¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Dear Family and Friends!

Tomorrow the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia mission completes two years
of being a mission!  So to celebrate we got to go down to Ushuaia and
celebrate with the other zone and visit the Lighthouse at the end of
the world (although it’s not the lighthouse farthest south in the
world, that one’s in Cape Horn, but it’s still pretty far south:)).
Then it was just party with the other zone with a testimony meeting at
the end.  Although I want to kick myself in the butt because I
accidently changed a setting on my camera and all the pictures came
out 3 MB instead of 16 MB.  They still look good though:)

We had a pretty fantastic week! We put 4 fechas and found 3 new
investigators that are golden. They were contacts that we had the week
before that we decided to revisit. We got to know them for a while and
then taught the Restoration. We’ve been teaching a lot of the
Restoration here and people have had a lot of weird questions about it
so we’ve really learned how to teach it and what works and what
doesn’t. When we finished teaching the new investigators, they were
like, “it has to be true, there’s no way that it isn’t.” And accepted
the baptisimal date without hesitation. It was so cool. Then, with the
other fecha that we put it’s been a struggle with him, because his
wife is a Jehovah Witness and doesn’t want anything to do with us and
doesn’t want him to attend, but he wants us to keep on passing and has
told us several times that he knows what we are teaching is true, he’s
just scared of his wife. She’s mad because he doesn’t want to be
Jehovah Witness because he says what they teach doesn’t make sense,
but as we teach him he keeps on saying, “I didn’t know that, but it
makes so much sense!” We just need to get him to come to the church
and it will be even better!

The gospel makes sense because it is perfect!  It is 100% true!  There
are people in this world that are waiting for it because there is
something in their life that just doesn’t make sense and they need us
to help them understand!  Help God’s plan be completed in the lives of
everyone you know!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin


American flag (I get tires of my comps Mexican flag he hangs in pension the mission shirt and flag I drew

Flag I drew thinking about missing my first 4th of July

mission t shirt mission t shirt (2)

Our Mission T-shirt

End of the WorldFlag on back of boat we took to lighthouseMe E. Tyler (my dad) and Elder Pantoja (my cousin)Elder Pantoja and IElder Pantoja and I (2)

Boat ride to lighthouse. The one in Cape Town is the only farther south.

Panorama From Beagle Canal

Beagle Canal

Mountains of Ushuaia really cold looking waters in Ushuaia bay

Really Cold Water

Lighthouse 2 Light house Me and the lighthouse

The lighthouse!

I made pb cookies but did not have a pan so had to cook them 6 at a time Rendon (front) Hunt, me, Moisher (front and Pantoja

Elder Eakle and I made this tower during lunch Tower

Circular Tower we built at lunch!


Goodbye t Hna Zanuttini with E. Pantoja and E Tyler

It was so nice to be reunited with these missionaries!

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