One of those weeks…

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m sure all of you have had those weeks when everything seems to go wrong in wild ways, and looking back on it, it was kind of funny.  I’ll explain.
We’ll start on Tuesday.  We woke up Tuesday morning and it was snowing big huge flakes of snow. The wind was blowing and it was bitterly cold.  But eventually it let up and my comp and I had a snowball fight in the morning.  We eventually came back to the pension for lunch because Tuesdays we don’t have it with anyone.  When we got there, we were like, lets build a snowman.  So he’s like, I’ll get the bucket so we can make a pile of snow.  I was like “What?”  I then proceeded to show him how to make a snowman rolling the balls of snow.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever. We got the ball pretty big, and the snow was a heavy snow too.  So the ball was really heavy.  Well, I was still wearing my church pants, and because the members give us so much to eat here and I haven’t been able to run every day (or really ever) so those pants were fitting a little tighter (the rest don’t though, just those ones).  So I squat down and start to push and here a nice big long rip.  Uh oh, that didn’t just happen.  So I went in the pension and took my pants off and realized that I had managed to rip an 11 inch rip in the stitching of the pants.  So that ended building the snowman then, and I proceeded using the next two hours to fix my pants.  And by the time we finished lunch, the two inches of snow had somehow melted in subfreezing weather.  Don’t ask me how that happened, I have no idea.
So the next day, we were contacting, and I somehow ripped my glove taking it off.  So that lunch was then spent sowing that back together.  It didn’t take two hours this time though.
So then, the next day, we were walking in the area and a cute little puppy comes running out and falls on the ice.  It was kinda cute, so I started to play with it.  I took my gloves off and one of them fell on the ground, the the dog immediately grabs it and takes off running.  So I’m running chasing it down and yelling and he runs under his house.  Fetch, so I try coaxing the dog out.  Meanwhile, my comp is laughing his head off.  The dog eventually comes out, and fortunately the glove was still in his mouth, so I snatched it and walked away.  The dog tried to keep playing, but I wasn’t about to play anymore with him.
Then on Friday, we woke up and didn’t have any water.  We thought that the water might have frozen.  We called the landlord and he never showed up.  Jumping ahead, on Sunday we eventually found out that someone had cut the pressure to the house, probably to steal our water.  So we got that fixed and we can shower again:)
Saturday was Interviews with President, so nothing bad happened that day.
Sunday we woke up in pitch darkness.  I mean really dark.  I couldn’t see my hand right in front of my face.  And at that time we didn’t have water either.  So that was an adventure.
My comp and I have just laughed our heads off over all the things that have happened this week.  Maybe one thing happens in a week, but all that happened was insane!  I couldn’t believe it!  I definitely will never forget this week!
I hope you all have a fantastic week, and that the many misfortunes that befell me this week may not fall upon you!  Share the gospel with someone!
¡Les quiero un monton!
Elder Trenton Behunin
 P1030219 P1030221
P1030222 P1030223
We bought water after seeing what was coming out.

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