What a week!

Family and Friends!

This has been a really good week, with two really big highlights!

The first was on Friday.  We went down to Trelew to have a conference
with Elder Viñas of the Seventy.  He talked about the Atonement and
helping recent converts progress in the Church.  The best part though
was that I got to play the piano.  And they have a really nice upright
too, with beautiful sound!  And tuned!  I played opening and closing
and accompanied two musical numbers, one of which was the EFY medley
of Army of Helaman/Sisters in Zion!  It was so cool, and it sounded
super good!  It was so fun playing too!  The conference was super
spiritual as well, about the Atonement!

Then we had a miracle yesterday!  We were knocking doors and decided
to visit a reference named Alejandro.  We went and knocked on his door
and he opened it, saw us, got really excited, and said, “Come in, Come
in!  I’ve been waiting for you guys!”  What!?  That never happens,
ever!!!!! It was super cool!  So we went in, and he explained how he
wanted his son to be baptized.  His son didn’t seem terribly
interested but he was.  We taught part of both lesson 1 and 2 because
of his questions and he agreed to a baptizimal date on March 7!  It
was so cool!  The Spirit was super strong in the lesson.  His in-laws
are members, and although his wife passed away, he still spends a lot
of time with them which is super good!  It’s a testimony to me that
when you are patient, the Lord will bless you, because he wants his
children to receive the gospel.  Sometimes he just has to test the
resilience of those who are doing his work.

The work is real, God is real, and he wants souls to return to live
with him, and it is our job to help.  When we offer ourselves he will
help us do it!  I testify of it to all of you!

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-2-3 Selfie 2015-2-6 Selfie with a Penquin

Gotta love Selfies. The Penguin one is for you mom!

2015-2-4 The lake in front of my pension 2015-2-3

The lake in front of my pension!

2015-2-2 These are called Alpargatas, they're really weird, but comfortble at the same time 2015-2-2 Alpargatas

These are called Alpargatas. They’re really weird but comfortable at the same time.

2015-2-2 Selfie with Pancho 2015-2-2 Giant Pancho

Giant Pancho!

2015-2-8 Dope Chess Set Cool Chess Set

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