Dear Family and Friends!

I hope you all enjoyed Conference!  If you can’t tell from the title, my favorite talk was by Elder Durrant. Not only did I laugh a lot, but it’s a good idea though!  And I want to be able to make my own words too!
Conference was way cool!  Especially here in the mission I love Conference so much!  I love it so much that I marked it six weeks beforehand in my planner!  I can’t believe that was already my third conference!  It makes me feel old!  I’m not trunky, but I only have one more General Conference in the mission!  That’s crazy!  My mission is disappearing before my eyes!  I was nervous though, because I woke up Saturday morning not feeling well at all.  I was miserable!  But as the first session approached, I felt better and better, and was able to listen.  When the session ended, I again almost immediately felt miserable, with a really bad headache that left me in a dark room because the light and sound hurt me so much!  And then as the next session approached all the pain went away and once again I was able to listen to the words of the prophets.  And then, on cue, when the final prayer ended, my head started hurting really bad again.  So I decided to be brave and walk outside to go buy ibuprofen because nobody had any.  And then I took a nap on a table in the chapel and woke up right before Priesthood without any pain!  And it didn’t come back this time!
So I’m trying the ponderizing challenge!  I found a scripture in D&C 60:13 this morning that I’ll do that this week!  Time flies, and I’m starting to run out, so I need to take advantage of every minute that I have left!  And I know, you might say that you still have 10 months left, but with the way this last year has gone, it’s not very much:/  #Meditizar!  (That’s the Spanish translation for Ponderize!)
Share the gospel with someone this week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-10-1  if you can't see those are flamingos!
If you can’t see them those are flamingos!
2015-10-1 I don't know why I took this picture I just did
I don’t know why I took this picture I just it!
2015-10-3 English room for conference! Elder Carlsen and I!
The English room at conference with Elder Carlsen and I!

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