Just another week in Rio Grande

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been rainy, but it’s also been really good.
We’ve worked our butts off, even in the pouring rain.  On Friday morning it was a downpour all morning while we were contacting and we got drenched.  I’m talking drenched.  After lunch we put our things to dry but it was taking so long so I just changed my pants, and as I was putting on my boots the pants reripped (the ones I sewed a couple weeks ago).  So now I have to resew them, and I’ll probably double stitch the whole thing.  Hopefully that helps.:)  Then I had to put on the wet pants:)
We found several people this week that look really promising.  Hopefully we can refind them, because they were “of ten” as we say here in Argentina (¡de diez!).  Finally after 14 weeks of working together Elder Escamilla and I are finding a lot of people that are really good, but really good.  In two days, we found 6 different people that are really close.  Now it’s just our job to help them get to where we know that they need to go!
Sorry, it’s kinda short this week, but you all are fantastic!  Remember that God loves you!  And that he loves everyone.  Help others find that love this week!
¡Les quiero muchisimo!
Elder Trenton Behunin
The car says “How many idiots (more or less translated) run without knowing how to walk:)

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