Dear Family and Friends!
This week was a crazy week! We had to travel to Rio Gallegos for the a conference with President Rogers, and didn’t see our area for two days, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t see miracles.  We actually had a couple of really cool ones that I would like to share.
The first is when we were travelling.  I was really nervous to travel because my comp and the other two elders in Calafate are illegal right now, and when we were travelling to Gallegos the police got mad at us in both Calafate and Gallegos.  So I was really nervous having to go through the checkpoints again.  So as we were pulling up to the checkpoint leaving Gallegos I offered a quick silent prayer that God would help us somehow.  So the police officer arrived and started checking everyone and when he got to us, I guess he decided he liked us and out of the blue started talking about soccer and didn’t even pay attention to the dates of the passports or the ID cards.  So that was a relief.  So we continued on our way and we eventually got to the checkpoint in Calafate, so I offered another silent prayer.  The officer started in the back of the bus and I guess that by the time she got to us she was tired of checking so she just said “don’t worry” right as she arrived to us, and she left the bus.  We couldn’t believe it.  So we all made it back to Calafate safely, and now we’re trying to get the tramites done that we need to get done.
The second was a little bit earlier in the week.  On Tuesday we were contacting and not having much success at all, but eventually someone leaned out a window and said, “come back tomorrow at this time.”  We weren’t super excited about it, people say that all the time and then never open the door, but we decided to go back.  So on Wednesday we knocked and she came out and was like “Come in, come in!”  So we were like all right.  So we went in and there was her family there, and a native indian, and we started talking to them.  Then she pulled out the contact card of Jesus coming to the Americas when he is descending in a pillar of light and a man that is leaning backward in shock.  So we thought that some other elders had contacted her and never came back, but then she told us her story:  she said that about a month ago she was walking in the street and saw the card just lying there and picked it up because she thought it was a cool picture.  She just couldn’t figure out what it was.  She searched and searched and couldn’t figure it out, so she prayed to God asking him to send her someone to tell her what it was, and when she did that, we knocked on her door!  It was so cool!  We were able to explain to her the purpose of the Book of Mormon and share with her the story of 3 Nephi 11, and at the end, her and her husband were fighting over who would get to read the book first!  Unfortunately, we couldn’t put a baptisimal date because they were everywhere.  Hopefully when we meet with them tomorrow though they’ll be a little bit more calm.
And then this week, (yesterday, which is why I’m writing on Tuesday) we went to the Perito Moreno Glacier!  It was so cool!  Pictures to come next week!  It was so magnificent! I could have spent all day there!  Not only was the glacier beautiful but the weather too!  I eventually took off my coat and put it in my backpack because I was so hot!  And underneath I had one of my shortsleeve shirts on!  People thought I was crazy!  Everyone was wearing ridiculously large winter coats and I was rocking the short sleeves!  It felt good!  I think it was about 55° outside!  I was loving life! But tell you what, my arms were whiter than the glacier almost!  (And the glacier was pretty white, my eyes still hurt a day later from staring at it so long!)  It was so cool!  We just sat and stared at it for an hour straight without moving!  We got to see two big old pieces fall off!  (I got them both on a 14 minute video that nearly killed my camera!)  It was SO COOL!  It’s on my list of things to do again after the mission!
Have a wonderfully fantastic week!  And share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
Sneak Peek – More Picture to come!

What a Week!

Dear Family and Friends,
Things continue going pretty good down here in Calafate.  It’s been an interesting week.
We started the week on Tuesday with a Zone Meeting.  It’s week 3 and I finally know the rest of my zone!  Granted, we’re basically just a super district of 4 companionships, but we are Zona Cordillera!  It’s kinda cool.  And because I’m a district leader now I had to teach, which wasn’t super fun, but since it was only 7 people, it wasn’t that bad.:)  After the zone meeting we had a tsunami (which is when you have the whole zone contact in one area for a couple of hours). Generally you don’t get a whole lot of success contacting in Calafate, but I went with Elder Derrick from Rio Turbio and in the 3 hours we were out we had 16 contacts (which here we’re lucky to reach in two days of contacting), 2 lessons (which in Calafate you might have two lessons in one day once a week), and put a baptisimal date (the only one I’ve put in Calafate)!  So that was pretty great!  Unfortunately it was for the other elders in Calafate!  But its all good!  It was one fantastic afternoon!

The rest of the week we knocked a lot of doors and searched for a lot of people and couldn’t find anyone, so on Sunday we didn’t think that anybody was going to make it.  But we were wrong.  We have one investigator named Talia, a 16 year old girl that scared us in the contact by running out yelling, “Chicos, it’s been so long since you’ve passed by my house, you promised you would come back!”  We were really confused, and then she realized we weren’t the same ones, but had met missionaries about 4 months ago.  But there was hardly any record of her in the area book, she was just mentioned on one progress report.  She told us to pass by her house, but we were semi doubtful that she would be ready because we hadn’t been able to find her since, but she was ready when we passed by her house, which was fantastic.  Then we had Cristian, who attended last week, but who is so busy looking for a job (and a girlfriend – he’s asked us several times to pray for him to find a girlfriend, because he has bad luck with girls:)).  We called him several times and he said that he couldn’t meet with us.  But on Sunday, he showed up.  We were really shocked.  The meeting had already started and he looked really nervous, but he told us that he really enjoyed church last week and wanted to come again, so that was really cool!  Then the third investigator that came to church is named Sulemma, and her husband is a less active.  The problem is that they live really far away and don’t have a lot of money to pay remis, and we couldn’t find anybody willing to go out and get them.  But they came!  So that was really cool, we really weren’t expecting it.  It was a great way to finish off a week that had been a little bit less than spectacular in the terms of talking to people.  Now the problem that we have will be teaching them:  Cristian is always busy and his cousin won’t let us in his house; Talia is only 16 and her dad passed away so we can’t enter her house either; and Sulemma has to go to Rio Gallegos this week.  So we’re going to be doing a lot of contacting this week and praying for miracles.  But they’ll come.:)

It was interesting in church.  Like I said earlier, Cristian has been asking us to pray so that he could find a girlfriend.  And when he saw Talia in church, we think he fell in love, and he asked me to take a picture of them and give it to him:)  And then he walked with us to go drop her off:)  So maybe it’ll be baptisms and temple sealings we’ll be working on with them:)
I hope that you all have a wonderfully fantastic week, and that you find someone to share the gospel with!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-9-10 gotta love Calefate 2015-9-10 Just gotta love it
I love Calafate!!!!
2015-9-10 Hanging out with the duendes
Hanging out with the duendes
2015-9-13 Our Investigators that came to church
 These are the investigators!

Just another week in paradise!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a fantastic week!  The weather has been great, one day I went out in short sleeves!  The work is going great here too!  And Calafate is so pretty!  I could get used to life here!  
The cooking has been going good, and I’m not completely useless in the kitchen now!  I can’t wait to see how good I am when I’m done here!  Probably not fantastic, it’s probably just the hunger that make the food taste good, but I’m fine with it:)
We found several new investigators this week, from contacting, references, and antiguos in the area book. It’s been really cool. The best was probably Cristian, a reference from the other missionaries of Calafate that they found while contacting! He’s really cool (kind of strange) but really cool! We were only able to talk with him briefly but he came to church on Sunday, loved it, adn shared his testimony about how Jesus has helped him in his life in Fast and Testimony meeting! It was way cool! The problem is that he lives with his cousin and his cousin wants nothing to do with us so we’re not allowed in his house and we’re not allowed to call him. So we’ll see what happens this week. And we’ll be working to find more. We also have an investigator that is “of ten” named Claudia, who is really Evangelical but is really progressing in her testimony! We taught the Book of Mormon, the Restauration, and the Plan of Salvation this week and she understood really well. The only thing that kept her from church was that she got sick Saturday night! But she’s really cool and I can see her getting baptized soon. 
And this won’t be the end either. We’re going to keep on working, and start working with the less active and active members. We already got 4 references from one member. Hopefully they keep coming! The people are really great here, it’s just hard to get them to open the door sometimes. But there are definitely people out here prepared to hear the gospel. And willing. The Cristian I mentioned earlier lives 45 minutes walking from the church, and did it and says he will continue doing it he loves it so much!
The gospel is true!  Share it!  Live it!  And don’t forget that General Conference is coming up!  Start thinking of questions that you want answered, and they will be if you search and listen to the words of the prophets in this upcoming conference!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-8-31 Elder Ixcot and I 2015-8-31 Going Down 1 2015-8-31 Going Down 2 2015-8-31 on the way up 1 2015-8-31 on the way up 2 2015-8-31 on the way up 3 2015-8-31 View from the top 2 2015-8-31 View from the top 3 2015-8-31 View from the top 4 2015-8-31 View From top 1
2015-8-31 dead cow we found
These are the pictures from the Hike that we took last P-day. It was so windy but so beautiful. The last one is a picture of a dead cow I took. I thought my little cousins would think it was cool!
2015-9-1 Hamburgers 2015-9-1 mashed potatoes
These are the hamburgers and mashed potatoes we made. In this area we barely get fed by the members. There are only 30 – 35 active members total. So if you have any easy recipes send them to me!

Another Whitewash!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been pretty fantastic!  It’s been way cool to be in an area surrounded by mountains!  It’s so freaking pretty down here.
So I didn’t know that I was going into another whitewash until I met my comp in Rio Gallegos and was like “What are you doing here?”  So that was a big surprise.
But we did see a couple of miracles this week.
The first is named is Vanesa, and she is an old investigator from about 5 months ago.  They dropped her because they could never find her because of her work schedule and that she worked on Sundays.  But on Saturday we were able to find and talk to her a little bit.  And she was golden.  She said that there was definitely something different about what the other elders had taught, and that she wanted to learn more.  And when we invited her to come to church, she said “yes” and came.  It was so cool!  And she loved it.  She says she learned a lot and that the 5th Sunday lesson on Self-Sufficiency was exactly what she needed because she had been struggling with that.  And her daughter and niece loved Primary.  And it was really cool because it’s a struggle sometimes to get members to greet people when they go to church, but the whole branch greeted her (granted, they’re not very many, but still) and talked with her a lot!  That was way cool.  It’s always one of my biggest worries about bringing people to church, but this branch didn’t have a problem with it!  We’ll be trying to put a fecha on her this week.  Hopefully we don’t run into the same problem as the other missionaries with not ever being able to find her.
The second is when the Spirit literally saved my butt.  Like literally.  We were walking between two houses and all the sudden we hear a big old dog behind us. So I half turn around see a pit bull, but it was chained up so I didn’t worry about it. So I kept on walking and got a really strong impression to turn around and as I did my side bag swung around and nearly hit another, bigger pit bull that decided that he was just going to go in for the kill without barking.  And my butt was on him menu.  That was really kinda scary.
Besides that, this week was contacting and searching for old investigators, trying to get this area kick started.
Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!  And if you have any favorite, easy recipes, please send them to me at trenton.behunin@myldsmail.net.  I’m learning how to cook here and need ideas:)
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-8-24 Good byes to the Flia Nina 2015-8-24 Goodbyes to Mauricio
Goodbyes to the Flia Nina and Mauricio
2015-8-28 El Calafate 2 2015-8-28 El Calafate
My new area Calafate! It is the most beautiful area with the mountains and so huge! I mean huge! It takes about 1 1/2 hours to reach the back of it! We are excited to go to the far reaches of the area and knock on all the doors! The branch is really small with only about 35 active members! That means we have a lot of work to do!
2015-8-26 My new area Calafate B the mountain in the center we climbed it today 2015-8-26 My new comp Elder Ixcot
My new area Calafate B- the mountain in the middle we hiked today! My new comp- Elder Ixcot
2015-8-30 I thought it was a cool picture 2015-8-30 Contacting Selfie (nothing else was going on)
Elder Ixcot out contacting!
2015-8-31 outside of la casa d Barbie 2015-8-31 Inside of the Casa de Barbie aka our pension
My new pension – “Casa de Barbie”  Gotta love it!
2015-8-31 Whoever thought of this shower head was a brilliant man. It's huge!
Whoever thought of this up this shower had is brilliant! The only problem is that I only have 4 minutes of hot water!
2015-8-28 This is what I se when I walk out of my pension in the morning2015-8-31 this morning
These are the views from my pension! I love to stand on the porch and look at the mountains! I have missed seeing the mountain everyday! I love the mountain as much as my mom loves penguins!
2015-8-30 Our Taco Sunday 2015-8-30 Taco Sunday elder Ixcot, E Carlson, E Cardenas and Trenton
Taco Sunday with Elder Carlson, Elder Ixcot, and Elder Cardenas. The small branch does not feed us a lot so we have to fix it ourselves!