Happy Spring!

to me, Bryce
Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been pretty good!  Everything, from the work to the weather!  It’s been a pretty stable 50°F all week!  What a great way to start off the spring!

We taught Natalia again this week, the one that found the card on the ground and prayed for someone to tell her what it was. We taught her the Restoration and she loved it! She was so excited when we told her that God is more than just a force out there that she had believed in before, but really a person who cares about her and wants her to be happy. And then, instead of talking about Joseph Smith like we usually do, we shared the 20 minute video of the Restoration and during the First Vision we paused it and asked her how she felt and she started crying and saying that she believed it with all her heart. We then put a baptisimal date for her and she accepted it, saying she would love too, but she still has a lot of questions that she wants answered, but that she loves what we are teaching. They weren’t able to attend yesterday because they were going to be working in the country a little bit, but we passed by yesterday right after they got back and talked to her husband a little bit and he proceeded to thank us for leaving him with the Book of Mormon, that he loves it so much. We are going to pass by them today to put a baptisimal date with him and to talk about marriage. But it was so cool!

So during service this week I nearly cut my thumb off with a saw.  I was sawing a dead branch and it came off faster than I thought and the saw fell on my thumb. fortunately it wasn’t deep, but it really hurt:)
And here’s the pictures from the glacier too!  It was so cool!  It’s definitely on the list of things to do again before I die!:) 
I hope that you all have a wonderfully fantastic week and find someone to share the gospel with!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
P1030936The Zone Derrick, Fredrickson, Fernandez, Throckmorton, Cardenas, Carlson, Ixcot and Trenton
Me and y Comp Elder Ixcot and the Zone: Derrick, Fredrickson, Fernandez, Throckmorton, Cardenas, Carlson, Ixcot and Behunin
These 6 pictures show the ice breaking off
P1030939 P1030927
P1030948 P1030949

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