Dear Family and Friends,

So transfers were announced this week, and the only missionary that
wasn’t surprised about his transfer in our ward was Elder Murua!  Hna
Ming was supposed to go, but instead she’s staying for a fourth
transfer here and Hna Zanuttini is going to Ushuaia with Elder Murua.
And I’m going to Rio Grande!  My area is getting whitewashed and I’m
going down to Tierra del Fuego!  It’s called that because when
Magellan passed it there were so many fires because all the natives
were trying to stay warm.  Rio Grande is also the coldest zone in the
mission even colder than Ushuaia because atleast Ushuaia has
mountains!  It’s going to be really cold!  But I’m excited, my new
companion is going to be Elder Escamilla, he’s from Mexico!  So today
at one I embark on a bus ride that will take nearly 30 hours, cross
three Argentine provinces, and two countries!  And I get to cross the
Strait of Magellan, officially leaving the American Continent!  Super
pumped!  Oh yeah, and from Sierra Grande Elder Figueroa is going to

So the baptism that should have been mine but wasn’t.  A couple of
weeks ago, Sebastian Vasquez brought one of his friends to a Family
Home Evening we had in the chapel, and then to church the next Sunday.
Unfortunately he doesn’t live in our area and we had to pass the
reference, but the President said we could teach him two more lessons.
So we handed Elder Pantoja and Elder Huillca a golden investigator
with 2 attendences (of 3 needed for baptism) and half of the lessons
taught.  So needless to say he wanted Elder Murua to baptize him.  His
testimony after his baptism was fantastic.  It was super short, but he
said that he honestly feels like he has been born again into a new
life and absolutely loves the church!  He was already sharing the
gospel before he was baptized, both with Sebastian at school, and he
went contacting with us once, and was super sad when we were rejected
saying “Why do they do that, they don’t know what they’re missing out
on! That kid is amazing, and is only 16!  And he’s super excited to go
on a mission!

Hey, I gotta go, lots of things to do!  I love you all!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010435 P1010439

Elder Murua says that “Goodnisimo” is the translation for “buenisimo” so he always says it, So Sabastian and Jeremias made a cake with it on it.

Our Zone: Sister Zanuttini, Elder Pantoja, Sebastian, Jeremias, Elder Murua, Me, Sister Ming, and Elder Huillca

P1010425 P1010438

Familia Vasquez

Jeremias and Sebastian are making a scale model in their engineering class and named their engineer after me!

P1010441 P1010417

Familia Leiva and the baptism of Jeremias

P1010421 P1010422

Familia Aguirre and Ward Council

P1010415 P1010413

Familia Cayuquero and Familia Montano

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