I’m 19!!! I am getting old!!!!

Dear Family and Friends!

This week has been another good week, and not nearly as hot as it has
been, which was really nice.

The highlight of this week was probably the Family Home Evening that
we did on Thursday(my birthday:)).  We invited Alejandro, our golden
investigator and his son Rodrigo and they both came which was amazing.
Rodrigo didn’t want to come but he ended up loving it!  It was really
cool, and we really gained the confidence of him.  Alejandro loved it
too.  And everybody loved my Peanut Butter cookies, even if they were
a bit overcooked:) I’m talking everybody loved them.  There were 10
people there and I brought 35 cookies (I kept some for myself:)) and I
left the room for 10 minutes to play the piano with Rodrigo and when I
got back there were 3!  And everyone thought I was some cooking
genius:)  Unfortunately, Alejandro’s baptisimal date fell because he
didn’t come to church on Sunday.  We don’t know why, we had talked to
him several times about coming, the night before included and he said
he was planning on coming, he had even arranged his work schedule so
he could come, but when the hour arrived he wasn’t there and we
couldn’t get ahold of him.  That really blew, and made church kind of
depressing because we were so excited to see him there.  We’re going
to visit him tonight though to see what happened.  Hopefully
everything is okay.  Definitely a let down at church though.

So I got a package this week and inside was a lot of music that I
didn’t know we could listen to when I came, one of which was a CD of
Frozen. And let’s just say my comp is obsessed.  I woke up one morning
at 6 to him blasting and belting “Let it Go!”  It was kinda funny
especially because he will never admit that he loves it to any other
Latino elder because all the latino elders don’t like Frozen, to them
it’s a girl or childrens movie.  But he literally had me write down
the lyrics for “Let it Go” so he could sing along:) (He hides it
whenever anyone is in our pension:))

One more thing, shout out to Erik “E-rokk” Clemens, who just got his
mission call to Virginia Richmond Spanish speaking!  Congrats!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

Preachin’ the gospel at the end of the world at the End of the World:)  #ArgCMRV

2015-2-19 Birthday Tie

This was Trenton’s birthday tie.

2015-2-19 Making Birthday Cookies 2015-2-19 Cookies

2015-2-19 Yummy Cookies

Trenton loves peanut butter cookies, so instead sending him a cake mix, we sent him some packages of the peanut butter cookie mix. He loved it and so did everyone else. He added his valentine MMs on top.

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