Feliz Pascua!

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week, I completely forgot that P-day wasn’t going to be until
Tuesday because we had Conference with President yesterday.  It was
really good.  I especially loved the story Hermana Rogers shared with
us, it’s called “The Spyglass,” and it’s about how we need to look
with an eye of faith on not what things look like now, but how they
can become.  Then the key to actually have it come to pass is get out
there and work to make it become that way. When we have the vision of
what it can be and are willing to put in the effort to make it that
way, great things can and will happen.

So I got some brownie points with President.:)  On Sunday after MMT we
were comparing numbers and seeing what we had acheived as a district
with our contacts, and we found out that we were 8 short, so Elder
Murúa was like “You have until 9:30 to get back to the pension, let’s
contact on the the way.” So I went on a division with Elder Andreasen
from Sierra Grande (they were down here for Conference) and we headed
out, trying to get 4 contacts each. The problem was there was nobody
out, even in the streets of the usually busy Centro of Puerto Madryn.
We finally hit 4 at 9:25 so we started heading back to our pension,
which wasn’t terribly far away.  We turned the corner onto the street
that has the beach front walking fast (we were both Cross Country
runners, so we have a tendency to walk fast) and we here somebody honk
at us.  We look and it’s President and Hermana Rogers.  We were like
“Oh shoot, here we are, it’s nearly 9:30, and we are not only in the
Centro of Puerto Madryn, but we are right on the beach too.”  So we
went over and shook their hands and he was like “I hope your walking
fast to get to your pension on time.”  “Yes President, we’re headed
there right now.”  So we headed out, walking even faster, and as soon
as we turned the corner we started running and got to the pension at
9:29.  The next morning the first thing that both of them asked us was
if we got to our pension on time, and we were like “Yes, at 9:29.”  So
now we’re in the conference right, and president is talking about
obedience and being good examples and tells the story of how he saw
Elder Behunin and Elder Andreasen last night at 9:25 walking as fast
as they could to make sure they were obedient and arrive home at the
pension on time.  Then he said that the rest of them need to be like
that, because there are people out there watching!  Brownie points.

All right, here’s a prayer answered this week.  So I have to do
tramites every three months to stay legal, and I’m pretty sure my
three months is up because I did them in December.  So I’ve just been
walking around illegally hoping that no police stop me.  So this last
week we were headed back from Sierra Grande when our bus pulls over
and police enter and start checking everyone’s ID and scanning
numbers, and I’m just sitting there going “oh crap, I don’t want any
problems”  So I said a quick prayer and starting reading my Book of
Mormon and he passed right by me.  Thank heavens.  I don’t know if I
was illegal that day, but I didn’t want to risk it and my prayer was
answered!:)  I’ll be talking to the Zone Leaders this week to get
legal again:)

I hope you all are thinking about Christ this week.  Especially being
on the mission and having the opportunity to represent him and wear
his name on my plaque has helped me realize how much love he really
has for us.  And the more I learn, the more I realize that I can’t
even comprehend how much that really is.  He gave everything to us.
Absolutely everything.  He suffered for every single one of us, all of
our pains, sicknesses, temptations, and sins, and opened the gate for
us to return to live with him. In return, we need to give him our all.
Remember how much he lover you, and try to show that to everybody
else!  Make this Easter one for Christ, because nearly 2000 years ago,
he made his for you!

¡Les quiero un monton!  ¡Ojalá que todos ustedes tengan un Pascua super feliz!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010273 (1) P1010274 (1)

Here Trenton is with the youth in the ward. He says know that he knows how to communicate with them he is making tons of friends. Here is Sebastian who tells Trenton that he is his new best friends and wants to and is saving up  come up to BYU after his own mission.

P1010283 P1010286

Trenton loves their “Don’t drink and drive Signs.” Sunset in Sierra Grande.

P1010309 (1)

They gave out these cards at the conference to remind them to never give up because we never know how close we are.

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