Dear Family and Friends,

Things are pretty hot down here in Madryn, so the work is nice and
slow because everybody is where we cannot go, the beach!  Summer is
starting to slow down down here though, so it should get better soon,
I hope:)

A couple of interesting experiences this week.  The first was the
baptism in Sierra Grande.  They had another baptism this week, this
time of a woman that had a vision of a temple in Comodoro before the
elders passed by her house!  The funny part was during the baptism
though!  It was scary though too, but it ended up fine:)  Elder
Fredrickson baptized her and when he was taking her up out of the
water something happened and she hit her head on the bar of the font!
(Their font is like a swimming pool!)  She ended up being okay, but
Elder Freddy won’t be forgetting that one anytime soon!  The best part
was after he was like “I’m pretty sure she felt something”  Yeah, a
bar in the forehead!  Like I said, it was scary in the moment, but
funny after everyone was okay!

The other thing real quick.  We were doing MMT yesterday and we
visited a family and the hermano had served a mission in Buenos Aires
and was like “Do you know an Elder Behunin that served there, because
he was my companion?”  I was like “No, but I have a big family.”  Then
he went and looked him up on Facebook and was like “here he is, his
name is Trent Behunin”  What!?  That’s my name?!  What are the chances
of that?  It was pretty cool!

Hey, I’m out of time!  Have a fantastic week, and find someone to
share the gospel with!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010229 P1010219

Trenton wants to come back on a cruise!

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