In Summer

Dear Family and Friends,

Let’s just leave it that it has been hot every day minus yesterday (today is Tuesday for me because of a poorly planned Super P-day that left me without time to write yesterday, so I’m writing during the siesta).  But at least it wasn’t yesterday because we were three hours on a rented turf field, so it would have been hot, I’m sure we would have had several medical emergencies with 20 out of shape missionaries trying to play soccer like the World Cup was on the line!  But it was way fun!  But let me tell you, rolling out of bed hurt this morning (but I did it anyway:)).  The funny part was though is that while I was enjoying the nice cool weather, all the members were putting on jackets and complaining about the cold!  I was like, I will take this any and every day!
All right, so last Wednesday was SO COOL!  Two of the most inspiring hours of my mission!  I’m not even kidding!  Literally like General Conference on steroids!  Church leaders talking directly to missionaries about nothing more than missionary work!  Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, and Elder Oaks!  It was so cool!  My favorite part was Elder Bednar talking about the Holy Ghost, and how he’s not the tool that we use to get to the hearts of people, but rather we’re the tools the Spirit uses to get to the hearts of the people!  It was really cool and really made me think!
Other than that, it was a lot of service this week!  But it was fun!  Just really hot!  But that’s life right now!  Oh, and we also had a talent show this week, which was fun!  I sang (yes!) and told jokes, and did a magic trick (I didn’t play the piano though, because I didn’t have any sheet music!).  But it was fun!
So yeah, that was this week!  Share the gospel with someone this week!  You guys are amazing!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

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