Dear Family and Friends,

Now before you say, “He’s basically in Antartica, of course he has
snow,”  that’s not true.  I am basically in Antartica, it hardly every
snows down here, supposedly because it’s too cold.  I don’t know if
that’s it, but it doesn’t snow very much.  But on Thursday I was doing
my study and all the sudden my comp yells, “SNOW!”  What?!  So we run
outside and lo and behold the world is covered in snow!  That day was
so much fun.  It didn’t snow very much, but it was the perfect snow
for snowballs, so Thursday was just a big snowball fight, with
everyone in our area, no joke.  Everyone was throwing snowballs at
everyone.  There was one little kid that walked up to my comp and said
“Sir, can I throw a snowball at you?”  That was probably my favorite!
All day snowball fight though.  Pretty fantastic.  It rained the next
day though so the snow went away really fast though:/

I had a really cool experience sharing the Book of Mormon with one of
our investigators.  We have these investigators that are some of the
most fantastic people that I know.  Their son is a member but is now
in prison because he got into a fight and it looks like the person he
fought with is going to die and he’s going to be in prison for a very
long time.  Everytime we go we talk about overcoming trials because
that’s always where the discussion leads, but a week and a half ago we
decided to talk about the Restoration instead and try to get him to
read the Book of Mormon.  But he is one of those people who thinks
that everything is in the Bible and that we don’t even need church
because we have the Bible.  So it was a struggle of a lesson, it took
two lessons to teach, one of which I was on divisions with Elder
Neiwert who still can barely understand what was going on so I didn’t
have him a backup, but they went well.  We finally introduced the Book
of Mormon the second time and he said he would read it, but that we
was going to compare everything to the Bible because he refused to see
it as scripture.  So I was like, what can I share that will show him
that the Book of Mormon is scripture.  I thought about Moroni 10, the
Introduction, and then all of the sudden 3 Nephi came to my mind.  So
I went to 3 Nephi 11 and was like this still doesn’t feel right, so I
was flipping through the pages and I came across 3 Nephi 9:15-22,
which is Christ declaring his divinity and felt that that was what I
should share, something I’ve never had someone read.  But I gave it to
them to read anyway.  This week we passed by them again to see how the
reading went and it was amazing.  They said that it was exactly what
they needed to hear, that it gave them comfort with regards to their
son and what was going to happen.  I have read those verses over and
over again trying to figure out where they found the comfort and it
says a couple things, but from what they were saying they learned I
couldn’t find in the verses.  It showed me a couple of things:  first
that the Spirit knows everyone and knows what will touch their heart
and second that the Book of Mormon applies to everything, even in
verses where you don’t realize it.  Their hearts are opening slowly,
and when they are converted, they will be some of the most dedicated
members in the church.  It is amazing!

Have a wonderfully fantastic week!  Remember to pray for missionary

And before I forget, happy birthday to my baby sister, Kylee!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-4 Cold 2015-6-4 Nametag 2015-6-4 Snow 2 2015-6-4 Snow 2015-6-4 Very cold dog

Trenton loved the snow. He says this is the coldest looking dog!

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