USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Dear Family and Friends!

If you aren’t watching the Copa America, watch it!  The States are in the semifinals with Argentina tomorrow!!!!  VAMOS VAMOS USA!!!!  Watch it for me, because I won’t be allowed to:)
So today officially starts transfer number 17!  The last one!  I can’t believe it!  I feel like I just got to the mission!  But now, my group is officially the oldest one!  It doesn’t seem real!  And I’ll be staying with Elder Trost, which’ll be cool!  Although we die at the same time…  O well, that’ll be a whitewash for Unión II!  But this transfer is going to be the greatest transfer ever!!!!!!!!!!
Other than that, this week has been busy!  There were two baptisms in the zone on Saturday, which was way cool!  And we went to Puerto Madryn to get legal again (my comp and I have been illegal for 3 months, but finally we got the paper from Buenos Aires and got legal).  They only threatend to kick us out once, and then they legalized us:)  It helped that we were two gringos that knew how to speak Spanish well, and the person that was attending us was a talkative 20 year old girl:)
It was way cool though, because I saw something that Sea World doesn’t have!  Remember the whales from last week?  Yeah, huge, much bigger than Sea World will ever have!  Let alone train to jump completely out of the water!  It was so cool!  I wish I could have filmed it!  I’m talking a HUGE WHALE, jump COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WATER!!!!  Just think a semi truck throwing itself out of the water, and then the splash that would follow!!!! SO COOL!!!!!
Also, real quick, I want to share a quick thought that we talked about in a missionary council a couple of weeks ago, about inviting others to receive the gospel.  Someone said, if we are not willing to invite someone to hear the gospel, we are not truly their friends.  It was kinda harsh, but it is so true.  This gospel is the only thing that will save people, and we are the only ones that have it.  So we need to share it!
¡Les quiero mucho!  And GO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Trenton Behunin2016-6-19 Gringos!!!
2016-6-15 Drinking Mate
Drinking Mate
2016-6-17 Father's Day Activity in Ward

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