Dear Family and Friends,

So transfers were announced this week, and the only missionary that
wasn’t surprised about his transfer in our ward was Elder Murua!  Hna
Ming was supposed to go, but instead she’s staying for a fourth
transfer here and Hna Zanuttini is going to Ushuaia with Elder Murua.
And I’m going to Rio Grande!  My area is getting whitewashed and I’m
going down to Tierra del Fuego!  It’s called that because when
Magellan passed it there were so many fires because all the natives
were trying to stay warm.  Rio Grande is also the coldest zone in the
mission even colder than Ushuaia because atleast Ushuaia has
mountains!  It’s going to be really cold!  But I’m excited, my new
companion is going to be Elder Escamilla, he’s from Mexico!  So today
at one I embark on a bus ride that will take nearly 30 hours, cross
three Argentine provinces, and two countries!  And I get to cross the
Strait of Magellan, officially leaving the American Continent!  Super
pumped!  Oh yeah, and from Sierra Grande Elder Figueroa is going to

So the baptism that should have been mine but wasn’t.  A couple of
weeks ago, Sebastian Vasquez brought one of his friends to a Family
Home Evening we had in the chapel, and then to church the next Sunday.
Unfortunately he doesn’t live in our area and we had to pass the
reference, but the President said we could teach him two more lessons.
So we handed Elder Pantoja and Elder Huillca a golden investigator
with 2 attendences (of 3 needed for baptism) and half of the lessons
taught.  So needless to say he wanted Elder Murua to baptize him.  His
testimony after his baptism was fantastic.  It was super short, but he
said that he honestly feels like he has been born again into a new
life and absolutely loves the church!  He was already sharing the
gospel before he was baptized, both with Sebastian at school, and he
went contacting with us once, and was super sad when we were rejected
saying “Why do they do that, they don’t know what they’re missing out
on! That kid is amazing, and is only 16!  And he’s super excited to go
on a mission!

Hey, I gotta go, lots of things to do!  I love you all!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010435 P1010439

Elder Murua says that “Goodnisimo” is the translation for “buenisimo” so he always says it, So Sabastian and Jeremias made a cake with it on it.

Our Zone: Sister Zanuttini, Elder Pantoja, Sebastian, Jeremias, Elder Murua, Me, Sister Ming, and Elder Huillca

P1010425 P1010438

Familia Vasquez

Jeremias and Sebastian are making a scale model in their engineering class and named their engineer after me!

P1010441 P1010417

Familia Leiva and the baptism of Jeremias

P1010421 P1010422

Familia Aguirre and Ward Council

P1010415 P1010413

Familia Cayuquero and Familia Montano


The Crazies

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been an interesting week to say the least, mostly
because we contacted all week and Satan didn’t want us to find anyone
so he sent all the crazies to the doors.  I’m not even kidding.

Crazy #1:  This one wasn’t at the door.  We were walking down the
street and we had pulled out our agendas and were verifying plans and
all the sudden I hear a shutter sound from a camera and I look up and
see a lady pointing her phone at us, and they casually bring it down
pretending to be sending a text or something!  What!  Who does that!
So we left that area and contacted somewhere else.

Crazy #2:  Came to the door and told us that we worshipped Mormon, not
Jesus, and refused to give us references because he wants his
neighbors to be Christians.

Crazy #3:  Probably my favorite crazy of the week.  I was contacting
with Elder Andreasen from Sierra Grande who is even more gringo that
me with really blonde hair and really blue eyes.  We walked up to a
guy and introduced ourselves and asked his name and he just stared at
us for like 5 seconds then said “Enrique.”  Then I asked him how his
day was and he paused again then said “Everything that you need to
know about me is already in the databases in your headquarters in your
country.”  I was like “What?” and he said “You heard me, go look in
you computers.”  So we said “Have a good day” and moved on.

Crazy #4: Told us we knew nothing about the gospel of Jesus Christ and
then started quizzing us.  She asked us “What is the fourth
commandment?”  At that moment my mind went blank and I couldn’t
remember any commandment.  My mind knew where to look and was looking
there, but it was like that drawer of the filing cabinet was locked.
I think the Spirit was just saying “Not worth it to fight, not worth
it to fight,”  because as soon I she walked away, I remembered
everything.  And we do keep the Sabbath day holy in the mission, but
it definitely is not a Day of Rest.:)

Another interesting story:
We go and pick up a man named Manuel every Sunday for church but he
forgot yesterday.  So he was throwing on clothes real quick and I
thought he was just going to wear shorts, because that’s what he was
wearing.  So we got in the car and one the way to the church and he
looks down and was like “Shoot, I forgot my pants!”  Evidently  those
shorts were actually his underwear.  I didn’t know any different
because that’s generally all that he’s wearing when we visit him!  So
we had to go get his pants.

I hope you are all doing fantastic!  Share the gospel!  God will help
you, because really it is his work!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin

So my pictures were lacking this week, but I’ve wanted to take a
picture of this train for forever but there has always been cars in
front of it but finally there wasn’t when I was at the terminal at
like 9:20 at night last week!:)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy Easter (or something like that)

Dear Family and Friends!

I’m pretty sure that’s what Santa would say if he really did Christmas
on Christ’s birthday.:)

This week has been pretty fantastic with General Conference and
finishing the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon was amazing!  I’ve read it a lot, every year since
I was preparing to get the priesthood when I was 11, but this was
definitely my favorite time!  I always knew that the Book of Mormon
was another Testament fo Jesus Christ, and now I know how absolutely
true that that is!  My book is so red because there is so much Jesus
inside!  I think that the part that most got my attention though was
the people in it, like the sons of Mosiah, who converted 7 cities of
Lamanites, and Captain Moroni, who let the Nephite armies and was said
of him that if all were to be like him the very foundations of hell
would be shaken, or Nephi the disciple of Christ, whose faith was so
great that the people could not disbelieve his words.  I want to be
like those men, and I from what I know of them, they are that was
because they more than just know of Christ, but they really know him
personally, like you would your best friend.  So that is my goal!  In
order to do that, I need to continue reading the Book of Mormon,
because like I said before the Book of Mormon is full of Christ.  The
more I read of him, the more I will know him, and them I’ll be able to
be more like my heroes of the Book of Mormon.

So today, to celebrate reading the Book of Mormon, we went to a beach
and had an asado, which was pretty fun, and I got some cool pictures
in caves and tidepools!

General Conference was amazing!  My favorite talk was probably by
Elder Andersen (not the Apostle) who made the comparision between
music and dancing.  Now I don’t know too much about dancing, but I
understand the concept because I play the piano so I was able to apply
it that way.  What he said is so true, you can go and play the piano
all you want but until you actually feel what your playing, it’s not
going to be as good as it could be.  The same goes for the gospel, if
you don’t feel what you live and what you teach, it means absolutely
nothing.  That is why missionary work is not easy, because you can
teach and teach and teach and teach, but until they hear the music,
they receive no conversion.  What we need to do, what I need to do as
a missionary is follow what it says in the song Glorious, and sing my
part of the symphony and help the investigator or less active “just
keep listening, and pretty soon (they’ll) start to figure out their
part.”  We all need to sing our song so the whole world knows what to
sing, that is the song of redeeming love, as described by Alma!

That’s not all I learned, just all I had time to write!  Lets just say
that conference was amazing!

So I’m out of time, I hope you all have a fantastic week, and hope you
all thouroughly enjoyed Conference.  I can’t wait until the Liahona
comes out for me to reread the talks!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Edward Behunin

P1010385 P1010311

Trenton loves taking pictures of his nametags in all his areas.

P1010374 P1010378 P1010361 (1) P1010354

At the beginning of the year, Trenton’s mission president asked all the missionaries to read the Book of Mormon in their native language focusing on the Savior and missionary work before Christ’s birthday on April 6. This was their zone’s party to celebrate.


This is Trenton’s testimony that he wrote in the Book of Mormon he read and marked up for the missionary challenge.

P1010339 P1010358

So at the party the missionaries were exploring caves and what does my son do – He goes all Gollum on them. He loves his Lord of the Rings!

P1010324 P1010326 P1010332

Trenton loved his peanut butter themed Easter Basket Package we sent him. I asked him were the Peeps were that I put in the package. Oh those did not make it long enough for the picture. That was mine and Elder Murua’s breakfast. So growing up we always got water guns and bubbles in our Easter baskets. So I had to send them. The water guns were a hit, but the bubbles were a bigger hit. Trenton wrote to us, the biggest mistake I have made on my mission is to let Elder Murua have some bubbles. He is always blowing them at me.


Trenton’s first time making Empanadas. I think he did a good job and he tells me it tasted even better.

Feliz Pascua!

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week, I completely forgot that P-day wasn’t going to be until
Tuesday because we had Conference with President yesterday.  It was
really good.  I especially loved the story Hermana Rogers shared with
us, it’s called “The Spyglass,” and it’s about how we need to look
with an eye of faith on not what things look like now, but how they
can become.  Then the key to actually have it come to pass is get out
there and work to make it become that way. When we have the vision of
what it can be and are willing to put in the effort to make it that
way, great things can and will happen.

So I got some brownie points with President.:)  On Sunday after MMT we
were comparing numbers and seeing what we had acheived as a district
with our contacts, and we found out that we were 8 short, so Elder
Murúa was like “You have until 9:30 to get back to the pension, let’s
contact on the the way.” So I went on a division with Elder Andreasen
from Sierra Grande (they were down here for Conference) and we headed
out, trying to get 4 contacts each. The problem was there was nobody
out, even in the streets of the usually busy Centro of Puerto Madryn.
We finally hit 4 at 9:25 so we started heading back to our pension,
which wasn’t terribly far away.  We turned the corner onto the street
that has the beach front walking fast (we were both Cross Country
runners, so we have a tendency to walk fast) and we here somebody honk
at us.  We look and it’s President and Hermana Rogers.  We were like
“Oh shoot, here we are, it’s nearly 9:30, and we are not only in the
Centro of Puerto Madryn, but we are right on the beach too.”  So we
went over and shook their hands and he was like “I hope your walking
fast to get to your pension on time.”  “Yes President, we’re headed
there right now.”  So we headed out, walking even faster, and as soon
as we turned the corner we started running and got to the pension at
9:29.  The next morning the first thing that both of them asked us was
if we got to our pension on time, and we were like “Yes, at 9:29.”  So
now we’re in the conference right, and president is talking about
obedience and being good examples and tells the story of how he saw
Elder Behunin and Elder Andreasen last night at 9:25 walking as fast
as they could to make sure they were obedient and arrive home at the
pension on time.  Then he said that the rest of them need to be like
that, because there are people out there watching!  Brownie points.

All right, here’s a prayer answered this week.  So I have to do
tramites every three months to stay legal, and I’m pretty sure my
three months is up because I did them in December.  So I’ve just been
walking around illegally hoping that no police stop me.  So this last
week we were headed back from Sierra Grande when our bus pulls over
and police enter and start checking everyone’s ID and scanning
numbers, and I’m just sitting there going “oh crap, I don’t want any
problems”  So I said a quick prayer and starting reading my Book of
Mormon and he passed right by me.  Thank heavens.  I don’t know if I
was illegal that day, but I didn’t want to risk it and my prayer was
answered!:)  I’ll be talking to the Zone Leaders this week to get
legal again:)

I hope you all are thinking about Christ this week.  Especially being
on the mission and having the opportunity to represent him and wear
his name on my plaque has helped me realize how much love he really
has for us.  And the more I learn, the more I realize that I can’t
even comprehend how much that really is.  He gave everything to us.
Absolutely everything.  He suffered for every single one of us, all of
our pains, sicknesses, temptations, and sins, and opened the gate for
us to return to live with him. In return, we need to give him our all.
Remember how much he lover you, and try to show that to everybody
else!  Make this Easter one for Christ, because nearly 2000 years ago,
he made his for you!

¡Les quiero un monton!  ¡Ojalá que todos ustedes tengan un Pascua super feliz!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010273 (1) P1010274 (1)

Here Trenton is with the youth in the ward. He says know that he knows how to communicate with them he is making tons of friends. Here is Sebastian who tells Trenton that he is his new best friends and wants to and is saving up  come up to BYU after his own mission.

P1010283 P1010286

Trenton loves their “Don’t drink and drive Signs.” Sunset in Sierra Grande.

P1010309 (1)

They gave out these cards at the conference to remind them to never give up because we never know how close we are.

Dude, Put on your Sandals!

Dear Family and Friends,

Up there in the States, you guys just started spring, but down here
we’ve got fall. It’s really weird, but it’s how it is:)  But down here
in Puerto Madryn it’s trying to decide what season it is.  On Monday,
it was 102 degrees!  We all wanted to die!  But we still went outside
and played soccer, because it was P day and not a minute can be wasted
of that:)  We all wanted to die by the end of the day though. I was
like, this week is not going to be fun.  So the next day I was out in
the lightest possible proselyting clothes and freezing my tail end
off.  The week got colder and colder and then I had to pull out my
sweaters and my fleece pajamas on Friday because I was so cold! And
now it’s hot again!  So we’ll see what happens:)

So contacting this week we ran into a crazy less active.  I’m talking
crazy.  So we were talking about why he left and he got offended for a
million different reasons.  It’s sad, but true.  At one point, someone
asked him a question and he got mad and said he wanted to respond
(translated)  “Do you think Jesus told Peter, ‘Dude, put on your
sandals’?”  What!  I almost started laughing trying to imagine Jesus
calling Peter “dude!” or in castellano “che”.  I’m laughing about it
as I write:)

So people have a problem with my name down here in Argentina.  I
literally am called something different by every person, and sometimes
different things by the same person, everything from Elder Boom to
Elder B(followed by mumbling).  So in MMT I wrote the phonetic
spelling of my name (BIJANIN) and the ward mission leader is like,
that is not what is on your tag.  Then the bishop is like, you need to
get a new tag with that spelling on it to save us all, atleast for our

I hope you all have a fantastic week!  Share the gospel with somebody!
Please, give references to the missionaries, they need them!
Missionary work is so much easier when you have the help of the
members!  Remember what my ward mission leader said (I think I sent it
to you):  Missionary work is changing, it’s not the missionaries
touching (or knocking) doors, but the members touching hearts!  Go
touch someone’s heart!

You all are fantastic!

¡Les quiero un monton!

Elder Trenton Behunin (BIJANIN)

P1010257 P1010260 (1) P1010262

So I am always telling Trenton to take more pictures! That we want to see what he sees. Anyway Trenton and his comp are sitting there waiting for an investigator and Trenton remembers the letter he just read so he takes these pictures for me. This is what he sees! Thanks Trenton!