Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a pretty good week!  It’s heading into autumn here in Comodoro, which is really weird because I haven’t really felt autumn since I left the MTC a year and a half ago.  You might ask “How is that so?” because I’ve been in Argentina for more than a year so I should have felt the fall from last year.  But no, because I went from Puerto Madryn to Rio Grande.  In Puerto Madryn, it still felt like summer, and when I got to Rio Grande, it was already winter down there.  So I didn’t get fall.  But now I do and it’s super nice, the gentle cool breeze and the warm rays of the sun on my face.  I love it!
We had a couple of cool experiences this week;
The first was when we were doing visits with a member of the bishopric.  He was showing us to some of the less actives that we didn’t know and we were hoping that some of these less actives would have family that wasn’t member.  We found a couple, so we’ll start working with them.  But the cool part was an older less active that we found who virtually lives alone (technically his daughter lives there too, but I don’t think that she’s ever there).  So we were talking for a while and then he said, “do you know what, I have been praying for someone to come and talk to me, because I’ve been feeling really alone recently, but now you’ve come, and I have someone to talk to!”  It was way cool to be the answer to his prayer and know that God is watching over him.  So we’ll keep on visiting him, and try to find out if the rest of his family is member.
The other cool thing happened last night. We were doing some visits with some members and we finished at like 8:30, so we were like, “What do we do?” because it was dark and nobody wants to get contacted in the dark (we tried it and everybody though that we were trying to rob them).  I didn’t even think to look at my agenda for some reason, because we had a Plan B, but was like, “Let’s go visit this member family to have them meet my comp” so we went and when we got there we found out that half of them were sick, so we ended up helping the father give blessings to all of his family, which was way cool.
It’s cool to see how the God works, how by small and simple messages or ideas he lets us know where we need to go and what we need to do to help his children get closer to him.  It’s amazing!
The gospel is true.  I feel it more and more every day.  Every time I open the scriptures, every time I kneel down to pray, and every time I share my testimony with someone.  I love it so much, and want everyone to understand it.  Even when we get rejected, when it seems like nobody is at our side, we always have our Older Brother at our side, and he loves us so much, and loves each and every one of us individually.  He knows our names, he knows our difficulties.  And he is 100% willing to help everybody, which is why missionary work is so important!
I love you all so much!  Have a great week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
P.S.  Sorry, no pictures, I left the camera in the pension

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