I’m going to be a dad

Dear Family and Friends,
I’m going to be a dad!  For those of you that don’t understand missionary speak, that means that I’m going to be training a greenie (I have to teach him how to be a missionary because it’s going to be his first area!)  I’ll be picking him up on Wednesday, so I still don’t know who he is or where he’s from.  I know that there are a couple of gringos, a brazilian, an argentine, a chilean, and I don’t know what else:)
This week has been a little bit slow due to Holy Week and transfers, but it was a good week too. Little by little we’re finding more people to teach.
We did find a part member family this last week.  It was actually really cool how we found them.  On Monday we were in the cyber and someone walked in and was like “Elderes!”  It turns out she is a member from Jujuy who has been searching for the missionaries and has wanted them to come by her house, but she would always find the missionaries from the North Zone and it looks like they would never pass the reference to us.  So we went by her house the next day and found her.  She’s got quite the story.  She was in an abusive relationship for years and literally had to escape from her house.  Then the depression kicked in and the medicine that she had to take put her into a coma for four years.  Then she came here, worked and got established, and then went back and had to do a legal fight for her son.  And finally got here.  She was telling us her story for about an hour and a half, and I didn’t even know what to say.  I was dumbfounded.  But I think that the part that dumbfounded me the most is her positivity and her desire to do the right things.  Despite all that happened, she is such a happy person.  And she wants to bring her son to the church, and her boyfriend, so we’ll be working with them a lot this transfer!
For Easter this week President and Hermana Rogers decided to do something fun for the Comodoro Zones because there’s nothing to do in Comodoro.  So they invited us all over for lunch on Friday and made BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!  And they were so freaking good!  And American style brownies!  It made me trunky!  I miss the flavor of American food!
I hope that you all had a fantastic Easter!  And always remember to share the gospel!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2016-3-25 E Michel, E Lowe, E Fredricjson, E Galeano, E Llacuhuaman, E Littlefield, E Throckmorton, and me with President and Hermana Rogers
 Elder Michel, Elder Lowe, Elder Fredrickson, Elder Galeano, Elder Quispe, Elder Llactuhuaman, Elder Littlefield, Elder Throckmorton, and me in the lunch with President and Hermana Rogers
 2016-3-25 BBQ pilled pork sandwhiches and american potato salad - it was so good
 BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and american potato salad!  It was so good!
2016-3-22 Literally this is what it was like outside one morning, it was super cool
 Literally this was what it was like outside one morning, it was super cool!

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