Just another week in paradise!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a fantastic week!  The weather has been great, one day I went out in short sleeves!  The work is going great here too!  And Calafate is so pretty!  I could get used to life here!  
The cooking has been going good, and I’m not completely useless in the kitchen now!  I can’t wait to see how good I am when I’m done here!  Probably not fantastic, it’s probably just the hunger that make the food taste good, but I’m fine with it:)
We found several new investigators this week, from contacting, references, and antiguos in the area book. It’s been really cool. The best was probably Cristian, a reference from the other missionaries of Calafate that they found while contacting! He’s really cool (kind of strange) but really cool! We were only able to talk with him briefly but he came to church on Sunday, loved it, adn shared his testimony about how Jesus has helped him in his life in Fast and Testimony meeting! It was way cool! The problem is that he lives with his cousin and his cousin wants nothing to do with us so we’re not allowed in his house and we’re not allowed to call him. So we’ll see what happens this week. And we’ll be working to find more. We also have an investigator that is “of ten” named Claudia, who is really Evangelical but is really progressing in her testimony! We taught the Book of Mormon, the Restauration, and the Plan of Salvation this week and she understood really well. The only thing that kept her from church was that she got sick Saturday night! But she’s really cool and I can see her getting baptized soon. 
And this won’t be the end either. We’re going to keep on working, and start working with the less active and active members. We already got 4 references from one member. Hopefully they keep coming! The people are really great here, it’s just hard to get them to open the door sometimes. But there are definitely people out here prepared to hear the gospel. And willing. The Cristian I mentioned earlier lives 45 minutes walking from the church, and did it and says he will continue doing it he loves it so much!
The gospel is true!  Share it!  Live it!  And don’t forget that General Conference is coming up!  Start thinking of questions that you want answered, and they will be if you search and listen to the words of the prophets in this upcoming conference!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-8-31 Elder Ixcot and I 2015-8-31 Going Down 1 2015-8-31 Going Down 2 2015-8-31 on the way up 1 2015-8-31 on the way up 2 2015-8-31 on the way up 3 2015-8-31 View from the top 2 2015-8-31 View from the top 3 2015-8-31 View from the top 4 2015-8-31 View From top 1
2015-8-31 dead cow we found
These are the pictures from the Hike that we took last P-day. It was so windy but so beautiful. The last one is a picture of a dead cow I took. I thought my little cousins would think it was cool!
2015-9-1 Hamburgers 2015-9-1 mashed potatoes
These are the hamburgers and mashed potatoes we made. In this area we barely get fed by the members. There are only 30 – 35 active members total. So if you have any easy recipes send them to me!

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