Matthew 83

Dear Family and Friends,

So about Matthew 83.  This week we were contacting and contacted the
house of a Jehovah Witness, who immediately commenced to talk and tell
us how wrong we were and how Jehovah created the world and how Jesus
Christ is his son. Then to prove it, he told me to pull out my bible
and go to Matthew 83:17.  I was like “What, Matthew 83?”  He was like,
“yeah, just go there”  So I went to Matthew and went to the very end
(I actually only went to chapter 27, which he pointed out later) and
was like, there is no Matthew 83.  He was like oh, I mean Psalms 83.
A little bit different, but oh well.  And his scripture didn’t prove
anything.  Then he got mad at me saying that there are 28 books in
Matthew.  So I didn’t turn the page.  I’m sure that if there was a
Matthew 83, that the JW’s would be right, but there most definitely is
not.  It was and interesting contact to say the least.:)

We found out why Alejandro didn’t go to church and it is because he
got offended by a member in the Family Home Evening that we had.  We
don’t know which member or what they did because he wouldn’t tell us,
but we haven’t been able to find him since Monday.  We think he’s
avoiding being in the house because we know his work schedule, but
he’s never there.  We’ll keep trying though.

The highlight of this week was MMT (Members+Missionaries=Temple,
really just Home and visiting teaching because those numbers are super
low here, we just go out and visit Less Actives with the members)!  We
finally got the bishop to do it and 18 people showed up, and like 5 of
them were youth that wanted to help!  It was so cool to have the ward
behind us helping us out!  We were able to visit like 12 families
between us all!  This ward is going to get blessed if they keep on
working like this!  They are all so ready to help with everything!  We
had the same turnout, if not a little more, from our ward, for the
Open House that we did!  It’s been amazing!

The chuch is true!  I love doing his work, and hope that all of you
are praying for opportunities to do it as well!  He will help us as we
try to save his children!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-2-25 Look how strong I am 2015-2-25 Milenesa of Love

So I am either really strong or this is the toughest apple. I loved that my Milenesa looked like a heart.

One thought on “Matthew 83

  1. Sometimes people look for reasons to be offended. It can be easier for them to say “so and so offended me” than to say “i’m not ready to live the word of wisdom, law of chasity, or pay tithing, etc”. They may be a deeper concern to resolve than what someone may have said to them that was “offensive”.


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