Miracles Come!

Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been fantastic!  I have seen so many miracles, little
and big, that have made this week one of the best!

The first miracle was that on Saturday I managed to get myself out of
bed and there was and Elder staying in my pension who wanted to go
running so we did.  We ran the entire length of the beach in Madryn in
the wee hours of the morning, about 5 miles.  But oh my gosh, it hurt
to bad!  I was SO SORE the next next day.  All I did was run 5 miles.
I need my comp to go buy some shoes instead of just talking about it
so I can get back into shape!

Earlier in the week, on Monday when we were planning.  I was planning
what to study and I was just going to do what I normally do and study
Preach My Gospel and then read the Book of Mormon but as I was writing
what to study I got a super distinct impression to study the
Atonement.  So I was like, all right, I’ll study Preach My Gospel
first and then the Atonement, but then I got another impression that I
needed to make studying the Atonement my first priority in the
morning.  So that’s what I did during my personal study.  While I was
studying I remembered the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland, “He was Alone,”
which is like one of my favorite talks of all time, where he talks
about that because Christ walked such a long and painful road so alone
we do not have to, and we can find comfort and strength in that. It’s
fantastic!  I still wasn’t sure why I needed to study it but we headed
out and we ran into one of the recent converts on the street and she
is really struggling right now and as she was explaining her problem
and the words of that talk that I had been reflecting on came into my
mind and I was able to share them with her!  It was so cool!

The next was with the fast that we did as a district for our
investigators and to find new ones on Friday to Saturday.  This week,
an Elder that was serving in Cordoba got home and he’s super excited
to work with us and at church on he asked us to go over to his house
at 4:30 because he has a friend coming over that he wants to share the
gospel with.  So we went and started teaching him and he was golden.
At one point we were talking about the necessity of the Fall and he
explained the whole thing like Lehi does in 2 Nephi 2, but better than
either of us could have without us actually teaching that part yet!
It was so cool, and now he has a baptisimal date for April 11!

The next was with MMT!  Before church we had done it two consecutive
weeks and we started seeing the blessings at church on Sunday when 7
less actives showed up to church!  It was amazing!  One of them even
helped us out in bringing a recent convert to church who can’t come by
himself!  Our ward is amazing, they are reaping the blessings for the
work they are doing and their willingness to help us!  And the more
they work and the more blessing they see, the more excited they get!
I’m so glad that I get to witness it!

The Lord is in this work.  Sometimes, he just wants to try our
patience, but he is fully willing to help us out.  We just need to
show him that we are willing to put forth our part!

You guys are all fantastic!  Share the gospel with someone this week,
it’s totally worth it!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010251 P1010254 P1010255

Big Spider by the pension! This is Elder Andreasen who I went running with. Jesus is love and peace!



Dear Family and Friends,

Things are pretty hot down here in Madryn, so the work is nice and
slow because everybody is where we cannot go, the beach!  Summer is
starting to slow down down here though, so it should get better soon,
I hope:)

A couple of interesting experiences this week.  The first was the
baptism in Sierra Grande.  They had another baptism this week, this
time of a woman that had a vision of a temple in Comodoro before the
elders passed by her house!  The funny part was during the baptism
though!  It was scary though too, but it ended up fine:)  Elder
Fredrickson baptized her and when he was taking her up out of the
water something happened and she hit her head on the bar of the font!
(Their font is like a swimming pool!)  She ended up being okay, but
Elder Freddy won’t be forgetting that one anytime soon!  The best part
was after he was like “I’m pretty sure she felt something”  Yeah, a
bar in the forehead!  Like I said, it was scary in the moment, but
funny after everyone was okay!

The other thing real quick.  We were doing MMT yesterday and we
visited a family and the hermano had served a mission in Buenos Aires
and was like “Do you know an Elder Behunin that served there, because
he was my companion?”  I was like “No, but I have a big family.”  Then
he went and looked him up on Facebook and was like “here he is, his
name is Trent Behunin”  What!?  That’s my name?!  What are the chances
of that?  It was pretty cool!

Hey, I’m out of time!  Have a fantastic week, and find someone to
share the gospel with!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

P1010229 P1010219

Trenton wants to come back on a cruise!

Matthew 83

Dear Family and Friends,

So about Matthew 83.  This week we were contacting and contacted the
house of a Jehovah Witness, who immediately commenced to talk and tell
us how wrong we were and how Jehovah created the world and how Jesus
Christ is his son. Then to prove it, he told me to pull out my bible
and go to Matthew 83:17.  I was like “What, Matthew 83?”  He was like,
“yeah, just go there”  So I went to Matthew and went to the very end
(I actually only went to chapter 27, which he pointed out later) and
was like, there is no Matthew 83.  He was like oh, I mean Psalms 83.
A little bit different, but oh well.  And his scripture didn’t prove
anything.  Then he got mad at me saying that there are 28 books in
Matthew.  So I didn’t turn the page.  I’m sure that if there was a
Matthew 83, that the JW’s would be right, but there most definitely is
not.  It was and interesting contact to say the least.:)

We found out why Alejandro didn’t go to church and it is because he
got offended by a member in the Family Home Evening that we had.  We
don’t know which member or what they did because he wouldn’t tell us,
but we haven’t been able to find him since Monday.  We think he’s
avoiding being in the house because we know his work schedule, but
he’s never there.  We’ll keep trying though.

The highlight of this week was MMT (Members+Missionaries=Temple,
really just Home and visiting teaching because those numbers are super
low here, we just go out and visit Less Actives with the members)!  We
finally got the bishop to do it and 18 people showed up, and like 5 of
them were youth that wanted to help!  It was so cool to have the ward
behind us helping us out!  We were able to visit like 12 families
between us all!  This ward is going to get blessed if they keep on
working like this!  They are all so ready to help with everything!  We
had the same turnout, if not a little more, from our ward, for the
Open House that we did!  It’s been amazing!

The chuch is true!  I love doing his work, and hope that all of you
are praying for opportunities to do it as well!  He will help us as we
try to save his children!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-2-25 Look how strong I am 2015-2-25 Milenesa of Love

So I am either really strong or this is the toughest apple. I loved that my Milenesa looked like a heart.