Dear Family and Friends!
It’s already March!  I can’t believe it!  I feel like Christmas was just yesterday! But now we’re in March!  And I still write 2015 in my journal sometimes!  Time is flying!  I feel more old every day! For the Zone Conference we had with President Rogers this week, I was one of the most experienced missionaries so I didn’t have to do the practices, all the missionaries had to practice on me!  That was really weird!

This week in Ward Counsel we were talking about how we could help our investigators and one of the members said to take his mom with him because she likes to visit and talk to people and is friends with everyone.  So one evening we went to go and talk to her about visiting a couple of our investigators with her.  So we got into her house, sat down, and started to talk and somebody knocked.  So she went out and it was one of our investigators that we wanted to have her befriend!  So we talked to both of them for a while and the investigator was like, “How are you like you?  I want to be like you!  You’re always so happy and friendly, what is it about you?  How can I be like you?”  It was perfect!  We started talking about the gospel a little bit and what’s keeping her from baptism, but it was fantastic!  Things are going in the right way with her!

Also this week, we talked to a hippie.  Hippies are fun to talk to:)  This one told us lots of funny things.  Like for instance the reason that the world is flooding is because of the Panama Canal.  I guess that all the boats we are putting in the ocean is causing it to overfill, so if we are going to put more boats in the water, we needs to take rocks out of the ocean to make more room:)  Also someone is trying to destroy the pyramids of Mexico (he didn’t clarify who) because they are evidence that the Egyptians were a worldwide empire (:  Also we need to start putting satellites on top of mountains and not in outer space because when they fall from the sky they create giant tsunamis that destroy Japan (:  So yeah, it was an interesting half of an hour I spend standing on a corner of a street in Maximo Abasolo.  We even tried escaping, but he would move to block our paths!  It was interesting!
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
A real life dream, literally there were “sugarplums (kind of), dancing around my head” I love my package!!!
2016-2-29 So every Monday I stare at this figure of Batman and think, If your going to illegally make something against copyright, atleast do it right
So every Monday I stare at this figure of Batman and think, “If your going to illegally make something against copyright, at least do it right”

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