Senior Comp for a day!

Dear Family and Friends,

The mission president extended our emailing time but I procrastinated
this letter until the end so it’s going to be really short, but here’s
the cool experience for the week:

So I had divisions this week and our district leader went with my
comp, so I went with my district leader’s comp.  It just so happens
that he (Elder Neiwert) arrived in Argentina 3 weeks ago, and speaks
no Spanish.  So for the first time in the mission I had to talk all
day without help.  I now know how Elder Flores felt my first
transfer.:)  It was really cool though, although I was so tired
mentally at the end of the day.  We did have a really cool experience.
We went to visit a less active and he was already the backup plan, and
we didn’t have a plan c so we decided to contact.  We were walking
down the street and Elder Neiwert said, that looks like a nice house,
lets contact it.  For some reason, my heart just didn’t want to do it,
and I had no idea why.  So I did some searching inside and there
really wasn’t any reason not to so we did.  We knocked the door, and
teenager named Luis opened it, let us in, and we taught the Plan of
Salvation and put a baptisimal date on him!  It was way cool, and all
because someone who couldn’t speak Spanish, so was depending on the
Spirit was listening with all that he had.  That was a lesson to me,
because as I’ve learned to speak more, I haven’t paid attention as
much as when the Spirit was my lifeline, and I now realize that and
I’m doing what I can to depend on him more.  Now I’m not saying that
I’ve shut the Spirit out, because I still depend on him like I had
nothing else, but now I know how to speak so I don’t have to depend on
him that much to speak.  That was a lesson to me!

Have a fantastic week, and give the missionaries a reference, please,
it really helps!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010620 P1010621

Family Home Evening Activity. We made a tower of flour using a cup and put a coin on it. Everyone took turns cutting part of the tower away till the coin fell. If it fell on you then you had to fish the coin out with you mouth.

P1010625 P1010630

Mother’s Day Selfie! Then this is my son for you. Before he left on his mission we went looking for sweaters for him but they were really hard to find in the middle of summer. So we decided that he should just buy them down there. But then I found this tan one and gave it too him. He hated it and did not want to bring it. I told him it was lightweight and fit under his suit nicely, but he still hated it! I put it in his suitcase when he was not looking. He wrote me from the MTC when he found it and said the only way that sweater would keep him warm on his mission was when he burned it. So I know he bought himself a couple of sweaters but in all the pictures I kept seeing that same tan sweater. So I commented that he is always wearing that sweater and 15 minutes later (It takes a while down there) I get this picture of him in the gray sweater “I’m not wearing it now! Haha!”


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