¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Dear Family and Friends!

Tomorrow the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia mission completes two years
of being a mission!  So to celebrate we got to go down to Ushuaia and
celebrate with the other zone and visit the Lighthouse at the end of
the world (although it’s not the lighthouse farthest south in the
world, that one’s in Cape Horn, but it’s still pretty far south:)).
Then it was just party with the other zone with a testimony meeting at
the end.  Although I want to kick myself in the butt because I
accidently changed a setting on my camera and all the pictures came
out 3 MB instead of 16 MB.  They still look good though:)

We had a pretty fantastic week! We put 4 fechas and found 3 new
investigators that are golden. They were contacts that we had the week
before that we decided to revisit. We got to know them for a while and
then taught the Restoration. We’ve been teaching a lot of the
Restoration here and people have had a lot of weird questions about it
so we’ve really learned how to teach it and what works and what
doesn’t. When we finished teaching the new investigators, they were
like, “it has to be true, there’s no way that it isn’t.” And accepted
the baptisimal date without hesitation. It was so cool. Then, with the
other fecha that we put it’s been a struggle with him, because his
wife is a Jehovah Witness and doesn’t want anything to do with us and
doesn’t want him to attend, but he wants us to keep on passing and has
told us several times that he knows what we are teaching is true, he’s
just scared of his wife. She’s mad because he doesn’t want to be
Jehovah Witness because he says what they teach doesn’t make sense,
but as we teach him he keeps on saying, “I didn’t know that, but it
makes so much sense!” We just need to get him to come to the church
and it will be even better!

The gospel makes sense because it is perfect!  It is 100% true!  There
are people in this world that are waiting for it because there is
something in their life that just doesn’t make sense and they need us
to help them understand!  Help God’s plan be completed in the lives of
everyone you know!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin


American flag (I get tires of my comps Mexican flag he hangs in pension the mission shirt and flag I drew

Flag I drew thinking about missing my first 4th of July

mission t shirt mission t shirt (2)

Our Mission T-shirt

End of the WorldFlag on back of boat we took to lighthouseMe E. Tyler (my dad) and Elder Pantoja (my cousin)Elder Pantoja and IElder Pantoja and I (2)

Boat ride to lighthouse. The one in Cape Town is the only farther south.

Panorama From Beagle Canal

Beagle Canal

Mountains of Ushuaia really cold looking waters in Ushuaia bay

Really Cold Water

Lighthouse 2 Light house Me and the lighthouse

The lighthouse!

I made pb cookies but did not have a pan so had to cook them 6 at a time Rendon (front) Hunt, me, Moisher (front and Pantoja

Elder Eakle and I made this tower during lunch Tower

Circular Tower we built at lunch!


Goodbye t Hna Zanuttini with E. Pantoja and E Tyler

It was so nice to be reunited with these missionaries!


The Shortest Day of my Life

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday, winter officially started down here in Rio Grande,
Argentina.  And it literally was the shortest day of my life.  When we
left for church at 10:00 the sun still was not up and at about 5:00 it
was already going down.  And really cold.

So last Monday after I signed out I looked out the window and saw that
it was snowing!  It was so cool!  And nor did it stop our taking
advantage of P-day being the only day we can play soccer.  It ended up
being more like ice skating than soccer, but it was a blast!  And then
you throw in the zone snowball fight and it was a pretty fantastic
P-day last week.  But it left the roads with the most slippery     ice
that I’ve ever been on.  I’ve fallen like three times this week
because there’s just no way that you can prevent it.  You’re walking
like a penguin (that one’s for you mom!) and all the sudden you’re on
your butt.  All you can do is laugh at yourself and get up again!

I think that the biggest miracle I’ve been able to see this week was
seeing how much I’ve changed in just these last ten months.  While we
were in the Conference on Friday I got a call from the 2nd counselor
in our Branch Presidency asking me to give a talk on Sunday.  Up until
then I had managed to avoid giving talks.  The last talk I had given
was my farewell talk the week before I left. I struggled giving talks
at home, and would have to write them out word for work. I think my
farewell talk ended up being like 9 pages long.  So when I was
preparing for this talk I was really nervous because it was supposed
to be 10-15 minutes long and I knew I would have time to write out a 9
page talk.  So I started on an outline and didn’t get very far before
I ran out of ideas with about a half a page of notes.  So I decided to
time myself sharing those ideas and see how much more I needed.  When
I finished I looked down at my watch and it said 17 minutes.  I was
like, that can’t be right and did it again and it took 20 minutes.  I
was shocked.  So fast forward to Sunday when I had to give the talk, I
was supposed to be the concluding speaker, so I was even more nervous.
But the first two speakers talked for so long that I only had to speak
for five minutes.  And during that five minutes, I didn’t look at my
notes once, the words just came out of my mouth for five minutes
almost exactly.  I also don’t remember feeling as stressed.  I
remember that when I gave my farewell talk my legs were shaking and I
feel like my voice was too, and when I sat down afterward I was super
stiff, but I felt comfortable and calm when I was talking.  It was
really cool to see, and feel the Spirit work through me and bring the
words that I had studied back to my memory for my talk.  And then
there was the miracle that I only had to speak for five minutes too:)

Have a wonderful week and find someone to share the gospel with!
It’ll make a difference not only in their life, but in you’re life as
well.   Remember the promise of D&C 18:15 “And if it so be that you
should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and
bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with
him in the kingdom of my father!”  Fill your life with joy and share
the gospel!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-21 Shortest day am 2 2015-6-21 Shortest Day am

Sunday at :56 Am

2015-6-21 short day midday 2 2015-6-21 Short day midday

Sunday at 1:29pm

2015-6-21 Short day pm 2 2015-6-21 Short day pm

Sunday at 5:09pm

2015-6-15 snow  2015-6-15 Nametag

2015-6-15 Zone 2015-6-15 nothing stops soccer on p-day

2015-6-16 snowfall at night 2015-6-16 snow

2015-6-17 My comp said well you look like a terrorist 2015-6-17 My comp cameout withthat hat I said you look Russian

Trying to keep warm!

Forget River v. Boca, it’s the Argentine National team’s time!

Dear Family and Friends,

Compared to Saturday night with the Argentine national team played in
the Copa America, the streets were full when River and Boca played
last month.  Not even kidding.  Nothing moved in the streets during
those hours on Saturday.  Absolutely nothing.  I think even the
excessive number of dogs were watching the game!  The city showed life
at halftime, but then afterward, nothing again.  Made for a long

Every week I share how cold it is down here, but every week it reaches
a new level of cold.  One mornign we went out and contacted all
morning and I was wearing my winter boots that my feet have never
gotten cold in.  After two hours of contacting I could barely walk
because feet hurt so bad.  I’m going to have to start double socking
my feet to prevent frost bite!  And the people here are still saying
that it’s not even cold yet!  I hope that by this point they’re just
messing with us, but I don’t think so!

I had a different kind of spiritual experience this week, not of
testifying and teaching but of correction of false doctrine.  Normally
when people attack the Church and our beliefs and my testimony, I get
frustrated inside and a ton of scriptures and thought to refute them
flow through my head and I want to say them, but when I go to say
them, either something different comes out or it just doesn’t come
out.  I go to say it and it just isn’t said.  And generally I walk
away feeling frustrated and angry, but I had an experience this week
that was very different.  On Monday after P-day we went and revisited
one of the houses that we had entered the week before ready to share
the gospel, and hoping to put a baptisimal date.  But when we got in
things went very differently.  During the week he had been doing
online research about the Mormons and how to attack them (he told us
himself that since his childhood he had been taught to attack the
Mormons).  He started throwing everything at us, and for the first
time in my mission in a situation like that, my mouth was opened and I
responded to each one of his objections, all with evidence from the
Bible that I didn’t know that I remembered, but came out when they
were needed, pulling out names like Ezra and Nehemiah.  And every time
he threw an objection at the church, I felt the Spirit testify to me
that what he was saying was false, and that what I had been taught all
of my life was true.  It was really kind of cool.  Elder Escamilla
said that there was a tear running down the face of the man afterward,
although I’m thinking that might have been a bit of an
overexaggeration, although he did say he was mad at us because now
forever he will have a doubt about the truthfulness of his church.
Hopefully that will lead him to a righteous desire to learn more about
the church later in his life.

Have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel!  The church is true!  And
Happy Father’s Day on Sunday!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-14 Just me being cold

Just me being cold!!!


Dear Family and Friends,

Now before you say, “He’s basically in Antartica, of course he has
snow,”  that’s not true.  I am basically in Antartica, it hardly every
snows down here, supposedly because it’s too cold.  I don’t know if
that’s it, but it doesn’t snow very much.  But on Thursday I was doing
my study and all the sudden my comp yells, “SNOW!”  What?!  So we run
outside and lo and behold the world is covered in snow!  That day was
so much fun.  It didn’t snow very much, but it was the perfect snow
for snowballs, so Thursday was just a big snowball fight, with
everyone in our area, no joke.  Everyone was throwing snowballs at
everyone.  There was one little kid that walked up to my comp and said
“Sir, can I throw a snowball at you?”  That was probably my favorite!
All day snowball fight though.  Pretty fantastic.  It rained the next
day though so the snow went away really fast though:/

I had a really cool experience sharing the Book of Mormon with one of
our investigators.  We have these investigators that are some of the
most fantastic people that I know.  Their son is a member but is now
in prison because he got into a fight and it looks like the person he
fought with is going to die and he’s going to be in prison for a very
long time.  Everytime we go we talk about overcoming trials because
that’s always where the discussion leads, but a week and a half ago we
decided to talk about the Restoration instead and try to get him to
read the Book of Mormon.  But he is one of those people who thinks
that everything is in the Bible and that we don’t even need church
because we have the Bible.  So it was a struggle of a lesson, it took
two lessons to teach, one of which I was on divisions with Elder
Neiwert who still can barely understand what was going on so I didn’t
have him a backup, but they went well.  We finally introduced the Book
of Mormon the second time and he said he would read it, but that we
was going to compare everything to the Bible because he refused to see
it as scripture.  So I was like, what can I share that will show him
that the Book of Mormon is scripture.  I thought about Moroni 10, the
Introduction, and then all of the sudden 3 Nephi came to my mind.  So
I went to 3 Nephi 11 and was like this still doesn’t feel right, so I
was flipping through the pages and I came across 3 Nephi 9:15-22,
which is Christ declaring his divinity and felt that that was what I
should share, something I’ve never had someone read.  But I gave it to
them to read anyway.  This week we passed by them again to see how the
reading went and it was amazing.  They said that it was exactly what
they needed to hear, that it gave them comfort with regards to their
son and what was going to happen.  I have read those verses over and
over again trying to figure out where they found the comfort and it
says a couple things, but from what they were saying they learned I
couldn’t find in the verses.  It showed me a couple of things:  first
that the Spirit knows everyone and knows what will touch their heart
and second that the Book of Mormon applies to everything, even in
verses where you don’t realize it.  Their hearts are opening slowly,
and when they are converted, they will be some of the most dedicated
members in the church.  It is amazing!

Have a wonderfully fantastic week!  Remember to pray for missionary

And before I forget, happy birthday to my baby sister, Kylee!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-4 Cold 2015-6-4 Nametag 2015-6-4 Snow 2 2015-6-4 Snow 2015-6-4 Very cold dog

Trenton loved the snow. He says this is the coldest looking dog!

Summer Vacation…NOT!

Dear Family and Friends!

I looked at my watch the other day and noticed that it said June.
Well that can’t be right, I’m wearing thermals, sweaters, jackets,
coats, boots, gloves, ear muffs,
scarfs, etc.  Needless to say, there is no way that it’s June right
now.  Then I remembered that I am in the end of the world and
everything is backwards down here, so while you all are enjoying
summer vacations, well, I’m cold:)  But don’t worry, when December
rolls around it’ll be nice and toasty here and I’ll be enjoying
summer:)  It’s still so weird to me right now, seeing the pictures my
family sends me of the green grass and everybody in shorts and short
sleeves.  I did wear short  sleeves and shorts for P-day though,
although I had on my running tights and a running long sleeve shirt on

I had another cool experience with divisions this week, this time with
Elder Rendon, my Zone Leader.  We were walking down the street to go
contact an area and we saw a woman pushing her gas tank (half of my
area doesn’t have gas that goes to their house to cook and heat, they
need to go and buy it) that’s nearly as tall as I am and really
struggling.  So we helped her and she let us in and we talked to her
for a while and she invited us to come back.  We are also teaching her
daughter, and their son is actually already a member.  We have another
lesson with them today.  Then we went and were contacting the back of
my area and he was like, “did you contact that street.”  I didn’t even
know that there was a street right there.  So we went back there and
contacted it and someone let us in.  We got in and it was a family
with a friend there, and the friend has already been to the church one
time!  We talked to them for a while and it was one of the most
spiritual lessons I had been in in my mission.  They understood what
we were saying and said that they would be baptized, they just wanted
to learn more first.  Then, before we scheduled a follow-up
appointment, one of them asked to come back on Sunday so his wife
could listen too.  We said yes and then scheduled another appointment
for Friday so we could meet with them and try to get them to go to
church.  Unfortunately they didn’t open the door for either of the
appointments, so we need to figure out what’s going on.:/

Have an absolutely splendid week, and share the gospel with someone,
and keep the family of Elder L. Tom Perry in your prayers!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-6-1 View from the Resturant

View from the restaurant we ate lunch at.

¡El fin del mundo!

Dear Family and Friends!

This whole transfer I’ve been nearly at the end of the world, but now
I can officially say that I have been to the end of the world!  Back
in week 2 of this transfer (we’re in week 6 now) we had interviews
with President Rogers, or atleast we were supposed to, but he missed
his plane and arrived late and didn’t have time to interview my
district (he managed to get everyone else).  So on Wednesday the Zone
Leaders call us and tell us that our district’s interviews will be on
Friday in USHUAIA!  I was so excited!  We left at 6:00 in the morning
and arrived in Ushuaia at 9:00 and finished up the interviews at about
12:00.  President then asked us what time our bus was to go back to
Rio Grande and we told him 3:00, and he was like “Why did the Zone
Leaders have you go back on such an early bus?”  Unfortunately we
couldn’t reschedule, but we still were able to take photos and go to
the only American fast food restaurant in our mission, Subway!  It was
so good, I got the Meatball Marinera and was in heaven.  Elder
Neiwert, who was just in the States not even a transfer ago said it
wasn’t even close, but I didn’t let that get me down because I still
enjoyed it very much!  But seeing all the mountains and the snow made
me a little bit trunky!  I miss my mountains, I feel lost without
them!  It was amazing down there, and warmer than it is here in Rio
Grande!  I’m so excited to go back, we should be going back next
transfer for the birthday of the mission!

So I went on divisions with Elder Neiwert again this week for the
whole day, and it was really good, although really different, and a
little difficult because he doesn’t speak any Spanish.  We were able
to teach a ton though which was really cool.  I got to teach like 5
lessons, and I taught all of it.  It was amazing too because I’ve felt
the Spirit guide my words before in the little portions of the lessons
that I usually teach, but my comps have always done most, basically
almost all of the talking.  So I was really nervous going into the
lessons.  But I had help, there were words leaving my mouth that I had
no idea where they came from, most of which after the lesson I
couldn’t remember what they were, just that I could feel the Spirit.
With one of our investigators, I was able to find a hidden necessity
that now we are targeting and now she is starting to progress again,
because she had stopped for a time!  It was a fantastic day!

While I was with him it rained a lot.  I’m talking the most I’ve seen
on the mission so far.  We left lunch and walked 3 blocks to the
pension in the rain and were completely drenched.  I literally
squeezed water out of the bottom of my raincoat because it was so
soaked!  So when we got the pension I had to do some last minute prep
for a lesson.  Elder Neiwert passed out on the couch, mission life is
taking a toll on his physical strength.  I finished and it was still
downpouring.  So we went into the room and prayed to see if we should
leave then or wait out the storm and I got the feeling that we should
leave and contact.  I was like, “What?  nobody is going to leave the
house to talk to us in this downpour,” but I woke up Elder Neiwert and
followed the prompting.  We knocked three doors total, and in two of
them the people let us in and to teach them!  It was so fantastic!  I
couldn’t hardly believe it!  Getting into one house is a rarity, but
two in the same day is God showing his hand in a magnificent way!

God is here working with us!  He’s down here at the end of the world
with me, he’s up there in the States with you guys, and he’s all over
the world, helping his children find the gospel, because as Alma says
in his prayer before preaching to the Zoramites, “Their souls are
precious.”  God love us so much, each and every one of us, and wants
us to be able to partake of the sweetness of the gospel!  When we have
desires to share the gospel, and we act on them, he will help us!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-5-22 This one is for grandpa

This one is for Gramps!!!

2015-5-22 Who knows

I’ve got no idea who this guy is but there was a sign that said we
could take a picture with him so I did.  The saying above his head
says “To forget him is to kill him twice”


When Trenton first got his call he looked up his mission and loved Ushuaia. He even fell more in love with it on his short visit. Here are some of the pictures:

P1010701 P1010694

P1010699 P1010697

P1010693 P1010692

P1010684 P1010682

P1010691 P1010686