Dude, Put on your Sandals!

Dear Family and Friends,

Up there in the States, you guys just started spring, but down here
we’ve got fall. It’s really weird, but it’s how it is:)  But down here
in Puerto Madryn it’s trying to decide what season it is.  On Monday,
it was 102 degrees!  We all wanted to die!  But we still went outside
and played soccer, because it was P day and not a minute can be wasted
of that:)  We all wanted to die by the end of the day though. I was
like, this week is not going to be fun.  So the next day I was out in
the lightest possible proselyting clothes and freezing my tail end
off.  The week got colder and colder and then I had to pull out my
sweaters and my fleece pajamas on Friday because I was so cold! And
now it’s hot again!  So we’ll see what happens:)

So contacting this week we ran into a crazy less active.  I’m talking
crazy.  So we were talking about why he left and he got offended for a
million different reasons.  It’s sad, but true.  At one point, someone
asked him a question and he got mad and said he wanted to respond
(translated)  “Do you think Jesus told Peter, ‘Dude, put on your
sandals’?”  What!  I almost started laughing trying to imagine Jesus
calling Peter “dude!” or in castellano “che”.  I’m laughing about it
as I write:)

So people have a problem with my name down here in Argentina.  I
literally am called something different by every person, and sometimes
different things by the same person, everything from Elder Boom to
Elder B(followed by mumbling).  So in MMT I wrote the phonetic
spelling of my name (BIJANIN) and the ward mission leader is like,
that is not what is on your tag.  Then the bishop is like, you need to
get a new tag with that spelling on it to save us all, atleast for our

I hope you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!
Please, give references to the missionaries, they need them!
Missionary work is so much easier when you have the help of the
members!  Remember what my ward mission leader said (I think I sent it
to you):  Missionary work is changing, it’s not the missionaries
touching (or knocking) doors, but the members touching hearts!  Go
touch someone’s heart!

You all are fantastic!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin (BIJANIN)

P1010257 P1010260 (1) P1010262

So I am always telling Trenton to take more pictures! That we want to see what he sees. Anyway Trenton and his comp are sitting there waiting for an investigator and Trenton remembers the letter he just read so he takes these pictures for me. This is what he sees! Thanks Trenton!

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