In Summer

Dear Family and Friends,

Let’s just leave it that it has been hot every day minus yesterday (today is Tuesday for me because of a poorly planned Super P-day that left me without time to write yesterday, so I’m writing during the siesta).  But at least it wasn’t yesterday because we were three hours on a rented turf field, so it would have been hot, I’m sure we would have had several medical emergencies with 20 out of shape missionaries trying to play soccer like the World Cup was on the line!  But it was way fun!  But let me tell you, rolling out of bed hurt this morning (but I did it anyway:)).  The funny part was though is that while I was enjoying the nice cool weather, all the members were putting on jackets and complaining about the cold!  I was like, I will take this any and every day!
All right, so last Wednesday was SO COOL!  Two of the most inspiring hours of my mission!  I’m not even kidding!  Literally like General Conference on steroids!  Church leaders talking directly to missionaries about nothing more than missionary work!  Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, and Elder Oaks!  It was so cool!  My favorite part was Elder Bednar talking about the Holy Ghost, and how he’s not the tool that we use to get to the hearts of people, but rather we’re the tools the Spirit uses to get to the hearts of the people!  It was really cool and really made me think!
Other than that, it was a lot of service this week!  But it was fun!  Just really hot!  But that’s life right now!  Oh, and we also had a talent show this week, which was fun!  I sang (yes!) and told jokes, and did a magic trick (I didn’t play the piano though, because I didn’t have any sheet music!).  But it was fun!
So yeah, that was this week!  Share the gospel with someone this week!  You guys are amazing!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

Tranqui no más…

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a pretty good week.  We’re starting to get things rolling here a little bit in Abasolo.  We were able to find 10 really good people contacting in one day that we’ll passing by this week, so that’ll be really good.  People were a lot more receptive this week than they usually are, or atleast so it seemed.  Now we just need to find them again and teach them!
We also have an investigator that is progressing toward baptism, named Carlos.  He doesn’t understand very much of what we say because he had a stroke that left his thought process a little slower, and also left him partially paralyzed, but what he does know he likes and he loves going to the church.  The only thing that he doesn’t have is all of the lessons.
Oh, so the other day we were in the house of an investigator and I noticed a little pamphlet about the new Star Wars on their table to I asked them about it, and if they were fans, and they said kinda, but not really, do you want the pamphlet?  I about died!  I’m going to have to hide it though or I’ll die from trunkyness!  AHH! Someday…
I love you guys so much!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2016-1-11 Some days It just feel like this here in Patagonia
It gets pretty windy in here in Patagonia!! 😉
We went on a hike over looking my new area in Comodoro!
Trenton told a story in his personal letter to me about this hike with his district. A member had taken the missionaries and was showing them their area from the top. He suggested that they go home a different route because he had to go to work and that was closer. The trail soon ended and it was nothing but these thorny bushes. So they started running and jumping trying to dodge the bushes. All of sudden Trenton feels this pain in his foot  and looks down and their is an entire cactus plant stuck in his foot! He looked at it and started laughing pulled the plant off and keep running. When he got down they are able to pull the rest of the needles out! But when this happened all he said he could think of was “I got mom beat!” When he was like 10 we went to Arizona and while we were hiking with Danell I backed into a huge cactus and got lots of needles stuck in my arm! So as he was running down he forget about the pain just the fact that he now had a better cactus story than me!

Summer’s here in full force (I hope, I don’t want it to get any hotter!)


This week has been an interesting week!  On Tuesday, we had a giant leadership conference with all the district and zone leaders of the mission, on Thursday we had Interviews with President Rogers, and on Saturday a zone conference! But it’s been a good week too!

Being in Comodoro again is fun, I’ve ran into a couple of people that I knew from Kilometros, so that’s been fun!
It’s been super hot though, I’ve been sweating it out down here!  But I think I might be starting to get used to it now, which is nice!:)
We’ve been working hard with the time that we’ve had this week!  On Thursday after Interviews, we only had about an hour to work, so we decided to pass by a recent convert.  So we went by and we didn’t find her, but we did find her mom.  For some reason that we weren’t able to find out, she was never baptized, and there’s not even a register of her in our Area Book.  But she said that she had listened to the missionaries and had made friendships with them, and they had given her a Book of Mormon (although she had never read it).  Honest to goodness, it probably was that she never was really interesting in God, she just liked the missionaries.  But when we went on Thursday, everything had changed.  About a month and a half ago, something happened that changed her life completely.  The doctors think that her blood pressure went really high without her noticing, and when she was walking she fell down and hit her head and soemthing in the back of her eyes burst and she went blind in literally an instant.  Since then, she says that she’s locked herself in her house and not wanted to talk to anyone, but recently she started to talk again, right before we knocked on her door.  She said that in the past months she had thought about a lot of things, including the church and the change it made in the life of her daughter when she was baptized, and also the change in her daughter when she stopped going to church.  She also remembered the Book of Mormon that she had, and was filled with a desire to read it, but she couldn’t because she couldn’t see.  Honestly she wasn’t in the mental condition in that moment to share anything big with her, we just talked about the Atonement and how it could make her feel happy again.  And we’ll keep on passing by her!
We’ve also done a lot of contacting with the time that we’ve had this week and found several new investigators and several really good potential investigators!  So we’ll be working with them and going out to find more this week!
Also during my studies this week I’ve been reading a lot of the talks from the last General Conference.  One day I just opened it up and it fell to a talk from the Womans Session by President Uchtdorf, called “A Summer with Great Aunt Rose.”  And it was really, really good!  For any of you priesthood brethren who feel too manly to read the Woman’s Session talks, go back and read it!  I loved what it taught about happiness, and how we need to be happy now, because our future is so bright!  We know that God will win, so we don’t need to worry about of physical state right now!  Just read about the Milenium, and look forward to that!  And also remember that we don’t have to wait until then to be happy, because as Emily Dickenson said, “Forever is composed of Nows!”  Forever doesnt’ start in a tomorow, in a month, or when the 2nd coming arrives, it’s already here!  So if your saying you’ll be happy in the eternities, now that that starts as soon as you want it too!  Happiness through hope!  Okay, maybe some of that was my own interpretation, but it was a really good talk!
I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
People are always asking if we are from the CIA, so we could not resist taking these pictures. DON’T WORRY IT IS PLASTIC! Just zoom in!

Almost a white Christmas! And Happy 2016!

Dear Family and Friends!

Yes, I know that Christmas was a week and a half ago, but I didn’t have time to write a letter last week and it was just so exciting that I have to share it this week!
So the whole week before Christmas it started to get really cold, so cold that I actually wore my coat a couple times (remember that it’s summer down here right now (like end of June beginning of July up there).  So the whole week, I was like, “It’s going to snow for Christmas, it’s going to snow for Christmas!”  So on Christmas morning, I woke up, and…it was raining.  Almost, but not quite what I was hoping for.  And it rained all day.  I’m talking the patio behind our little chapel in Calafate flooded because it rained so much!  Christmas day was fun! I got to talk with the family, which was way fun!  We also had permission to watch animated movies, so we watched “Lego” and “Inside Out,” both of which were really good (especially “Inside Out”).  We also grilled up some chickens and yeah, it was a party!  Then we headed back to the pension and went to bed.  And when we woke up the next morning (the 26th) there was SNOW!  I was so excited!  There wasn’t enough to do anything with it, but there was snow!  It was so cool!  (And it was really cold!)
Oh, and then, the 25th at night, the mission gave me a Christmas present too!  I’m going to be a MOM!  All right, I don’t know what it’s like the in the rest of the world, but here in my mission, your trainer is your dad, and if you have two trainers the second one is your mom (Elder Flores is my dad and Elder Tyler is my mom, in the mission).  My son is named Elder Romero, from a town called Mar de Ajó in the province of Buenos Aires.  I’m back in Comodoro, which is really weird but really cool!  It’s really weird to see all the places where I had been a whole year ago!  Now I’m in a neighborhood in the southern part of the city called Maximo Abasalo.  And I think that the best part is that I have lunch almost every day!  Finally!  I don’t have to cook every day now!  I think I’m going to start putting on weight again though, I lost like 10 pounds in Calafate because I would eat normal portion sizes instead of the ridiculous amount of food that I eat with the members because the members make so much and it is so good!
New Years was really cool as well!  Comodoro lit up the sky!  It was way cool because we were right in the middle of it all, with fireworks going off on all sides.  Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera in the pension, so I don’t have any photos:(
I hope that you all have a fantastic week and a very Happy New Year!  I can’t believe 2016 has already arrived!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

My Christmas Corner! I loved my decorations. Our nametags on the tree!

My white Christmas. I love the flamingos in the snow!!


My favorite graffitti in Calafate!  (They were trying to say Calafate Art (Calafate Arte)) but well…


Final goodbyes to my district in Calafate!