Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been an interesting week, I’ve learned a lot and seen a lot of faith of members and non members alike.  We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday, but everything worked against us this last week.  It started a week and a half before, on Friday.  We went to his house to go teach him and he wasn’t there, they told us they had to take his baby to the hospital because it has bronchylitis.  So the next day we visited them and the baby was doing better, but it was going to be staying in the hospital until atleast Monday (it ended up leaving on Wednesday). But he already had the attendences he needs, and he said he still wanted to be baptized on the 22nd.  And he also told us that he wanted his father-in-law, Hno Dominguez, to baptize him.  Hno Dominguez has been less active for a while, but about a month ago he was diagnosed with liver cancer and this helped him realize that he was off course so he started coming back.  On that same Saturday he had an interview with the branch president and was pronounced worthy to be able to use his priesthood again and that he could baptize Mauricio, our investigator.  But a couple of hours after he got home, Hno Dominguez got really sick again.  They didn’t tell us anything and when they didn’t show up to church on Sunday we were really confused.  After Sacrament meeting, the wife of Hno Dominguez called us and asked us to bring the sacrament to the Hermano because he couldn’t get out of bed.  So we went and he was so happy.  He said, I feel so much better now.  Then we left, and that was the last time I saw Hermano Dominguez.  Evidently right after we left they took him to the hospital.  They sent us a message Monday night saying he was in his last hours but were weren’t able to make it, but we sent the Branch President.  He passed away an hour and a half before we got to the hospital the next morning.  His example amazes me.  You can truly see the power of the sacrament.  Before, he would never go to church, but with his change of heart, he wasn’t able to put himself to rest without partaking of the Sacrament and renewing his covenants.  It was amazing.  But that made things really hard on Mauricio, with the man that introduced him to the gospel passing away the week of his scheduled baptism and his baby in the hospital.  But his faith amazed me.  He said he still wanted to be baptized.  We were going to find time to finish teaching him.  He wanted to be baptized for the Hno Dominguez.  Unfortunately his week wasn’t over yet.  On Friday we got a call from the wife of Hno Dominguez telling us that the baby was in the hospital again.  Here’s what happened.  That night everybody fell asleep, a really deep sleep because of everything that had happened and they were all super tired.  At 1:30 in the morning, the wife of Hno Dominguez (she’s named Hna Figueroa) woke up feeling like the Hno Dominguez was trying to wake her up telling her to check on the baby.  When she woke up, he wasn’t there but she checked on the baby and the baby was cold and not breathing.  So they rushed him to the hospital and when they arrived he started to breath.  But he was going to be in hospital the whole weekend, so Mauricio wasn’t able to get baptized.  But his faith and desire amaze me.  What makes me sad is that I won’t be here for his baptism. I’ll be headed for El Calafate tomorrow in the morning.  My prayer is that his desire to be baptized continues and that he finally does complete it.  And it will be so sweet when he does.
So I’ll be headed ot El Calafate tomorrow!  It’ll be way cool!  I hear it’s way pretty!  My new companion is Elder Ixcot, and he’s Guatemalan and has 4 months in the mission!  It’ll be way fun!
The gospel is true.  It changes people, gives them strength, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness it’s work in this last week.  Mauricio has told us several times he just wants to be able to go to the temple so that he can live with the Hermano Dominguez again.  We are so lucky to know what we know, and to have what we have.  We know that no matter what happens, the end is never the end.
You guys are fantastic!  Have a wonderful week!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
This is something that Trenton hates saying goodbye to all the friends he has made!
2015-8-20 Flia Leites 2015-8-20 Nestor Leites
Flia Leitas                                                                      Nestor Leitas
2015-8-23 Flia Maira 2015-8-23 Flia Quispe
Flia Maria                                                             Flia Quispe
2015-8-23 Flia Torres 2015-8-23 Marco and Carolina
   Flia Torres                                                            Marco and Carolina

1 Year!!

Dear Family and Friends,

As of this last Thursday, I officially hit a year!  I can’t even believe it!  Time is so weird out here on the mission!  I’ve had so many amazing experiences this last year!  And I’ve still got a little less than a year more of experiences to go!
Here are some of the greatest!
MTC:  My first “investigator,”  Alejandra, that we all thought was real!  When our bathroom exploded!  Playing soccer every day!  Thinking I knew how to speak Spanish!  Studying in the Garden of Eden!  When the rain fell horizontally and the MTC West Campus turned into a river!  MTC West Campus!  Going to the temple!
Comodoro Norte, Kilometros B:  My trainer, Elder Flores!  My first baptism, Miguel (who I recently found out just received the Melquisedec (that’s what it is in Spanish, I can’t remember it in English) Priesthood)!  Gaby, our mom that lived next door!  Kicking the ball over the fence every day!  Falling into the poop river!  Getting a concussion on Christmas! Etc, etc!
Puerto Madryn, Puerto I B:  Cyber on the beach! Ward activities! MMT where everyone in the ward shows up!  Baptism of Jeremias!  Going to Playa Dorados! Reading the entire Book of Mormon with the entire mission in a couple of months!  Running on the beach in the mornings!  Visiting Sierra Grande two or three times a transfer!  Best lunches I’ve had in the mission!
Rio Grande, Austral A:  Lots of snow!  District trip to Ushuaia!  Entering lots of houses contacting!  Ripping my pants building a snowman that I never got to finish because the snow melted too fast!  Anniversary and visiting the faro!  Taking pictures with the “trucha”  and Malvinas monument!  And hopefully a baptism on Saturday!
Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!
¡Les quiero mucho!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-8-13 my year selfie in my beautiful are of Austral ;) 2015-8-13 This plaque I have worn every day for a year and counting!
My “year” selfie in my beautiful area of Austral;) This plaque I have worn every day for a year and counting!
2015-8-10 Beat this Gramps 20115-8-10 Beat this Gramps 2
BEAT THIS GRAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Trenton says he cannot wait to go fishing again with his Gramps!)
2015-8-10 The Trucha or trout it says Rio Grande (big River) Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) international Capital of the trout 2015-8-10 Zone Pic with the Trucha
The “Trucha” or “trout”  It says “Rio Grande (Big River) Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire),  International Capital of the Trout
2015-8-15 Monument to the Malvinas 2015-8-15 it says Monunment to the Heroes of the Malvinas
Monument to the Malvinas and   It says “Monument to the Heroes of the Malvinas”
2015-8-15 It's like I'm back at the museum at HAFB 2015-8-15 Pulling out the big boy guns
It’s like I’m back at the museum at HAFB and Pulling out the big boy guns:)
2015-8-15 The whole quote says something like Nunca podemos olvidar ellos quien dio sus vidas en el servici de todos or We can never frget those who gave their lives in the service of all 2015-8-15 They just have this in the median in the highway. Kinda cool!
  The whole quote says something like “Nunca podemos olvidar ellos quien dio sus vidas en el servicio de todos” or “We can never forget those who gave their lives in the service of all” and  They just have this tank in the median in the highway.  Kinda cool!
2015-8-15 I thought that was a cool picture with the flag behind the plane 2015-8-15 Giant Argentine Flag over the monument
I thought that was a cool picture with the flag behind the plane and Giant Argentine flag over the monument
2015-8-15 Que Fachero! He is pretty good looking!
  ¡Que fachero! (when I asked what that meant he said roughly what a good looking  guy! And I could not agree more! 🙂 )

Nice and Toasty 34 degrees!

Dear Family and Friends,
Right now it’s 34° outside!  It’s so nice!  I left the pension with my coat only partially zipped up, without gloves or a sweater, and brought shorts and a short sleeve shirt (with a light jacket) to play soccer in!  I’m loving life right now!  Just as long as there’s no wind!  (The wind makes things miserable)
Because this week has been a lot warmer, and there isn’t as much mud.  But as you may have noticed in the pictures, my boots didn’t quite make it and I had to sew them back together.  It was really difficult, so I really hope that it lasts!  I’m not worried about the duct taped part though!:)  Duct tape fixes everything!
We have an investigator with all the attendences that he needs to be baptized, and he’s married, and he wants to go to the temple to be sealed to his wife.  The only hard thing is teaching him because he has a learning disability and it is really hard to help him understand.  So we’ve been teaching like we would teach someone in the primary.  But it is really cool because he is really starting to understand and love it!  And his family that is less active is starting to go back to the church!  Hopefully they keep it up!  He should be getting baptized in two weeks!
So on Wednesday we were out in the morning walking around and noticed we could see the waves of the ocean crashing.  We were like, “What?” because we were three blocks from where the beach starts, and generally it’s another 50 meters to the water.  So we went and looked and the ocean was very angry.  But very angry.  So angry that it was getting up onto the road.  We thought our area was going to flood!  It was so cool!  No joke, we were on an overlook of about 8 feet and a wave nearly reached us!  So we took lots of pictures and video, and while I can’t send the video, you have the pictures, although they don’t do those waves justice!  They were huge!
Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with someone!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-8-7 Nametag over Austral
My name plaque over the Austral!
2015-8-3 My broken boot 2015-8-3 My fixed boot
My broken boot and my awesome fix job!
2015-8-4 My broken sole of my boot 2015-8-4 My fixed sole of my boot (Duct tape fixes everything)
The broken and then fixed sole of my boot! Duct tape fixes everything! 🙂
2015-8-5 I thought this was a cool picture 2015-8-5 Check out the waves 2015-8-5 Check out the waves 2 2015-8-5 Look how big that clider to the person and the waves 2015-8-5 Cool pictures with random people
The waves were so huge and intense! To show how big they are look at the random people for comparison! I thought these pictures were so cool!

It’s warming up down here!

Dear Family and Friends!
This week has been a pretty good week.  It’s warming up down here so there’s not so much the danger of slipping on the ice, just the danger of losing your shoe in the mud.  It was so warm the other day I didn’t even wear a sweater under my coat, it was a whole 2°C (35°F)!
Some pretty cool things happened this week.  The first was one of the investigators we found the week before.  His name is Javier and we revisited him this last Saturday and taught him the Restoration.  He goes to a church that is really kind of weird, they don’t play soccer, they can’t have pictures of Jesus, and the men and women have to sit seperately in church.  The last person that we talked to from that church was absolutely crazy (he’s the guy we made doubt everything about his church and he got really mad and kicked us out of his house).  So we were a little nervous teaching the Restoration, but he absolutely loved it and said, “You guys have to be the true church because everything you teach you find in the Bible!”  He absolutely loved the idea of prophets and said that he would come to Church on Sunday.  So we went and picked him up before Church and he went and he loved it!  It was Testimony Meeting and he wanted to get up and share his testimony but we taught him so much about the need for authority that he overinterpreted it and thought that he couldn’t get up because he didn’t have the authority!  So we had to clarify that part!
The other cool thing that happened this week was with one of my favorite families here in Austral, (identity protected).  They are an investigator family that have that are just so amazing!  Their son participated in the killing of man, but he didn’t actually commit the crime.  And he’s been in prison for nearly a year without a trial.  Well they finally held the trial and he was convicted to 13 years in prison.  We generally visit them every Thursday but this last Thursday something came up and we didn’t plan for them.  And that same day something happened with the phones because the network was down.  So everything was falling that night, appointments with people that never fall through and we were frustrated.  So we decided to call this family and they answered and were like “We’ve been trying to call all day!  Come over, fast!”  So we walked in and there was their son!  He was allowed to go home to be with his family.  He can’t leave the house, but atleast he’s with his family!
Tell you what, the Primary is fantastic!  They asked me to come play the piano with them yesterday and it was so fantastic!  So much more entertaining than priesthood!  But tell you what, I don’t know if I could teach it, I don’t think I have enough patience!
Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with someone!
And, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!  You guys are fantastic!  I love you so  much!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
2015-8-2 My boots from the mud 2015-8-1 The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
My boots from the mud. The restoration of the Gospel!
2015-8-1 An Anchor we found on the beach 2015-8-1 Cool Frost one morning
An Anchor we found on the beach.      Cool Frost one morning!
2015-7-30 My Area 2015-7-30 More of my Area
My Area