My creativity is in the drain right now…

Dear Family and Friends, This week has been a good week!  Hard, but good! We found a couple of really cool new investigators this week! They were already working on the papers to get married before we even got there! She had listened to the missionaries before and loved what she heard, but she neverContinue reading “My creativity is in the drain right now…”

I can’t think of a Good title

Dear Family and Friends, I’m loving Trelew!  It’s nice and cool, there’s not as much wind, the streets are mostly made of cement, and they are trees!  It’s so beautiful! Things are going pretty well here.  We’ve got a lot of potential from what I can see, we just need to unlock it.  We’ve gotContinue reading “I can’t think of a Good title”

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Dear Family and Friends, I honestly feel like I broke a rule on Saturday, but at the same time not.  As missionaries, we are not allowed to enter the water to go swimming (only to baptize).  All week long was kind of stormy, and everyone was like “there’s going to be a huge storm,so beContinue reading “Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!”