The Shortest Day of my Life

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday, winter officially started down here in Rio Grande,
Argentina.  And it literally was the shortest day of my life.  When we
left for church at 10:00 the sun still was not up and at about 5:00 it
was already going down.  And really cold.

So last Monday after I signed out I looked out the window and saw that
it was snowing!  It was so cool!  And nor did it stop our taking
advantage of P-day being the only day we can play soccer.  It ended up
being more like ice skating than soccer, but it was a blast!  And then
you throw in the zone snowball fight and it was a pretty fantastic
P-day last week.  But it left the roads with the most slippery     ice
that I’ve ever been on.  I’ve fallen like three times this week
because there’s just no way that you can prevent it.  You’re walking
like a penguin (that one’s for you mom!) and all the sudden you’re on
your butt.  All you can do is laugh at yourself and get up again!

I think that the biggest miracle I’ve been able to see this week was
seeing how much I’ve changed in just these last ten months.  While we
were in the Conference on Friday I got a call from the 2nd counselor
in our Branch Presidency asking me to give a talk on Sunday.  Up until
then I had managed to avoid giving talks.  The last talk I had given
was my farewell talk the week before I left. I struggled giving talks
at home, and would have to write them out word for work. I think my
farewell talk ended up being like 9 pages long.  So when I was
preparing for this talk I was really nervous because it was supposed
to be 10-15 minutes long and I knew I would have time to write out a 9
page talk.  So I started on an outline and didn’t get very far before
I ran out of ideas with about a half a page of notes.  So I decided to
time myself sharing those ideas and see how much more I needed.  When
I finished I looked down at my watch and it said 17 minutes.  I was
like, that can’t be right and did it again and it took 20 minutes.  I
was shocked.  So fast forward to Sunday when I had to give the talk, I
was supposed to be the concluding speaker, so I was even more nervous.
But the first two speakers talked for so long that I only had to speak
for five minutes.  And during that five minutes, I didn’t look at my
notes once, the words just came out of my mouth for five minutes
almost exactly.  I also don’t remember feeling as stressed.  I
remember that when I gave my farewell talk my legs were shaking and I
feel like my voice was too, and when I sat down afterward I was super
stiff, but I felt comfortable and calm when I was talking.  It was
really cool to see, and feel the Spirit work through me and bring the
words that I had studied back to my memory for my talk.  And then
there was the miracle that I only had to speak for five minutes too:)

Have a wonderful week and find someone to share the gospel with!
It’ll make a difference not only in their life, but in you’re life as
well.   Remember the promise of D&C 18:15 “And if it so be that you
should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and
bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with
him in the kingdom of my father!”  Fill your life with joy and share
the gospel!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-21 Shortest day am 2 2015-6-21 Shortest Day am

Sunday at :56 Am

2015-6-21 short day midday 2 2015-6-21 Short day midday

Sunday at 1:29pm

2015-6-21 Short day pm 2 2015-6-21 Short day pm

Sunday at 5:09pm

2015-6-15 snow  2015-6-15 Nametag

2015-6-15 Zone 2015-6-15 nothing stops soccer on p-day

2015-6-16 snowfall at night 2015-6-16 snow

2015-6-17 My comp said well you look like a terrorist 2015-6-17 My comp cameout withthat hat I said you look Russian

Trying to keep warm!

One thought on “The Shortest Day of my Life

  1. Only an honorable mission could help you grow so quickly to such measures. You are, and always have been, an honorable young man. Keep doing your part and we’ll keep doing our part on our end.

    Love you you, my fine grandson. Grandma 🐝

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