Summer Vacation…NOT!

Dear Family and Friends!

I looked at my watch the other day and noticed that it said June.
Well that can’t be right, I’m wearing thermals, sweaters, jackets,
coats, boots, gloves, ear muffs,
scarfs, etc.  Needless to say, there is no way that it’s June right
now.  Then I remembered that I am in the end of the world and
everything is backwards down here, so while you all are enjoying
summer vacations, well, I’m cold:)  But don’t worry, when December
rolls around it’ll be nice and toasty here and I’ll be enjoying
summer:)  It’s still so weird to me right now, seeing the pictures my
family sends me of the green grass and everybody in shorts and short
sleeves.  I did wear short  sleeves and shorts for P-day though,
although I had on my running tights and a running long sleeve shirt on

I had another cool experience with divisions this week, this time with
Elder Rendon, my Zone Leader.  We were walking down the street to go
contact an area and we saw a woman pushing her gas tank (half of my
area doesn’t have gas that goes to their house to cook and heat, they
need to go and buy it) that’s nearly as tall as I am and really
struggling.  So we helped her and she let us in and we talked to her
for a while and she invited us to come back.  We are also teaching her
daughter, and their son is actually already a member.  We have another
lesson with them today.  Then we went and were contacting the back of
my area and he was like, “did you contact that street.”  I didn’t even
know that there was a street right there.  So we went back there and
contacted it and someone let us in.  We got in and it was a family
with a friend there, and the friend has already been to the church one
time!  We talked to them for a while and it was one of the most
spiritual lessons I had been in in my mission.  They understood what
we were saying and said that they would be baptized, they just wanted
to learn more first.  Then, before we scheduled a follow-up
appointment, one of them asked to come back on Sunday so his wife
could listen too.  We said yes and then scheduled another appointment
for Friday so we could meet with them and try to get them to go to
church.  Unfortunately they didn’t open the door for either of the
appointments, so we need to figure out what’s going on.:/

Have an absolutely splendid week, and share the gospel with someone,
and keep the family of Elder L. Tom Perry in your prayers!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-1 View from the Resturant

View from the restaurant we ate lunch at.

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