¡El fin del mundo!

Dear Family and Friends!

This whole transfer I’ve been nearly at the end of the world, but now
I can officially say that I have been to the end of the world!  Back
in week 2 of this transfer (we’re in week 6 now) we had interviews
with President Rogers, or atleast we were supposed to, but he missed
his plane and arrived late and didn’t have time to interview my
district (he managed to get everyone else).  So on Wednesday the Zone
Leaders call us and tell us that our district’s interviews will be on
Friday in USHUAIA!  I was so excited!  We left at 6:00 in the morning
and arrived in Ushuaia at 9:00 and finished up the interviews at about
12:00.  President then asked us what time our bus was to go back to
Rio Grande and we told him 3:00, and he was like “Why did the Zone
Leaders have you go back on such an early bus?”  Unfortunately we
couldn’t reschedule, but we still were able to take photos and go to
the only American fast food restaurant in our mission, Subway!  It was
so good, I got the Meatball Marinera and was in heaven.  Elder
Neiwert, who was just in the States not even a transfer ago said it
wasn’t even close, but I didn’t let that get me down because I still
enjoyed it very much!  But seeing all the mountains and the snow made
me a little bit trunky!  I miss my mountains, I feel lost without
them!  It was amazing down there, and warmer than it is here in Rio
Grande!  I’m so excited to go back, we should be going back next
transfer for the birthday of the mission!

So I went on divisions with Elder Neiwert again this week for the
whole day, and it was really good, although really different, and a
little difficult because he doesn’t speak any Spanish.  We were able
to teach a ton though which was really cool.  I got to teach like 5
lessons, and I taught all of it.  It was amazing too because I’ve felt
the Spirit guide my words before in the little portions of the lessons
that I usually teach, but my comps have always done most, basically
almost all of the talking.  So I was really nervous going into the
lessons.  But I had help, there were words leaving my mouth that I had
no idea where they came from, most of which after the lesson I
couldn’t remember what they were, just that I could feel the Spirit.
With one of our investigators, I was able to find a hidden necessity
that now we are targeting and now she is starting to progress again,
because she had stopped for a time!  It was a fantastic day!

While I was with him it rained a lot.  I’m talking the most I’ve seen
on the mission so far.  We left lunch and walked 3 blocks to the
pension in the rain and were completely drenched.  I literally
squeezed water out of the bottom of my raincoat because it was so
soaked!  So when we got the pension I had to do some last minute prep
for a lesson.  Elder Neiwert passed out on the couch, mission life is
taking a toll on his physical strength.  I finished and it was still
downpouring.  So we went into the room and prayed to see if we should
leave then or wait out the storm and I got the feeling that we should
leave and contact.  I was like, “What?  nobody is going to leave the
house to talk to us in this downpour,” but I woke up Elder Neiwert and
followed the prompting.  We knocked three doors total, and in two of
them the people let us in and to teach them!  It was so fantastic!  I
couldn’t hardly believe it!  Getting into one house is a rarity, but
two in the same day is God showing his hand in a magnificent way!

God is here working with us!  He’s down here at the end of the world
with me, he’s up there in the States with you guys, and he’s all over
the world, helping his children find the gospel, because as Alma says
in his prayer before preaching to the Zoramites, “Their souls are
precious.”  God love us so much, each and every one of us, and wants
us to be able to partake of the sweetness of the gospel!  When we have
desires to share the gospel, and we act on them, he will help us!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-5-22 This one is for grandpa

This one is for Gramps!!!

2015-5-22 Who knows

I’ve got no idea who this guy is but there was a sign that said we
could take a picture with him so I did.  The saying above his head
says “To forget him is to kill him twice”


When Trenton first got his call he looked up his mission and loved Ushuaia. He even fell more in love with it on his short visit. Here are some of the pictures:

P1010701 P1010694

P1010699 P1010697

P1010693 P1010692

P1010684 P1010682

P1010691 P1010686

One thought on “¡El fin del mundo!

  1. Oh how beautiful to hear from my very handsome and eldest grandson. It is amazing to read your messages and realize how much you have grown in such a short time. My heart is full.

    I am currently in Montana remodeling my little motorhome…and listening to a mouse who is soon to meet his demise. Makes me feel kind of bad, but I don’t chew on his house and leave little droppings around. There isn’t much left in here for him to munch on so if he were smart he’d just go find a new home!

    All is well here. We are all looking forward to our family reunion in Oregon. It should be a ton of fun. It’s too bad that you and Andi can’t be here, but that’s just going to be the way it is for the next few years, with many more missions to come.

    I sure do love you and love to hear of your beautiful experiences.

    Great big hugs! Grandma 🐝

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