6 Months!!!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends!

I can’t believe six months have passed already!  It’s crazy!  This
week has been super good!

Our new investigator, Alejandro (who told us that he was waiting for
us when we knocked on his door)  is progressing really well!  In our
second appointment with him, he was like, I read 3 Nephi 11 and it was
so good!  I loved it and found so much peace while I was reading it!
Can you guys give me a chapter on baptism, I want to learn more about
that!  Why yes, of course we can, which one do you want?  We ended up
giving him 2 Nephi 31, and he read that with his son and was
explaining it to him!  In our third appointment he was like “I want to
feel that this book is true, how can I get to that point?”  That where
I had a really cool experience, because before we had even started
talking about the Book of Mormon, I kept on getting the feeling that
he’s not praying, so I asked him about it.  He was like “Wait, I can
pray for that too?!”  We were like “Yes!”  and he was like, all right,
I’m definitely going to do that!  It was so cool!  Then we were
talking about church and that if he wanted to be baptized then he
needed to attend, and he was like, “well, I have work every Sunday
morning, but I’ll talk to my coworker to get switched to the afternoon
shift so I can attend!”  We put the date March 7 with him, but he
normally would need three attendances but I talked it down to two with
the President for him!  It was so cool!  I love seeing how he has been
prepared!  The Lord has his hand in the work

We also went up to Sierra Grande for a baptism this last week and
those are always fun to go to.  We also did divisions and Elder
Fredrickson and I went out contacting and the first door we knocked on
invited us in and we taught the Plan of Salvation!  it was so cool,
that person had been prepared, unfortunately they were leaving for
Buenos Aires that day and not coming back until May!

So this morning we were taking pictures on the beach and we saw the
Hermanas running, and now my comp wants to go running in the
mornings.:)  Interesting:)  I’ll take full advantage though:)

I love you all, I hope you all have a fantastic week!:)

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-2-13 6 month Selfie

6 month Selfie

2015-2-13 Rosie the Riveter in Sierra Grande

So Trenton saw this in Sierra Grande and just started laughing, Good old Rosie!

2015-2-16 Trenton, E. Murua, E. Fredrickson, E. Figuroa 2015-2-16 Grapes from some Recent Converts

They really like the grapes the recent converts gave them!

2015-2-17 Meat Shop named Gringo 2015-2-17 Gringos

Trenton loved this Gringo meat shop!

2015-2-17 Our District Trenton, E. Figuroa, E. Fredrickson, E. Murua, Hermana Zanutini, and H. Ming 2015-2-17  Abbey Road

His district! The elders trying to do the Abbey Road cover for the Beatles.

2015-2-17 2015-2-17 Sunrise on the Beach

Beautiful sunrise on the beach!

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