work!  Because their out there!  They just don’t know what they are looking for until we find them!  I love this work!  It’s amazing!
Also, a different kind of miracle.  So Sunday was fast Sunday, and here, we start the fast at lunch on Saturday and end it at lunch on Sunday.  So Saturday night we were trying to figure out what to do because everything fell and we were like, who can we visit that won’t offer us food?  So we decided to visit a member family, but we chose the wrong one.  We got there and they were having a huge asado, and I wanted to die.  Because not only does asado taste good, but it smells super good too.  But we decided not to eat, although it hurt to my very core:)  So Sunday our lunch got cancelled so we were in the pension of the other elders preparing to make pasta when the landlord of the other elders comes up and says, “Come eat with us!”  So we went down and they had asado!  We were blessed the next day not only with lunch, but also with asado!  And it doesn’t end there!  That night we went with the family that we are going to do Skype with to confirm at what times we could be there next week, and they were doing an asado too!  Two asados is one day, all for not breaking my fastSaturday night!  Not only does they Lord bless us spiritually for our sacrifices, but he blesses us temporally as well:)
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
Taco Night with Elder Sosa, me, Elder Guzman, Elder Costa, and Hna Andrade
We have to send pictures of our pension’s cleanliness to the mission, so here’s my pension for you guys as well. And yes that is the whole 3′ by 4″ bathroom! It has been interesting.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Dear Family and Friends,

I honestly feel like I broke a rule on Saturday, but at the same time not.  As missionaries, we are not allowed to enter the water to go swimming (only to baptize).  All week long was kind of stormy, and everyone was like “there’s going to be a huge storm,so be careful”  So on Saturday, it arrived. And oh my goodness did we get wet.  It rained straight and hard from aboutmidnight to 4:00 PM. We were outside for about two hours in the morning before lunch, and I honestly felt like I was swimming (thus breaking rules) but at the same time I feel like I would have been drier if I would have gone swimming (so not so much:)).  My rain coat that is supposed to be waterproof wasn’t so waterproof that day.  And then I left it drying for like 9 hours and when it was still kind of wet afterward.  We got wet!
The miracle this week had to do with that storm.  My comp is from the center of Brazil, and there is no such thing as cold there.  So he couldn’t buy anything for cold weather, including a cold weather rain coat.  So on Monday we were visiting some people and some members called us and said to go by their house.  So we went and they gave my comp a really nice winter coat that was water resistant.  I’m talking really nice, like when it rained on Saturday he got less wet than I did!  But that coat saved him, and just in time!  The Lord takes care of his missionaries!
I know that this church is true!  I know that we have a Heavenly Father who lives and loves us and is always taking care of us!  It doesn’t matter who we are or where we are, we have the opportunity, if we are willing to draw ourselves nearer to him (I’m sorry if that sounds weird, it sounds really weird to me, in Spanish there is a verb that says that, acercarse, so I hope I explained it well:))
Share the gospel with someone this week!  And choose something specific to do to “acercarse” to the Lord this week:)
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2016-4-20 They say the more raindrops that land on your nametag, the more beautiful your future wife becomes! That means this week was a good week!
They say that the more raindrops that land on your nametag, the more beautiful your future wife becomes!  That means that this week was a good week:)
2016-4-23 Beofre we headed out
Before we headed out
The water got through my rain coat! The rain jacket goes to the knees, but it didn’t work this time:)
 Stage one of drying was not working great so we went to stage two of drying (stacking two chairs to the hot air hit the coats even more but we had to be watching to make sure they didn’t burn!


Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a pretty good week.  I got my trunky papers!  They’re the papers that President sends you when your nearly dead telling you to not be dead yet, but at the same time start thinking about home.  I’ve seen so many people receive theirs, but it was really weird to see mine show up!  One of the things in the papers is a page about sprinting to the end. It was really cool because although I didn’t run marathons, I did run long distance races and know exactly what the difference is between a race in which you choose not to sprint to the end, and the race that you do.  It hurts to give it all, but if you make it to the end without doing it, you are forever left with the feeling of that you could have done better, you could have run faster.  I will forever live with the regret that I didn’t give it all in my last Cross Country race in high school, and I know that that regret will be multiplied a hundred fold if I choose to do the same with the mission.  So I will fight to the finish!
The area is going pretty good.  We’ve got two investigators that are close to baptism.  The first is Veronica, and we just have to talk a little bit about the law of chastity and have her commit to live it and she can be in the water in basically any moment.
The second is a 9 year old boy named Marcos, who is the son of a less active that attended church with us yesterday.  During Sacrament Meeting one of the speakers read Moses 1:39and he asked what is eternal life.  So we explained it a little bit and he was like “even after we die we can live as families?”  So I said “yes” and he was like “I want to have eternal life with my mom.”  The purity of children is amazing, and their ability to comprehend the gospel is outstanding.  At another point, my comp was explaining the sacrament to him, how we after we are baptized it is a way to show Jesus that we are willing to follow him for forever, and he was like “I want to be baptized!”  So today we have a family home evening with him and his family so we are going to talk a little bit about eternal families and baptism and start preparing him for baptism!  It was super cool though, all of it!
Here’s a side note, sitting here in the internet cafe the Internet went out, and I found out that when there’s no internet connection and the page shows up that there’s no internet connection, you can play with the dinosaur that’s there.  That’s a sign of pure boredom waiting for the opportunity to write your family.
Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero un monton!
2016-4-16 ON top of my area (there was a bit of wind)
On top of my area (there was a bit of wind)
The top part of my area!  How to get to the top part of my area!
2016-4-14 What the sky looked like all week
How the sky looked everyday this week!
2016-4-15 It only rained once, but it got us good!
 It only rained once, but it got us good!
206-4-15 We ran to the pension, so only half of me was wet!
We ran to the pension, so only half of me was wet!
2016-4-16 The storm on the way out (it looked really cool!)
 The storm on the way out (it looked really cool!)


Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a pretty good week!  It’s heading into autumn here in Comodoro, which is really weird because I haven’t really felt autumn since I left the MTC a year and a half ago.  You might ask “How is that so?” because I’ve been in Argentina for more than a year so I should have felt the fall from last year.  But no, because I went from Puerto Madryn to Rio Grande.  In Puerto Madryn, it still felt like summer, and when I got to Rio Grande, it was already winter down there.  So I didn’t get fall.  But now I do and it’s super nice, the gentle cool breeze and the warm rays of the sun on my face.  I love it!
We had a couple of cool experiences this week;
The first was when we were doing visits with a member of the bishopric.  He was showing us to some of the less actives that we didn’t know and we were hoping that some of these less actives would have family that wasn’t member.  We found a couple, so we’ll start working with them.  But the cool part was an older less active that we found who virtually lives alone (technically his daughter lives there too, but I don’t think that she’s ever there).  So we were talking for a while and then he said, “do you know what, I have been praying for someone to come and talk to me, because I’ve been feeling really alone recently, but now you’ve come, and I have someone to talk to!”  It was way cool to be the answer to his prayer and know that God is watching over him.  So we’ll keep on visiting him, and try to find out if the rest of his family is member.
The other cool thing happened last night. We were doing some visits with some members and we finished at like 8:30, so we were like, “What do we do?” because it was dark and nobody wants to get contacted in the dark (we tried it and everybody though that we were trying to rob them).  I didn’t even think to look at my agenda for some reason, because we had a Plan B, but was like, “Let’s go visit this member family to have them meet my comp” so we went and when we got there we found out that half of them were sick, so we ended up helping the father give blessings to all of his family, which was way cool.
It’s cool to see how the God works, how by small and simple messages or ideas he lets us know where we need to go and what we need to do to help his children get closer to him.  It’s amazing!
The gospel is true.  I feel it more and more every day.  Every time I open the scriptures, every time I kneel down to pray, and every time I share my testimony with someone.  I love it so much, and want everyone to understand it.  Even when we get rejected, when it seems like nobody is at our side, we always have our Older Brother at our side, and he loves us so much, and loves each and every one of us individually.  He knows our names, he knows our difficulties.  And he is 100% willing to help everybody, which is why missionary work is so important!
I love you all so much!  Have a great week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
P.S.  Sorry, no pictures, I left the camera in the pension

It’s a boy!

Dear Family and Friends!

If it wasn’t a boy, I’d be really worried, but his name is Elder Costa, and he’s from Brazil!  I have a Brazilian son!  He’s way cool!  He doesn’t understand too much Spanish, but it’s all right!  It’ll make things even more fun!  It just means that I get to practice my Portuguese!  He’s got a fantastic spirit about him and he super excited to do the work!  This transfer is going to be fantastic!
Conference was also fantastic!  I learned so much, but it was also kinda trunky, with all the marriage and family and temple talks.  But here were my two favorite talks (both of them made me trunky, but that’s not why they were my favorites:)).
The first was in the Elder Uchtdorf’s talk from the Priesthood Session.  He talked as lot about improving family and marriage relations, but my favorite part was towards the end.  He was talking about charity and pride.  He said that if charity is the pure love of Christ, then pride is the defining characteristic of Satan, and should have absolutetly no place in our hearts.  We need to be humble, we need to be loving, and we need to be like Christ.  Also, in the same talk President Uchtdorf shared a quote from Abraham Lincoln:  “Most people are only as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Make up your mind to be happy, and your family and marriage and every other relationship that you have will be happier!
My other favorite talk was Elder Hollands in the last session.  I loved how he talked about how in this life, we are not expected to be perfect, and we will be blessed for the efforts that we put forth to do so.  We need to progress in this life, not watch it go by!  Act!
Also, when I was listening, I got an interesting impression that I would like to share.  Listening to the words of the prophets, I realized how absolutely perfect the Gospel is.  It is absolutely perfect, and what we need to do is apply what we are learning.  We need to listen to the words of the prophets, and not only that, but act upon them.  We need to take something from this Conference and apply it to our daily lives.  If we were to do everything that the prophets ask of us, we would be like the city of Enoch, or the city of Salem, or like the people of Nephi after the Savior had visited them.  It is a possiblity.  What we have to do is work, and apply the teachings of the prophets, and repent when we mess up.  But how much better our lives will be when we follow the counsels of the prophet!
You guys are fantastic!  I love you all!  Have a fantastic week and share the gospel with someone and set a goal to apply a teaching of the prophets that you may be lacking in (we all have problems, none of us is perfect)
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2016-3-30 Me and my son, Elder Costa
Me and my son, Elder Costa!

2016-3-28 P day transfers, a ton of elders in a tiny pension playing cards around a suitcase Me, E Texeira, E Guzman, E Quispe, E Dworshak, E De Oliveira, E Llactuhuaman, and E Bobadilla

P day of transfers, a ton of elders in a tiny pension playing cards around a suitcase:  Me, Elder Texeira, Elder Guzman, Elder Quispe, Elder Dworshak, Elder De Oliveira, Elder Llactuhuaman, and Elder Bobadilla

2016-3-30 Elder Costa, me, E Pace (E Bobadilla's son) and E Bobadilla

Elder Costa, me, Elder Pace (Elder Bobadilla’s son), and Elder Bobadilla

2016-3-29 This is the windo of the Catholic church in my area. Look familiar to anyone

This is the window of the Catholic church in my area.  Look familiar to anyone?

I’m going to be a dad

Dear Family and Friends,
I’m going to be a dad!  For those of you that don’t understand missionary speak, that means that I’m going to be training a greenie (I have to teach him how to be a missionary because it’s going to be his first area!)  I’ll be picking him up on Wednesday, so I still don’t know who he is or where he’s from.  I know that there are a couple of gringos, a brazilian, an argentine, a chilean, and I don’t know what else:)
This week has been a little bit slow due to Holy Week and transfers, but it was a good week too. Little by little we’re finding more people to teach.
We did find a part member family this last week.  It was actually really cool how we found them.  On Monday we were in the cyber and someone walked in and was like “Elderes!”  It turns out she is a member from Jujuy who has been searching for the missionaries and has wanted them to come by her house, but she would always find the missionaries from the North Zone and it looks like they would never pass the reference to us.  So we went by her house the next day and found her.  She’s got quite the story.  She was in an abusive relationship for years and literally had to escape from her house.  Then the depression kicked in and the medicine that she had to take put her into a coma for four years.  Then she came here, worked and got established, and then went back and had to do a legal fight for her son.  And finally got here.  She was telling us her story for about an hour and a half, and I didn’t even know what to say.  I was dumbfounded.  But I think that the part that dumbfounded me the most is her positivity and her desire to do the right things.  Despite all that happened, she is such a happy person.  And she wants to bring her son to the church, and her boyfriend, so we’ll be working with them a lot this transfer!
For Easter this week President and Hermana Rogers decided to do something fun for the Comodoro Zones because there’s nothing to do in Comodoro.  So they invited us all over for lunch on Friday and made BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!  And they were so freaking good!  And American style brownies!  It made me trunky!  I miss the flavor of American food!
I hope that you all had a fantastic Easter!  And always remember to share the gospel!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2016-3-25 E Michel, E Lowe, E Fredricjson, E Galeano, E Llacuhuaman, E Littlefield, E Throckmorton, and me with President and Hermana Rogers
 Elder Michel, Elder Lowe, Elder Fredrickson, Elder Galeano, Elder Quispe, Elder Llactuhuaman, Elder Littlefield, Elder Throckmorton, and me in the lunch with President and Hermana Rogers
 2016-3-25 BBQ pilled pork sandwhiches and american potato salad - it was so good
 BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and american potato salad!  It was so good!
2016-3-22 Literally this is what it was like outside one morning, it was super cool
 Literally this was what it was like outside one morning, it was super cool!

Happy Easter

Dear Family and Friends!
Happy Easter!  Remember what our Savior did for you this week especially, it truly is amazing!
This week was pretty good!  I can’t complain too much! It wasn’t too hot and we worked a ton!
I learned about the power of sharing your testimony this week.  While we were contacting one day we ran into an Evangelical Pastor who started attacking many of the beliefs of the church and while we tried defending ourselves with reasonable reason, he refused to reason.  I was getting frustrated and then I suddenly got the impression to share my testimony with him.  So I took a deep breath, and said that we came to his house to invite, not to convince or argue, and then I said that by the power of the Holy Ghost that I knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon, along with the Bible, are the words of God, and that it is by walking the path that he has marked and no other path will we be able to return to live with him.  And then he went quiet, and from that point on in the conversation didn’t attack any of our beliefs, but rather talked about the good things that his church does.  But for me it was super cool, to see how a simple, sincere testimony can change everything, and that no matter how much someone may disagree with what we teach, they can’t fight the power of a testimony, no matter how much they try.
I also gained a tesimony about eating fruit!  It’s good for you!  If you eat fruit in the morning, you feel better throughout the day!  Do it!
Also, last week during our P-day I realized that I’m still learning to play soccer!  We rented some soccer fields and were playing with the other zone and there’s always been a move that I’ve seen people do and have always wanted to do it, and all of the sudden I was in a situation where I needed to do it!  So I tried it not even thinking it was going to work and it did!  But then I didn’t know what to do afterward!  So I still need to learn more, but that was progress!
Share the gospel this week!  The church is true!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

New Investigators!

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been a pretty good week.  A little bit hot, but a good week!  I guess summer decided it wasn’t going to go out without a fight!  But we did find 2 new investigators that are pretty cool!
The first is named Brian, and he’s 18.  He was a contact from a tsunami that we recontacted.  He has about 2 weeks living in Comodoro, he had recently moved from Trelew.  He recently also started to be interested in religion and he didn’t understand why there are so many churches if there was only one God.  So we explained the Restoration focusing on prophets and the priesthood and he understood really well and the Spirit was super strong.  He accepted the Book of Mormon and was super excited for us to come back. And he excepted his fecha without any problems at all.  The only problem is that he’s 18 and never home and hard to find, but we’ll be working hard to find him!
The other new investigator that we found is named Luisa and when we got into her house she explained that she had talked to missionaries before, but they had stopped coming to her house.  But she had a lot of questions and told us that she was looking for God’s true church because she knew that there could only be one.  So we talked about the Restoration and it was going super good and then all of the sudden all her children and grandchildren showed up at the same time and ruined the Spirit, and she was like, “I have to go.”  But she also asked us to leave something in the Book of Mormon for her to read and pray about and then we would talk about it the next week (she set the date for us to come back and everything, and did all that without us even mentioning it!)  It was super cool!
Other than that this week has been tranquilo.  We did some service in an old folks home, so that was fun!  Although half of them either didn’t want to talk to mormons, coudn’t hear me, or didn’t understand my accent!  But other than those guys it was a fun service project!
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with someone!  And the new Easter video from the church!  #Hallelujah!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin