18 Days till Christmas

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been a good week.  I can’t complain too much:)  It’s been hot, but only like 70° which is still really hot for me but in the northern part of my mission it’s probably getting close to 100°:) We’ve just been doing missionary work!  The gospel is rolling forth!
We found a couple of new investigators this week, which was really cool, and put fechas on both of them.  One is named Analia, and she really cool!  Years ago she befriended a member here in Calafate and he gave her a Book of Mormon and she went to church a couple of times but for some reason she didn’t continue.  We have no idea why, but she just didn’t.  Probably because she was working a ton, because she loved everything that we taught her!  She was like “Yes, yes, yes!” the whole time!  It was super cool!  And after we put the fecha on her, she asked us what we saw in her and we told her someone who is doing their best to follow Jesus Christ and someone who God has been preparing for years and years to receive this gospel!  And that gave her even more of a determination to continue forward!  However she wasn’t able to attend because she wasn’t feeling well on Saturday so she had to take her day off then instead of on Sunday.  But it’s all good, I know that she is going to get baptized soon!
My comp also found someone named Pedro, but I don’t know him because he found him on Friday during a tsunami.  But he says that he’s really cool!
The work is progressing down here in Calafate, slowly, but surely.  I would say that it’s like a huge boulder that takes a ton of energy to get it moving, but once it starts they’ll be no stopping it!  There are people here in Calafate ready to receive the gospel, and we’ve already found some of them and we are helping them to move forward.  Now we need to help them get onto the path and find the rest!
If you haven’t seen it yet, look up the new videos the Church put out for Christmas!  They’re really cool!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-12-2 Me and a cool sky
The sky was really cool this week!
2015-12-4 Zone Conference Front E Sosa, Carmona and Cortes Back E Derrick, Ferriera, Norton , me and Ixcot
Zone meeting with in front Elders Sosa, Carmona, and Cortes, and in back Elders Derrick, Ferriera, Norton, me, and Ixcot
2015-12-7 elder Escamilla finished his mission a coupleof weeks ago and sent it to me!
Hopefully you think it’s as funny as I thought it was!  Elder Escamilla (From Mexico) finished his mission a couple of weeks ago and sent it to me:)

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