The Crazies

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been an interesting week to say the least, mostly
because we contacted all week and Satan didn’t want us to find anyone
so he sent all the crazies to the doors.  I’m not even kidding.

Crazy #1:  This one wasn’t at the door.  We were walking down the
street and we had pulled out our agendas and were verifying plans and
all the sudden I hear a shutter sound from a camera and I look up and
see a lady pointing her phone at us, and they casually bring it down
pretending to be sending a text or something!  What!  Who does that!
So we left that area and contacted somewhere else.

Crazy #2:  Came to the door and told us that we worshipped Mormon, not
Jesus, and refused to give us references because he wants his
neighbors to be Christians.

Crazy #3:  Probably my favorite crazy of the week.  I was contacting
with Elder Andreasen from Sierra Grande who is even more gringo that
me with really blonde hair and really blue eyes.  We walked up to a
guy and introduced ourselves and asked his name and he just stared at
us for like 5 seconds then said “Enrique.”  Then I asked him how his
day was and he paused again then said “Everything that you need to
know about me is already in the databases in your headquarters in your
country.”  I was like “What?” and he said “You heard me, go look in
you computers.”  So we said “Have a good day” and moved on.

Crazy #4: Told us we knew nothing about the gospel of Jesus Christ and
then started quizzing us.  She asked us “What is the fourth
commandment?”  At that moment my mind went blank and I couldn’t
remember any commandment.  My mind knew where to look and was looking
there, but it was like that drawer of the filing cabinet was locked.
I think the Spirit was just saying “Not worth it to fight, not worth
it to fight,”  because as soon I she walked away, I remembered
everything.  And we do keep the Sabbath day holy in the mission, but
it definitely is not a Day of Rest.:)

Another interesting story:
We go and pick up a man named Manuel every Sunday for church but he
forgot yesterday.  So he was throwing on clothes real quick and I
thought he was just going to wear shorts, because that’s what he was
wearing.  So we got in the car and one the way to the church and he
looks down and was like “Shoot, I forgot my pants!”  Evidently  those
shorts were actually his underwear.  I didn’t know any different
because that’s generally all that he’s wearing when we visit him!  So
we had to go get his pants.

I hope you are all doing fantastic!  Share the gospel!  God will help
you, because really it is his work!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin

So my pictures were lacking this week, but I’ve wanted to take a
picture of this train for forever but there has always been cars in
front of it but finally there wasn’t when I was at the terminal at
like 9:20 at night last week!:)

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