6 More Weeks of Summer?

Dear Family and Friends,

So what did the groundhog say yesterday, do I have 6 more weeks of
summer down here in Madryn or how does that work on the opposite side
of the world?:)

How I wish that I could just go swimming.  Isn’t there a conference
talk about painting the name of Christ on your heart?  Does it work
the same with missionary nametags?:)  JK:)  It is hot here, and
because it is hot, EVERYBODY is at the beach. No joke. Contacting is a
nightmare.  I recommended contacting at the beach, but Elder Murua
frowned on that one. I guess it’s against the rules or something:)

Madryn is beautiful though, although I haven’t taken too many pictures
yet because the beautiful part is the part of my area we never go to
because there are no houses there, just stores.  I need to take some
more pictures though.

I want to kick myself in the butt though because we’ve seen two cruise
ships this week.  One is sitting in port right now so I got a picture
of it but there was one earlier this week that was literally twice as
big!  I’m talking I’m pretty sure you could fit my area in that cruise
ship!  It was so cool!  There’s supposed to be 4 more coming to Madryn
this month though, so hopefully there’s another big one!

There is a piano in my pension!  Really it’s a keyboard, which in some
ways is more fun!  This morning I was messing around waiting for Elder
Murua and found a String Brass Ensemble that sounded like it was made
for the song from Rocky.  So I turned up the keyboard all the way and
started playing Rocky!  My companion was in the shower and came out
super excited punching the air!  It was super funny!

Really cool, I was studying an old Liahona this week and found Bruce
R. McConkie’s talk “The Purifying Power of Gethsemane” and it was
super good.  I love what he said at the end.  “I am one of his
witnesses and in a coming day I shall feel the nail marks in His hands
and His feet and shall wet his feet with my tears.”  O, how I look
forward to that day.  I love my Savior so much, more and more every
day as I witness first hand his hand in this work.  It is amazing,
more that I ever could have dreamed possible. He lives, I testify to
you of that, and I am so proud for the opportunity to wear his name
every day for the whole world to see that I am a disciple of Christ.

¡Les quiero!

Elder Trenton Behunin

2015-1-27 I have a Keyboard 2015-2-2 Cruise Ship

One thought on “6 More Weeks of Summer?

  1. Please don’t tell me that tiny thing behind the keyboard is your bed!? I think it would be too small for even me!

    So happy you are living and loving the Gospel in such a special way. Always remember all the wonderful things you are learning.

    I’m heading to Dallas tomorrow with my sister Kaye for a week of laughing. She has meetings there and invited me to go along. She is a gameaholic like your mom, so she will probably be drop-dead tired at her meetings after spending the night trying (and probably succeeding) to beat me. I guess I’ll just have to get enough shut-eye for both of us.

    We all love you, Trenton, and remember you in our prayers. Just think…it will only be a couple of months before we are the ones cooking in the heat…but at least we won’t be “boiling”.

    Love you tons! G’Ma 🐝


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