Greetings from Trelew!

Dear Family and Friends!
Well, this morning I got on a bus and now I’m writing from Trelew, which is about 5 hours north of Comodoro!  My area is Union II, and my new comp Elder Trost (he’s from my same group which is really wierd!)  Him being my comp officially ends two streak.  The first is that since my very first comp, I’ve been with every other comp for atleast 2 transfers (emphasis on atleast) until Elder Costa.  The other streak is the latin comp streak.  I haven’t had a gringo comp in more than 15 months!  Since January of last year!  So it’ll be fun to speak English again!
But now I’m in my last area, which is super weird.  Like really weird.  But I’m going to fight to the finish!  Don’t worry!

I did have one experience that really reminded me why I am here on the mission.  We were sitting in a bus one day returning to our area talking and a lady sitting behind us starts talking to us out of the blue.  She talked a while, and then she told us that she was a member, but that she had been inactive for 30 years because her mom made her stop going because she thought that the mormons were brainwashing her daughter (she was 21 at that point).  So naturally, we invited her to come back to church, but she declined.  But we kept on talking to her and it came up that she had always wanted to serve a mission, and that she was planning to do so but her parents didn’t let her, and that that has been a lifelong regret for her.  So we told her that if she came back to church and got everything in order that she could still serve a mission and at that point she nearly started to cry, and she was like “I want to, I want to!”  Then we asked her if she still had her Book of Mormon and she said no, that her mom had thrown away all of her church books and seminary stuff and everything.  So we gave her a new one and again she started to cry and she said that she would read it every day, and that she knew that God had placed her on that bus with us, and it was a special sign for her because that day was also her birthday.  It was really cool.  When she got off the bus, we just looked at each other and smiled.  It was one of the most beautiful feelings in the world!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY YESTERDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER!!!!!! It was also so fantastic talking to my mom yesterday for Mothers Day (and the rest of the family too:))!  Next time I see them, it’ll be face to face!
Now I’m going to kick butt here in Trelew!  It’s a new city, with new things to see, new doors to touch, new people to talk to, and new investigators to baptize!
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody this week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
Our lamb asado!! So good!
My Easter package finally arrived! I don’t know where it got hung up!
Just Hanging out with my “Peeps” and my corner got really really messy!!
Our service project this week – putting a new roof on this house. I forget to take a before picture of it but here is the after!

I thought this sign was funny! It says “we don’t inherit the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.  Garbage has a place”  and then everyone throws their garbage right there!

The Gonzalez Family and  The Andrade Family

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