What a Week!

Dear Family and Friends,
Things continue going pretty good down here in Calafate.  It’s been an interesting week.
We started the week on Tuesday with a Zone Meeting.  It’s week 3 and I finally know the rest of my zone!  Granted, we’re basically just a super district of 4 companionships, but we are Zona Cordillera!  It’s kinda cool.  And because I’m a district leader now I had to teach, which wasn’t super fun, but since it was only 7 people, it wasn’t that bad.:)  After the zone meeting we had a tsunami (which is when you have the whole zone contact in one area for a couple of hours). Generally you don’t get a whole lot of success contacting in Calafate, but I went with Elder Derrick from Rio Turbio and in the 3 hours we were out we had 16 contacts (which here we’re lucky to reach in two days of contacting), 2 lessons (which in Calafate you might have two lessons in one day once a week), and put a baptisimal date (the only one I’ve put in Calafate)!  So that was pretty great!  Unfortunately it was for the other elders in Calafate!  But its all good!  It was one fantastic afternoon!

The rest of the week we knocked a lot of doors and searched for a lot of people and couldn’t find anyone, so on Sunday we didn’t think that anybody was going to make it.  But we were wrong.  We have one investigator named Talia, a 16 year old girl that scared us in the contact by running out yelling, “Chicos, it’s been so long since you’ve passed by my house, you promised you would come back!”  We were really confused, and then she realized we weren’t the same ones, but had met missionaries about 4 months ago.  But there was hardly any record of her in the area book, she was just mentioned on one progress report.  She told us to pass by her house, but we were semi doubtful that she would be ready because we hadn’t been able to find her since, but she was ready when we passed by her house, which was fantastic.  Then we had Cristian, who attended last week, but who is so busy looking for a job (and a girlfriend – he’s asked us several times to pray for him to find a girlfriend, because he has bad luck with girls:)).  We called him several times and he said that he couldn’t meet with us.  But on Sunday, he showed up.  We were really shocked.  The meeting had already started and he looked really nervous, but he told us that he really enjoyed church last week and wanted to come again, so that was really cool!  Then the third investigator that came to church is named Sulemma, and her husband is a less active.  The problem is that they live really far away and don’t have a lot of money to pay remis, and we couldn’t find anybody willing to go out and get them.  But they came!  So that was really cool, we really weren’t expecting it.  It was a great way to finish off a week that had been a little bit less than spectacular in the terms of talking to people.  Now the problem that we have will be teaching them:  Cristian is always busy and his cousin won’t let us in his house; Talia is only 16 and her dad passed away so we can’t enter her house either; and Sulemma has to go to Rio Gallegos this week.  So we’re going to be doing a lot of contacting this week and praying for miracles.  But they’ll come.:)

It was interesting in church.  Like I said earlier, Cristian has been asking us to pray so that he could find a girlfriend.  And when he saw Talia in church, we think he fell in love, and he asked me to take a picture of them and give it to him:)  And then he walked with us to go drop her off:)  So maybe it’ll be baptisms and temple sealings we’ll be working on with them:)
I hope that you all have a wonderfully fantastic week, and that you find someone to share the gospel with!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-9-10 gotta love Calefate 2015-9-10 Just gotta love it
I love Calafate!!!!
2015-9-10 Hanging out with the duendes
Hanging out with the duendes
2015-9-13 Our Investigators that came to church
 These are the investigators!

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