Forget River v. Boca, it’s the Argentine National team’s time!

Dear Family and Friends,

Compared to Saturday night with the Argentine national team played in
the Copa America, the streets were full when River and Boca played
last month.  Not even kidding.  Nothing moved in the streets during
those hours on Saturday.  Absolutely nothing.  I think even the
excessive number of dogs were watching the game!  The city showed life
at halftime, but then afterward, nothing again.  Made for a long

Every week I share how cold it is down here, but every week it reaches
a new level of cold.  One mornign we went out and contacted all
morning and I was wearing my winter boots that my feet have never
gotten cold in.  After two hours of contacting I could barely walk
because feet hurt so bad.  I’m going to have to start double socking
my feet to prevent frost bite!  And the people here are still saying
that it’s not even cold yet!  I hope that by this point they’re just
messing with us, but I don’t think so!

I had a different kind of spiritual experience this week, not of
testifying and teaching but of correction of false doctrine.  Normally
when people attack the Church and our beliefs and my testimony, I get
frustrated inside and a ton of scriptures and thought to refute them
flow through my head and I want to say them, but when I go to say
them, either something different comes out or it just doesn’t come
out.  I go to say it and it just isn’t said.  And generally I walk
away feeling frustrated and angry, but I had an experience this week
that was very different.  On Monday after P-day we went and revisited
one of the houses that we had entered the week before ready to share
the gospel, and hoping to put a baptisimal date.  But when we got in
things went very differently.  During the week he had been doing
online research about the Mormons and how to attack them (he told us
himself that since his childhood he had been taught to attack the
Mormons).  He started throwing everything at us, and for the first
time in my mission in a situation like that, my mouth was opened and I
responded to each one of his objections, all with evidence from the
Bible that I didn’t know that I remembered, but came out when they
were needed, pulling out names like Ezra and Nehemiah.  And every time
he threw an objection at the church, I felt the Spirit testify to me
that what he was saying was false, and that what I had been taught all
of my life was true.  It was really kind of cool.  Elder Escamilla
said that there was a tear running down the face of the man afterward,
although I’m thinking that might have been a bit of an
overexaggeration, although he did say he was mad at us because now
forever he will have a doubt about the truthfulness of his church.
Hopefully that will lead him to a righteous desire to learn more about
the church later in his life.

Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel!  The church is true!  And
Happy Father’s Day on Sunday!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-14 Just me being cold

Just me being cold!!!

One thought on “Forget River v. Boca, it’s the Argentine National team’s time!

  1. So wonderful to hear of the amazing work you are doing in that part of our Father’s vineyard. As I am going through the Conference talks again and highlighting things that are especially meaningful to me, I realize that I am ending up with a lot of yellow on those otherwise white pages. It helps me be even more aware that our Father knows and loves each one of us. He seems to speak directly to us and address our needs as he speaks through His Apostles and Prophet how blessed we are to have modern day revelation. How fortunate those people in Argentina are to have you and other young missionaries in their presence to bring them this glorious message.

    It may be COLD down there, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ is HOT, HOT, HOT!

    I love you, Trenton, and look forward to hearing much more of the experiences you are having on your mission. You are a beautiful inspiration to many.

    Warm hugs! Grandma 🐝

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