Another Whitewash!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been pretty fantastic!  It’s been way cool to be in an area surrounded by mountains!  It’s so freaking pretty down here.
So I didn’t know that I was going into another whitewash until I met my comp in Rio Gallegos and was like “What are you doing here?”  So that was a big surprise.
But we did see a couple of miracles this week.
The first is named is Vanesa, and she is an old investigator from about 5 months ago.  They dropped her because they could never find her because of her work schedule and that she worked on Sundays.  But on Saturday we were able to find and talk to her a little bit.  And she was golden.  She said that there was definitely something different about what the other elders had taught, and that she wanted to learn more.  And when we invited her to come to church, she said “yes” and came.  It was so cool!  And she loved it.  She says she learned a lot and that the 5th Sunday lesson on Self-Sufficiency was exactly what she needed because she had been struggling with that.  And her daughter and niece loved Primary.  And it was really cool because it’s a struggle sometimes to get members to greet people when they go to church, but the whole branch greeted her (granted, they’re not very many, but still) and talked with her a lot!  That was way cool.  It’s always one of my biggest worries about bringing people to church, but this branch didn’t have a problem with it!  We’ll be trying to put a fecha on her this week.  Hopefully we don’t run into the same problem as the other missionaries with not ever being able to find her.
The second is when the Spirit literally saved my butt.  Like literally.  We were walking between two houses and all the sudden we hear a big old dog behind us. So I half turn around see a pit bull, but it was chained up so I didn’t worry about it. So I kept on walking and got a really strong impression to turn around and as I did my side bag swung around and nearly hit another, bigger pit bull that decided that he was just going to go in for the kill without barking.  And my butt was on him menu.  That was really kinda scary.
Besides that, this week was contacting and searching for old investigators, trying to get this area kick started.
Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!  And if you have any favorite, easy recipes, please send them to me at  I’m learning how to cook here and need ideas:)
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-8-24 Good byes to the Flia Nina 2015-8-24 Goodbyes to Mauricio
Goodbyes to the Flia Nina and Mauricio
2015-8-28 El Calafate 2 2015-8-28 El Calafate
My new area Calafate! It is the most beautiful area with the mountains and so huge! I mean huge! It takes about 1 1/2 hours to reach the back of it! We are excited to go to the far reaches of the area and knock on all the doors! The branch is really small with only about 35 active members! That means we have a lot of work to do!
2015-8-26 My new area Calafate B the mountain in the center we climbed it today 2015-8-26 My new comp Elder Ixcot
My new area Calafate B- the mountain in the middle we hiked today! My new comp- Elder Ixcot
2015-8-30 I thought it was a cool picture 2015-8-30 Contacting Selfie (nothing else was going on)
Elder Ixcot out contacting!
2015-8-31 outside of la casa d Barbie 2015-8-31 Inside of the Casa de Barbie aka our pension
My new pension – “Casa de Barbie”  Gotta love it!
2015-8-31 Whoever thought of this shower head was a brilliant man. It's huge!
Whoever thought of this up this shower had is brilliant! The only problem is that I only have 4 minutes of hot water!
2015-8-28 This is what I se when I walk out of my pension in the morning2015-8-31 this morning
These are the views from my pension! I love to stand on the porch and look at the mountains! I have missed seeing the mountain everyday! I love the mountain as much as my mom loves penguins!
2015-8-30 Our Taco Sunday 2015-8-30 Taco Sunday elder Ixcot, E Carlson, E Cardenas and Trenton
Taco Sunday with Elder Carlson, Elder Ixcot, and Elder Cardenas. The small branch does not feed us a lot so we have to fix it ourselves!

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