What a Week!

Dear Family and Friends!
This week was a complete change from the week before.  The week before we found ourselves walking a ton and not accomplishing hardly anything.  This week we were running late quite a few times trying to get between lessons.  That made things a lot more enjoyable.:) Also, the week before, it was cold, and this week was not!  I was dying I was so hot!  I think it was about 70°:)
We saw a really cool miracle this week!  It really shows that God’s hand is in this work.  A week and a half ago during Weekly Planning we were updating the Area Book and my comp was going through the lists of Old Investigators and he found one that intrigued him that lived close to the pension, named María and Pancho.  So we went by their house a couple of times until we finally found someone there, and they told us that María and Pancho no longer lived there, and he didn’t know where they were living at that moment.  So we kind of just forgot about them for a day.  Then the next morning we were trying to decide where we wanted to contact and my comp was like, “I had a revelation in the bathroom this morning (because that’s where revelation seems to come from a lot:)) and there’s a street we haven’t contacted like 3 minutes from our pension”.  I was like “What? Where?” So he led me there and sure enough, there was a street that I had never noticed before in my life, although we passed by it atleast one or two times a week! So we started contacted and in one of the houses a 20 year old girl came out, named Ivana.  We started contacting her, and she said that her parents had listened to us before, years ago, and that she had attended the church, and she liked it.  So we asked her the names of her parents, and it was María and Pancho!  We found them the very next day!  Unfortunately, they work a ton, so we were only able to meet with Ivana, and we put a fecha, but she wasn’t able to attend this week.  But it was super cool!
That made the week worth it, just seeing that God has his hand here in Calafate, even if it’s hard to see, and that we’ve just got to keep on working with faith.  The things that need to happen here in Calafate will happen when God wants it to happen, we just need to work like it’s going to happen every day, no matter what. And that makes me feel really happy.
Oh yeah, for Thanksgiving we cooked a chicken (we didn’t have access to a turkey).  So I don’t know about at home because I never attempted to cook a chicken, but I’m sure they exist there too, there are bags with seasoning that you put the chicken in to cook it and it turns out really good and it’s super easy to do, or so everybody told us.  We bought the bag with the seasoning, but neglected to remember that everytime anyone uses the bag, they always part the chicken first. So we tried to put the whole chicken in the bag, and ripped.  So there went that, at we kinda of made a burnt chicken al horno.  But it still tasted good.  So we decided to try again, this time with meat that was cut up.  But we didn’t pay attention to how much meat we were supposed to put.  The seasoning was for 800 g of meat, but we didn’t have money, nor did we need 800 g of meat.  We only bought 400 g.  And put all the seasoning!  It turned out good but tasted too much like BBQ (yes that it possible I found out!).  But it’s all good!  Maybe someday we’ll be able to master the art of cooking with an oven bag!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-11-26 Chicken Dance
Making the Chicken Dance!
Our Thanksgiving Feast!
2015-11-27 Calafate

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