Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been super busy, but super fun!
We’ve honestly got like 10 people who could get baptized in any moment, or atleast with one more attendence, they just lack a little bit of a push.  But we don’t know what it is yet though…  We’re working on it though, and praying that miracles will happen as well.  We’ve started to see the beginning of one of those miracles though is that one of our investigators, who said that he was going to go out to sea, is now not going to go out to sea, and has found a job here close, which is super nice.  So we need to take advantage of that, and there could be a family that gets baptized for the end of this month.
The highlight of this week was definitely Pday.  It’s the third anniversary of the mission!  And President and Hermana Rogers go home in two weeks😦  But we all went up to Playa El Doradillo in Puerto Madryn to go see the whales!  I guess it  wasn’t even as good as it gets!  But it was so cool!  Literally you looked out over the bay and just saw 3 or 4 whales at a time!  And there were a couple that were literally so close that you could literally hear the sounds of their breathing and everything!  We had two that were like 100 yards from shore and just played and played there for a like a half an hour! It was so cool!
I don’t have all that much time though!  Share the gospel!  (And save the whales:))!!!!!!
¡Les quiero!
Elder Trenton Behunin2016-6-13 It was hard to get that picture because the rocks were slick and my shoes damp!
Playa El Doradillo  Me, Elder Michel, and Elder Faundez
2016-6-13 The zone with our goodbye sign to President and Hermana Rogers (Michel, Munoz, Trost, Souza, Lopez, Me and then on the bottom DOyel, Choc, Quispe, Flores)
Our goodbye sign to President and Sister Rodgers in our new mission shirts!

2016-6-13 I thought this was a cool picture

2016-6-13 Just Chillin'


There went our fun!

2016-6-10 A cool tunnel in Gaiman

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