Dear Family and Friends!
This week was a crazy week! We had to travel to Rio Gallegos for the a conference with President Rogers, and didn’t see our area for two days, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t see miracles.  We actually had a couple of really cool ones that I would like to share.
The first is when we were travelling.  I was really nervous to travel because my comp and the other two elders in Calafate are illegal right now, and when we were travelling to Gallegos the police got mad at us in both Calafate and Gallegos.  So I was really nervous having to go through the checkpoints again.  So as we were pulling up to the checkpoint leaving Gallegos I offered a quick silent prayer that God would help us somehow.  So the police officer arrived and started checking everyone and when he got to us, I guess he decided he liked us and out of the blue started talking about soccer and didn’t even pay attention to the dates of the passports or the ID cards.  So that was a relief.  So we continued on our way and we eventually got to the checkpoint in Calafate, so I offered another silent prayer.  The officer started in the back of the bus and I guess that by the time she got to us she was tired of checking so she just said “don’t worry” right as she arrived to us, and she left the bus.  We couldn’t believe it.  So we all made it back to Calafate safely, and now we’re trying to get the tramites done that we need to get done.
The second was a little bit earlier in the week.  On Tuesday we were contacting and not having much success at all, but eventually someone leaned out a window and said, “come back tomorrow at this time.”  We weren’t super excited about it, people say that all the time and then never open the door, but we decided to go back.  So on Wednesday we knocked and she came out and was like “Come in, come in!”  So we were like all right.  So we went in and there was her family there, and a native indian, and we started talking to them.  Then she pulled out the contact card of Jesus coming to the Americas when he is descending in a pillar of light and a man that is leaning backward in shock.  So we thought that some other elders had contacted her and never came back, but then she told us her story:  she said that about a month ago she was walking in the street and saw the card just lying there and picked it up because she thought it was a cool picture.  She just couldn’t figure out what it was.  She searched and searched and couldn’t figure it out, so she prayed to God asking him to send her someone to tell her what it was, and when she did that, we knocked on her door!  It was so cool!  We were able to explain to her the purpose of the Book of Mormon and share with her the story of 3 Nephi 11, and at the end, her and her husband were fighting over who would get to read the book first!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t put a baptisimal date because they were everywhere.  Hopefully when we meet with them tomorrow though they’ll be a little bit more calm.
And then this week, (yesterday, which is why I’m writing on Tuesday) we went to the Perito Moreno Glacier!  It was so cool!  Pictures to come next week!  It was so magnificent! I could have spent all day there!  Not only was the glacier beautiful but the weather too!  I eventually took off my coat and put it in my backpack because I was so hot!  And underneath I had one of my shortsleeve shirts on!  People thought I was crazy!  Everyone was wearing ridiculously large winter coats and I was rocking the short sleeves!  It felt good!  I think it was about 55° outside!  I was loving life! But tell you what, my arms were whiter than the glacier almost!  (And the glacier was pretty white, my eyes still hurt a day later from staring at it so long!)  It was so cool!  We just sat and stared at it for an hour straight without moving!  We got to see two big old pieces fall off!  (I got them both on a 14 minute video that nearly killed my camera!)  It was SO COOL!  It’s on my list of things to do again after the mission!
Have a wonderfully fantastic week!  And share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
Sneak Peek – More Picture to come!

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