New Investigators!

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been a pretty good week.  A little bit hot, but a good week!  I guess summer decided it wasn’t going to go out without a fight!  But we did find 2 new investigators that are pretty cool!
The first is named Brian, and he’s 18.  He was a contact from a tsunami that we recontacted.  He has about 2 weeks living in Comodoro, he had recently moved from Trelew.  He recently also started to be interested in religion and he didn’t understand why there are so many churches if there was only one God.  So we explained the Restoration focusing on prophets and the priesthood and he understood really well and the Spirit was super strong.  He accepted the Book of Mormon and was super excited for us to come back. And he excepted his fecha without any problems at all.  The only problem is that he’s 18 and never home and hard to find, but we’ll be working hard to find him!
The other new investigator that we found is named Luisa and when we got into her house she explained that she had talked to missionaries before, but they had stopped coming to her house.  But she had a lot of questions and told us that she was looking for God’s true church because she knew that there could only be one.  So we talked about the Restoration and it was going super good and then all of the sudden all her children and grandchildren showed up at the same time and ruined the Spirit, and she was like, “I have to go.”  But she also asked us to leave something in the Book of Mormon for her to read and pray about and then we would talk about it the next week (she set the date for us to come back and everything, and did all that without us even mentioning it!)  It was super cool!
Other than that this week has been tranquilo.  We did some service in an old folks home, so that was fun!  Although half of them either didn’t want to talk to mormons, coudn’t hear me, or didn’t understand my accent!  But other than those guys it was a fun service project!
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with someone!  And the new Easter video from the church!  #Hallelujah!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

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