Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been an interesting week, I’ve learned a lot and seen a lot of faith of members and non members alike.  We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday, but everything worked against us this last week.  It started a week and a half before, on Friday.  We went to his house to go teach him and he wasn’t there, they told us they had to take his baby to the hospital because it has bronchylitis.  So the next day we visited them and the baby was doing better, but it was going to be staying in the hospital until atleast Monday (it ended up leaving on Wednesday). But he already had the attendences he needs, and he said he still wanted to be baptized on the 22nd.  And he also told us that he wanted his father-in-law, Hno Dominguez, to baptize him.  Hno Dominguez has been less active for a while, but about a month ago he was diagnosed with liver cancer and this helped him realize that he was off course so he started coming back.  On that same Saturday he had an interview with the branch president and was pronounced worthy to be able to use his priesthood again and that he could baptize Mauricio, our investigator.  But a couple of hours after he got home, Hno Dominguez got really sick again.  They didn’t tell us anything and when they didn’t show up to church on Sunday we were really confused.  After Sacrament meeting, the wife of Hno Dominguez called us and asked us to bring the sacrament to the Hermano because he couldn’t get out of bed.  So we went and he was so happy.  He said, I feel so much better now.  Then we left, and that was the last time I saw Hermano Dominguez.  Evidently right after we left they took him to the hospital.  They sent us a message Monday night saying he was in his last hours but were weren’t able to make it, but we sent the Branch President.  He passed away an hour and a half before we got to the hospital the next morning.  His example amazes me.  You can truly see the power of the sacrament.  Before, he would never go to church, but with his change of heart, he wasn’t able to put himself to rest without partaking of the Sacrament and renewing his covenants.  It was amazing.  But that made things really hard on Mauricio, with the man that introduced him to the gospel passing away the week of his scheduled baptism and his baby in the hospital.  But his faith amazed me.  He said he still wanted to be baptized.  We were going to find time to finish teaching him.  He wanted to be baptized for the Hno Dominguez.  Unfortunately his week wasn’t over yet.  On Friday we got a call from the wife of Hno Dominguez telling us that the baby was in the hospital again.  Here’s what happened.  That night everybody fell asleep, a really deep sleep because of everything that had happened and they were all super tired.  At 1:30 in the morning, the wife of Hno Dominguez (she’s named Hna Figueroa) woke up feeling like the Hno Dominguez was trying to wake her up telling her to check on the baby.  When she woke up, he wasn’t there but she checked on the baby and the baby was cold and not breathing.  So they rushed him to the hospital and when they arrived he started to breath.  But he was going to be in hospital the whole weekend, so Mauricio wasn’t able to get baptized.  But his faith and desire amaze me.  What makes me sad is that I won’t be here for his baptism. I’ll be headed for El Calafate tomorrow in the morning.  My prayer is that his desire to be baptized continues and that he finally does complete it.  And it will be so sweet when he does.
So I’ll be headed ot El Calafate tomorrow!  It’ll be way cool!  I hear it’s way pretty!  My new companion is Elder Ixcot, and he’s Guatemalan and has 4 months in the mission!  It’ll be way fun!
The gospel is true.  It changes people, gives them strength, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness it’s work in this last week.  Mauricio has told us several times he just wants to be able to go to the temple so that he can live with the Hermano Dominguez again.  We are so lucky to know what we know, and to have what we have.  We know that no matter what happens, the end is never the end.
You guys are fantastic!  Have a wonderful week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
This is something that Trenton hates saying goodbye to all the friends he has made!
2015-8-20 Flia Leites 2015-8-20 Nestor Leites
Flia Leitas                                                                      Nestor Leitas
2015-8-23 Flia Maira 2015-8-23 Flia Quispe
Flia Maria                                                             Flia Quispe
2015-8-23 Flia Torres 2015-8-23 Marco and Carolina
   Flia Torres                                                            Marco and Carolina

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