Me encanta ver el templo

Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been pretty good, minus the weather.  It has done
nothing but rain here and be foggy all week.  But besides that this
week has been amamzing because of one big event that we had:  the
dedication of the Córdoba Temple!

But before I talk about that, I’ll talk about the service project that
we did in the rain.  For those of you that don’t know, they rarely
build houses out of wood here, very rarely.  They build everything out
of cement.  But here in Rio Grande, you can’t build houses here in the
winter because it is so cold that the cement doesn’t bond correctly.
But some people still build their houses at that time of year.  So the
house that we were helping with had that problem, and the ceiling
didn’t bond correctly.  To fix that problem the owner but a ton of
metal sheets on the roof with 70 bricks weighing he said about 40 lbs
each.  The problem was that they didn’t angle the roof and it rained a
ton this week, so somehow the rain got under the metal and into the
house.  So we had to, in the rain, take these bricks off the roof and
the metal pieces.  That was a job!  We were there for a couple hours,
soaking wet, but it was fantastic!  Elder Escamilla would lower down
one with a rope and hook (probably not the safest method, but it
worked:)) and I would take and stack them.  And we managed to only
break three!  It was pretty fantastic!

“Me encanta ver el templo” or “I Love to see the Temple.”  Can I just
tell you how much I miss the temple!  As of right now there are two
temples in Argentina, Buenos Aires being the closer one, about a 3
hour flight, or I don’t even want to know how many day bus ride,
probably like 4 days.  So needless to say, we don’t get to go to the
temple down here.  But I did get a temple experience yesterday, and it
was amazing!  The second temple in Argentina, Córdoba, was dedicated
yesterday and broadcasted all over Argentina.  They say with the
dedications that the chapels are extensions of the temple and I want
to testify to all of you of that. We entered the Sacrament room (I
can’t remember if there’s a special word for that in English) I
immediately felt that peace envelop my body that I’ve only felt in two
other places: the temple (all of them) and the Sacred Grove.  And let
me just tell you how amazing it was!  Every problem, every worry,
every stress that come naturally with mission service and with life in
general was washed away as I was able to sit and meditate before that
dedicatory session.  The veil was thin, and I could feel the presence
of my Lord and Savior so powerfully.  He loves us, and that is why we
have these temples.  For those of you that attend regularly, keep
going, and for those of you that haven’t recently, go, please!  There
are so many blessings that we have the possibility of enjoying inside
the temple, and we need to take advantage of them.  I never realized
how blessed I was to live in Utah and to have so many temples so close
to my home!  When the session ended I didn’t want to leave!  It just
felt so amazing!

That morning I was studying a little bit of the dedicatory prayer of
the Kirtland Temple in D&C 109 and there were two verses that really
stuck out to me, vs. 22-23.  They say “And we ask thee, Holy Father,
that thy servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power,
and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them,
and thine angels have charge over them; and from this place they may
bear exceedingly great and glorious tidings, in truth, unto the ends
of the earth, that they may know that this is thy work, and that thou
hast put forth thy hand, to fulfil that which thou hast spoken by the
mouths of the prophets, concerning the last days.”  Then, during the
dedication, Elder Chrisoffersen quoted those verses.  And they are so
true.  There is power in the temple!  I was able to walk out feeling
refreshed, uplifted and ready to declare to the ends of the earth
(quite literally) the message of this gospel!  They truly are
“exceedingly great and glorious tidings”  that I have the opportunity
to carry to the people of Argentina!

Elder Christoffersen and President Uchtdorf were the ones that spoke
at the dedication.  Elder Christoffersen said something really cool
that I had to write down.  He said (roughly translated) that “We will
need miracles if we are going to accomplish everything that God has
required of us, and we they will happen if we are doing everything
that we can do to further that work.”  It was really cool!  If you
think about it God really has required a lot of us, but he does not
require that we do it without his help.  If we are doing what we can
to share the gospel and prepare names to go to the temple, miracles
will happen!  We have that promise!  We just need to get out there and
do the work!  Then, President Uchtdorf doesn’t speak Spanish but tried
to start his talk in Spanish.  He later said that when the Quorum of
the Twelve and First Presidency were talking about the Córdoba Temple,
President Monson was trying to speak Spanish, so he decided to give it
a shot.  Then he said “Those of you who didn’t understand me when I
was speaking, I was not speaking German!”  He was cracking jokes in
the temple!  And he cracked a couple more too when he was talking!  It
was fantastic!  He talked about three of Jesus’s temple experience:
when he was twelve, when he cleansed it, and his last words in the
temple before his crucifixion and what we can learn from that!  It was
fantastic!  And the greatest part was that I understood everything!
And it was way cool doing everything in Spanish, like singing “The
Spirit of God” and doing the hosanna chant in Spanish!

That experience was so beautiful!  I will never forget it!  And I
can’t wait to see it again!  I words of “I Love to see the Temple are
running through my head right now, “I love to see the temple, I’ll go
inside someday.”  I can’t wait for that day!  It will be amazing!  But
in the meantime I will be working as hard as I can so that the people
down here in southern Argentina can have a temple!  That’s our mission
goal!  Our eyes are on the temple, and we are trying to point the eyes
of the Saints down here there as well!  And I definitely feel that the
dedication of the Córdoba temple is going to help!

And before I forget, I would like to wish my Beautiful Mother a Happy
Birthday this week and thank her for all the many wonderful things
that she has done and still does for me in my life!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Edward Behunin

2015-5-15 Sunrise from my pension 2015-5-11 Fog at night

2015-5-12 Another Foggy Day View from my pension

2015-5-15 It rained really hard today

2015-5-11 Left side starting in front Elder Neiwert, My comp Elder Escamilla, Elder Ferguson, Right Me E. Watkins and E. Hously


Senior Comp for a day!

Dear Family and Friends,

The mission president extended our emailing time but I procrastinated
this letter until the end so it’s going to be really short, but here’s
the cool experience for the week:

So I had divisions this week and our district leader went with my
comp, so I went with my district leader’s comp.  It just so happens
that he (Elder Neiwert) arrived in Argentina 3 weeks ago, and speaks
no Spanish.  So for the first time in the mission I had to talk all
day without help.  I now know how Elder Flores felt my first
transfer.:)  It was really cool though, although I was so tired
mentally at the end of the day.  We did have a really cool experience.
We went to visit a less active and he was already the backup plan, and
we didn’t have a plan c so we decided to contact.  We were walking
down the street and Elder Neiwert said, that looks like a nice house,
lets contact it.  For some reason, my heart just didn’t want to do it,
and I had no idea why.  So I did some searching inside and there
really wasn’t any reason not to so we did.  We knocked the door, and
teenager named Luis opened it, let us in, and we taught the Plan of
Salvation and put a baptisimal date on him!  It was way cool, and all
because someone who couldn’t speak Spanish, so was depending on the
Spirit was listening with all that he had.  That was a lesson to me,
because as I’ve learned to speak more, I haven’t paid attention as
much as when the Spirit was my lifeline, and I now realize that and
I’m doing what I can to depend on him more.  Now I’m not saying that
I’ve shut the Spirit out, because I still depend on him like I had
nothing else, but now I know how to speak so I don’t have to depend on
him that much to speak.  That was a lesson to me!

Have a fantastic week, and give the missionaries a reference, please,
it really helps!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010620 P1010621

Family Home Evening Activity. We made a tower of flour using a cup and put a coin on it. Everyone took turns cutting part of the tower away till the coin fell. If it fell on you then you had to fish the coin out with you mouth.

P1010625 P1010630

Mother’s Day Selfie! Then this is my son for you. Before he left on his mission we went looking for sweaters for him but they were really hard to find in the middle of summer. So we decided that he should just buy them down there. But then I found this tan one and gave it too him. He hated it and did not want to bring it. I told him it was lightweight and fit under his suit nicely, but he still hated it! I put it in his suitcase when he was not looking. He wrote me from the MTC when he found it and said the only way that sweater would keep him warm on his mission was when he burned it. So I know he bought himself a couple of sweaters but in all the pictures I kept seeing that same tan sweater. So I commented that he is always wearing that sweater and 15 minutes later (It takes a while down there) I get this picture of him in the gray sweater “I’m not wearing it now! Haha!”

Almost the End of the World :)

So I am behind on Trenton’s post. This post should have been before the Star Wars one. Trenton said before he left for Argentina that he wanted to be down south for one of their winters and he got his wish.

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m writing you 3 hours from the End of the World.  I almost made it:)
Can I tell you what though, if the end of the world (with regards to
time) is anything like the end of the world (with regards to location)
it is going to be very cold.  Very cold.  I’ve come from wearing short
sleeve shirts every day in Madryn to wearing a long sleeve shirt, a
sweater, and my winter coat every day and still being cold.  I don’t
want to put on too much right now though because it’s only spring.  In
his testimony the first day int the branch, my comp (who is Mexican
and it’s never cold in Mexico) got up and said that he had heard that
Rio Grande was cold but he had never imagined this.  Then the Branch
President got up afterward and said “Elder Escamilla, it’s not even
cold yet.”  Oh, crap.  Literally the other morning our water heater
was struggling and didn’t want to heat up the water it was so cold.
This is going to be a winter to remember.

So about the trip down here, it was really long.  We ended up leaving
Madryn at 2:00 PM and arrived in Rio Gallegos at 8:30 the next
morning.  We then waited a half an hour and got another bus at 9:00.
The good thing was when I got to Gallegos I got my DNI (Argentine ID
card) which made the next part of the trip much easier because we had
to stop three times to show it, and it’s much easier to show the card
than the paperwork and the passport, once for Customs and entering
Chile (been there now, third country I’ve been to:)), once for leaving
Chile, and then for entering Argentina (I don’t know why those two
couldn’t be together).  The best part of the trip though was crossing
the Straight of Magellan.  We got to get out of the bus and get on a
boat to look over the edge and while we were crossing we got to see
creatures that were like dolphins (but they’re called something
different here, there black and white, but smaller than an orca), and
we saw PENGUINS!  I wasn’t able to get a picture because I was taking
video, but we saw PENGUINS!  Mom is so jealous, I already know:)  It
was pretty exciting!  We finally got to Rio Grande at 5:00 that night,
27 hours of travelling later!  It was SO long!

Then I got to my area.  I’ve heard that my area, Austral A is super
ugly and super muddy.  It’s not too muddy, much better than Austral B
and C, but there is still a fair amount of mud.  And while it’s not
the prettiest I kind of like it because it’s super quiet (mostly
because I don’t think people want to go outside because it’s so cold!)
But it’s good, I really like it.  The people are so humble here and
so fantastic, and I’m excited to get to know more of them!

I hope you all have a wonderfully fantastic week and find someone to
share the gospel with!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Edward Behunin

PS  I’m no longer on the American continent:)

2015-4-20 Me at Pier in Madryn 2015-4-20 Pier in Madryn

Pictures from the pier at Puerto Madryn

4-19-2015 Puetro Madryn 2 4-19-2015 Puerto Madryn 1

Puerto Madryn

4-20-2015 Elder Pantoja my Chilean Cousin

Elder Pantoja I will miss you my Chilean Cousin

2015-4-20 Goodbye to Sebastian and Jeremias 20115-4-20 Goodbye to Franco and Sebastian

Good bye to Sebastian and Jeremias and Sebastian and Franco

2015-4-21 Straight of Magellan 1 4-21-2015 Straight of Magellan 2

Crossing the Straight of Magellan

2015-4-21 Stright of Magellan 4 2015-4-21 Straight of Magellan 5 2015-4-21 Straight of Magellan 3

Straight of Magellan

2015-4-21 Tierra del Fuego 4-27-2015 My new pension

Tierra Del Fuego and my new pension

¡Que la fuerza te acompaña!

Dear Family and Friends!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Spanish language, that
means “May the force be with you” because today is Star Wars Day!  For
those of you not familiar with Star Wars, you better get caught up
soon because number seven is coming out (that was announced before I

Just to let you know, it is really, really, really, really, really
cold down here.  Especially yesterday.  And the worst part was that
River and Boca (the big teams down here) were playing for a
championship (Boca won 2-0, who-hoo!) and so everybody was watching
the game and nobody wanted to let us in.  So we wandered around in the
cold and dark until like 7:30 when a member let us in.  But it was so
freaking cold!

We got into a house contacting this week, which hasn’t happened very
much in my mission!  It was just a normal contact that didn’t seem to
want to know anything about us or God, but for some reason I kept the
contact going longer than I usually do and it turned out really well!
They seem really interested, but she has some interesting ideas that
we are going to have to change!  But it’s a family and they really
liked us, and he invited us to his birthday party on Saturday.
Unfortunately it was at 11:00 at night.  But it was fantastic!

I’m out of time, but you all are fantastic!  Share your testimony with
someone, and tell your mother “Happy Mothers Day!”  To my Beautiful
Mother whom I love so dearly, “Happy Mothers Day!”

May the force be with you!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010601 P1010613

Jedi Missionaries!


So about the picture with my nametag.  In Puerto Madryn I would always
make fun of Hna. Ming because she would wear decorative scarfs and put
her nametag on it and her nametag would always get flipped around, and
she was like “You don’t know what it’s like to have to put your
nametag on your scarf because you can put it in your shirt pocket!”
So I promised her the first time that the first time I wore my scarf I
would wear my nametag on it.