Still Cold! And Getting Colder!!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a pretty good week.  I got thrown a curveball down here in Rio Grande and I’ll be with my comp for three transfers, which never happens.  Which means they’ll either be closing my area next transfer, or one of us will be down here for 6 months.  If the latter happens, it’ll probably be me because Elder Escamilla will only have two transfers left at the end of this transfer, so he’ll move on to his last area.  This next transfer will be interesting because it is going to be very cold.  The dead of winter in the coldest zone in the southernmost mission in the world!  I’m going to try a thermometer today so I can see how cold we get!  In Madryn it his 39°C (about 102°F) and I think the coldest it’s got here was -15°C (5°F).  And the wind chill has been much, much colder.  We saw on the news one day at lunch in the middle of the day that the temperature was already -6°C (21°F) but with the windchill at -12°C (10°F).  And it was only midday!  Lets just say that was a cold, cold, day!  I did the whole throw boiling water out the window one night, but it didn’t turn to snow, so I guess is wasn’t that cold, but still:)  I’m going to keep trying!:)
We had some interesting experiences contacting this week.  One was a guy high on marijuana and who was drunk.  We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and he was like I think paradise is leaning back in a recliner under a tree while smoking weed.  Then he showed us how he was going to lean back in his chair and nearly fell over!  It took all we could do not to break out laughing!:)  Then we were contacting and asked a guy if he believed in Jesus and he said “No, I’m Catholic.”  We didn’t even know what to say.  We just moved on.
So on Saturday night we were with some investigators late because they gave us dinner but didn’t tell us beforehand so we got permission to be out late.  (Just so clarify so you don’t get ideas about me being a bad missionary:)).  At 9:40 we got a call from the 1st counselor in the branch presidency.   The only reason he ever calls is to give assignments, and since the following day was Sunday, I knew exactly what that assignment was going to be, and knew it would be going to me because my comp would be teaching Gospel Principles.  So I told Elder Escamilla not to answer.  So he didn’t, but he called again, so we had to answer. And sure enough I was asked to give a talk on repentance the next morning.  A whole 12 hours notice.  It turned out all right, but I was still really stressed.  And I got to cry repentance!
Have an absolutely fantastic week!  Share the gospel with someone!
Elder Trenton Behunin
P1030162 P1030160 P1030161
So I asked Trenton if he sang “Do you want to build a Snowman?” His response “Are you kidding me?  It is so cold and windy that it hurts your teeth just to talk. I cannot even imagine trying to sing outside. But just so you know mom I do try to smile at everyone, even if it does hurt my teeth.”

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