Almost the End of the World :)

So I am behind on Trenton’s post. This post should have been before the Star Wars one. Trenton said before he left for Argentina that he wanted to be down south for one of their winters and he got his wish.

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m writing you 3 hours from the End of the World.  I almost made it:)
Can I tell you what though, if the end of the world (with regards to
time) is anything like the end of the world (with regards to location)
it is going to be very cold.  Very cold.  I’ve come from wearing short
sleeve shirts every day in Madryn to wearing a long sleeve shirt, a
sweater, and my winter coat every day and still being cold.  I don’t
want to put on too much right now though because it’s only spring.  In
his testimony the first day int the branch, my comp (who is Mexican
and it’s never cold in Mexico) got up and said that he had heard that
Rio Grande was cold but he had never imagined this.  Then the Branch
President got up afterward and said “Elder Escamilla, it’s not even
cold yet.”  Oh, crap.  Literally the other morning our water heater
was struggling and didn’t want to heat up the water it was so cold.
This is going to be a winter to remember.

So about the trip down here, it was really long.  We ended up leaving
Madryn at 2:00 PM and arrived in Rio Gallegos at 8:30 the next
morning.  We then waited a half an hour and got another bus at 9:00.
The good thing was when I got to Gallegos I got my DNI (Argentine ID
card) which made the next part of the trip much easier because we had
to stop three times to show it, and it’s much easier to show the card
than the paperwork and the passport, once for Customs and entering
Chile (been there now, third country I’ve been to:)), once for leaving
Chile, and then for entering Argentina (I don’t know why those two
couldn’t be together).  The best part of the trip though was crossing
the Straight of Magellan.  We got to get out of the bus and get on a
boat to look over the edge and while we were crossing we got to see
creatures that were like dolphins (but they’re called something
different here, there black and white, but smaller than an orca), and
we saw PENGUINS!  I wasn’t able to get a picture because I was taking
video, but we saw PENGUINS!  Mom is so jealous, I already know:)  It
was pretty exciting!  We finally got to Rio Grande at 5:00 that night,
27 hours of travelling later!  It was SO long!

Then I got to my area.  I’ve heard that my area, Austral A is super
ugly and super muddy.  It’s not too muddy, much better than Austral B
and C, but there is still a fair amount of mud.  And while it’s not
the prettiest I kind of like it because it’s super quiet (mostly
because I don’t think people want to go outside because it’s so cold!)
But it’s good, I really like it.  The people are so humble here and
so fantastic, and I’m excited to get to know more of them!

I hope you all have a wonderfully fantastic week and find someone to
share the gospel with!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Edward Behunin

PS  I’m no longer on the American continent:)

2015-4-20 Me at Pier in Madryn 2015-4-20 Pier in Madryn

Pictures from the pier at Puerto Madryn

4-19-2015 Puetro Madryn 2 4-19-2015 Puerto Madryn 1

Puerto Madryn

4-20-2015 Elder Pantoja my Chilean Cousin

Elder Pantoja I will miss you my Chilean Cousin

2015-4-20 Goodbye to Sebastian and Jeremias 20115-4-20 Goodbye to Franco and Sebastian

Good bye to Sebastian and Jeremias and Sebastian and Franco

2015-4-21 Straight of Magellan 1 4-21-2015 Straight of Magellan 2

Crossing the Straight of Magellan

2015-4-21 Stright of Magellan 4 2015-4-21 Straight of Magellan 5 2015-4-21 Straight of Magellan 3

Straight of Magellan

2015-4-21 Tierra del Fuego 4-27-2015 My new pension

Tierra Del Fuego and my new pension

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