Merry 4th of July

Dear Family and Friends!

This 4th of July was the strangest of my life.  Mainly because it
snowed.  All day. It was really kinda cool!  Not many people get to
say that they got snow on Independence Day!  We celebrated at the Zone
Conference we had with an American breakfast of biscuits and gravy and
bacon, and then the closing hymn was the Star Spangled Banner.  There
were only three latinos, and 15 gringos, so the latinos didn’t have a
say.  Only one of them sang though:)  Later that day we made Fried
Chicken as a district and later that day we had an asado after the
final of the Copa America (which Argentina lost:().

So in Presidents letter today, he was talking about suffering, and he
specifically mentioned Austral, my area.  Him and Hermana Rogers don’t
really like my area:) It’s kinda funny:)

This week has been one of those weeks where it seems like you’ll be
inside teaching lessons and never having to put your foot out in the
mud of Austral, but when your agenda cunningly deceives you and you
are cold all week.:)  We had a lot of appointments fall through this
week, but that just gave us the opportunity to revisit some contacts
and do some new ones, and it didn’t turn out too bad.  One of the
contacts we revisited promised that he would go to church soon without
us even asking him and invited us to come back yesterday.  So we did
and we did the weirdest service project I’ve ever done:  We helped him
make giant letters for his girlfriend to put on the wall.  He had been
working for 6 hours and had got nothing done, but we helped him finish
it, and now he really trusts us.  It was kinda weird though.

We did have a really bright light though!  We were sitting in church
on Sunday and I was playing the piano so I was a little far from my
comp and all the sudden I see him stand up and run out the room and
Elder Watkins followed him.  A couple of minutes later they come back
in with two investigators, two investigators that we weren’t even able
to visit because they never responded to our calls or messages!  It
was so cool!  Unfortunately they had to leave right after Sacrament so
we weren’t able to talk to them much but they did say that they loved
it, especially singing!  It was fantastic!  It’s been so long since an
investigator has followed throught with the invitation to come to
church!  It felt fantastic!

The church is true, the gospel is true!  It was so cool to see these
investigators feel the Spirit of the chapel!  I was so happy I almost
didn’t know what to do?  I felt a bit like a chicken with its head cut
off, running around trying to find them seats and introduce them to
the Branch President!  It was fantastic!

Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with someone!


Elder Trenton Behunin

P1030137 P1030134

Here is what the 4th looked like for me! Pretty Crazy!

P1030135 P1030136

Our District Breakfast!

P1030138 P1030139

Our Fried Chicken Lunch! So the elder holding the bag was telling us how well he can fix chicken in a bag. Right after I took the picture he starts shaking the bag and it exploded!


Dinner with Investigators! Asado (Just a little one!)


P1030127 P1030124 P1030123 P1030122

P1030131 P1030130

P1030129 P1030132


If you can’t tell it is so cold! My hands froze when I took my gloves off to take the pictures! But it was so cool. I wish I could upload the video I took of the ice floating down the river!

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