What a week!


Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been fantastic!  We’ve seeing a lot of miracles here in Calafate!  I think that the biggest one was that we found 9 new investigators this week!  (here in the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia mission, that is an accomplishment! Normally our goal is 3, and we’re lucky if we reach that!)  We found new investigators every day (minus Friday when we had our zone meeting and then did a tsunami in the other area of Calafate, but during the tsunami, I helped them find a new investigator!)!  It was so cool!  We didn’t hardly even get to contact this week because we would just get into houses!  I don’t know what happened to the hearts of the people here in El Calafate, but they were definitely softened!
We also got some “training” from an assistant from the Salta mission!  We walked into church on Sunday and there was a missionary there, but only one.  We were really confused for a little bit, but then we realized that his parents had come to get him and then visit Argentina.  He said he was dying to do missionary work, so we said he could come with us if he wanted, so he did.  With him, we found 3 new investigators!  It was really cool, and I learned a couple of things from him.  What I liked most of all was the way that he would leave commitments.  When he was going to leave it, he leaned forward and looked the investigator directly into the eyes and spoke slowly so that they would understand, explaining the commitment, and then the blessings that would come from it, but in a way that I had never tried.  And it worked really well!  It was the most direct commitment I’ve ever seen, and I really liked it, so I’m going to try it out to see how it goes.
So today we went to the Glaciobar!  It’s a bar (that serves non alcholic drinks as well) that’s completely made of ice!  It was super cool, and about 20° inside!  They give you all sorts of winter gear, but I really wasn’t even cold after Rio Grande during the winter! The only part of me that got cold was my hand because the cup was made out of ice!  It was super cool! We were only allowed to be there 25 minutes though so nothing bad would happen to people who aren’t so accustomed to the cold!  It was super fun!  I’ll send picutures next week!
It was also really cool because the Elder’s mom and sister didn’t speak any spanish, so I got to go to Relief Society with them to translate!  It was super fun, but super hard!  I felt lost in a gap somewhere between English and Spanish! And I realized that my English is terrible.  I would forget how to say words and grammar and everything!  But it was a really fun adventure!
Oh, funny experience from a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to tell you guys!  I don’t know if you remember me telling stories of mixing up words like “pescado” and “pecado” in the MTC, but it happened again, but in a way that’s much worse! We were doing door contacts and a guy came to door so we started contacting him and he told us he wasn’t interested because he is Jewish.  But I didn’t here “jewish,” I heard something very different:) In Spanish “jewish” is “judio.” However, there is another word in Spanish, “jodido,” that sounds very similar.  For those of you that served in places other than Argentina and might be offended by that word, here in Argentina, everyone uses it as “messed up.” It’s not a bad word like in other places.  So I totally though he was telling me that he was messed up! I was like “Well we can help you with that!” Then I realized what he really said and was a little bit embarrased!
Have a fantastic week!  And share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin

This is the boina (cowboy hat) that I bought that the Gauchos (Argentine cowboy) wear! If you can’t tell I am soaking wet!

The Zone Asado after our zone meeting. Well I guess technically it was not an asado because it was just chicken and chorizo, but it was still good!


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